Why Isaiah Thomas Compares to Allen Iverson [HD]

15-Yan, 2017
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How does Isaiah Thomas stack up next to the "pound for pound" GOAT?
You may be surprised.
It's about time IT got the recognition he deserves. However, I am in no way saying Isaiah Thomas is better than Allen Iverson. Just simply looking at the similarities of their games and appreciating the greatness they both possess.
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  • Great video!

    G MIXG MIX7 oy oldin
  • Why is he in celtics? That's the arch enemy team of the original Isiah Thomas!

    Deborah MaliamanDeborah MaliamanYil oldin
  • Nope! Never!!

    The donnThe donn3 yil oldin
    • Thomas was an mvp candidate before he got injured he got 28 points per game, and this vid was made before he got injured

      Minaj MaknojiaMinaj MaknojiaYil oldin
  • But Iverson can dunk

    Leapheng LENGLeapheng LENG3 yil oldin
  • i think he is realy underrated the guy from this video is better than iverson

    omar khodr aghaomar khodr agha3 yil oldin
  • A.I is better by far

    Tristan BurtTristan Burt3 yil oldin
  • DAD

  • Ill admit It might be harder for Isaiah 5'9 now than it was for Iverson 6'0

    Young AdvocatesYoung Advocates3 yil oldin

    J TraJ Tra3 yil oldin
  • Iverson had his signature crossover. Thomas doesn't have a signature move yet

    Casco361Casco3613 yil oldin
  • i knew before anybody that isaiah was the closest thing to ai in todays game.

    goku360100goku3601003 yil oldin
  • Thomas and Iverson are built physically different so they play very different.....Iverson was wiry and skinny with Thomas is stocky and thick, like a running back. So Thomas plays under more control and welcomes contact more to then move the defender....Iverson was NOT afraid of contact but avoided it with his shftiness....Result...Thomas plays under more control....But both have super long arms for their size....

    akaBrilliant26akaBrilliant263 yil oldin
  • They definitely have similar skill sets. Now its a matter of can IT be consistent over a long period of time the way AI was.

    Matt SweeneyMatt Sweeney3 yil oldin
  • He doesn't have to palm the ball like Iverson did.

    Pivotal Film TV ScenesPivotal Film TV Scenes3 yil oldin
  • We'll c

    putteminthegameputteminthegame3 yil oldin
  • what is the song at the beginning

    yazan dawahyazan dawah3 yil oldin
  • he cold ass hell I fuck with him

    Calvin ScalesCalvin Scales3 yil oldin
  • This video probably gained him a boatload of subscribers

    Blake MarshallBlake Marshall3 yil oldin
  • iverson wasnt always noticed or fan favorite hell he wasnt an all-star in his 1st 3 or four seasons even while leading the league in scoring or being top 5 in scoring it takes time to get that ... kobe was the one getting all the attention while Ai was producing more

    Pocket La'drayPocket La'dray3 yil oldin
    • comparison is very fair

      Pocket La'drayPocket La'dray3 yil oldin
    • +Pocket La'dray (Mr7901) Exactly. That's even more of a reason for Isaiah to compare to him. He's just now getting recognition. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • I do think he is underrated. And you just got another subscriber.

    Savage KJRSavage KJR3 yil oldin
  • yes he can

    John FoxJohn Fox3 yil oldin
  • Isaiah Thomas and Damien Lillard are so underrated.😑

    MontanaaMontanaa3 yil oldin
  • But has he changed the Game? When you can come into a foundation that has been built and stood strong for years, and you come in and Make THE NBA play on your terms. I.e change the game Literally. Not even Jordan or Lebron has done that. That's amazing in itself and there will never be another iverson No matter how anyone puts it. I have to say good comparison but Iverson will be forever know as the one to change the game PERIOD no argument to that.

    Mia WallaceMia Wallace3 yil oldin
  • Isaiah Thomas is my idol

    FOE GhostFOE Ghost3 yil oldin
  • where this comparison gets murky is Iverson was really overrated due to narrative/pop culture, and Thomas gets really underrated due to people over focusing on his defensive deficiencies. I think Thomas will be better when all is said and done, but the narrative may not support that. He's a much smarter and more efficient player. I don't really think Iverson gambling passing lanes makes him a better defender either.

    Jason TalbotJason Talbot3 yil oldin
  • you forgot the level of defense on them

    Leon YuLeon Yu3 yil oldin
  • I came into this video thinking, "what the hell is he talking about even putting these two in the same sentence..." but after going through the entire video, you clearly raise a compelling argument with facts to back it. good work.

    TheVicVTheVicV3 yil oldin
  • Thanks for this. incredible work your underrated you should be THE NBA Analyzer of the year 2017.

    Terrell MillerTerrell Miller3 yil oldin
  • he is incredible, he is not really celebrate, thats why the he is not on the press

    Kin TVKin TV3 yil oldin
  • The final point is pretty much that Thomas has the potential to be better than Iverson

    BrodieBrodie3 yil oldin
  • Yeah i agree wit what chur saying

    Glasscity CustomsGlasscity Customs3 yil oldin
  • IT is a GOAT.why? he carrying Celtics to the top with just good teammates not superstars like curry & kyrie is y'all see top team in the league they're surrounded by great players IT is the best player check the PER stats best second after Westbrook.unless IT have a better team record.which is great

    Infinite CyberInfinite Cyber3 yil oldin
  • These two guys simply exceeded limits. Let's enjoy the new lil guy, he's got the heart of a lion.

    Elnardo WebsterElnardo Webster3 yil oldin
  • What i have noticed about IT is that when he does the things that Iverson does but he goes through more contact. I don't know if thats just me noticing that.

    Kyle SimmoKyle Simmo3 yil oldin
  • Where can I find the song at the start of the video

    Jahwan MeikleJahwan Meikle3 yil oldin
  • Isaiah Thomas, is as good as he is "now" from simply working as hard, and developing his game, his shot, and his body to spectacular levels. But its taken him a little bit longer to develop, as he was figuring out his role on each team he played on. Now he's simply blossoming and he can "go all out" like he said, on any given night he has to.

    Scott MartinScott Martin3 yil oldin
  • IT has worse defense than James Harden ever has, which is why he's overrated

    vLucasvLucas3 yil oldin
    • Lucasdabossrox overrated my ass gtfo

      Sam CSam C3 yil oldin
  • IT isn't on AI's level yet..maybe someday...He is a great player though.

    BBB PPPBBB PPP3 yil oldin
  • Thomas is really good, A.I. just makes it look so much more amazing!

    Philly SonPhilly Son3 yil oldin
  • great vid

    RKRK3 yil oldin
  • Damn good clip bro keep up the good work

    Sammy sanadSammy sanad3 yil oldin
  • I just want Isaiah to dunk it in the game. Nobody knows he can throw it down. I want him to just posterize somebody in the playoffs... save it for the playoffs. haha.

    palmsquadpalmsquad3 yil oldin
  • if Isaiah gotten the chance to shine from the very beginning and wasn't over looked I think he would be great but at the same time I know that him being snubbed and overlooked and treated as a one season wonder makes him hungrier and work harder than most. the way he scores he could average more than A.I. in his career as long as he's healthy of course and he's on a team where the franchise and players want him to shine (hopefully it could remain Boston but they where questionable with keeping him during the draft) and A.I. would love for this dude to be better than him he loves his game and his heart for the game

    Novembers FinestNovembers Finest3 yil oldin
  • Isaiah is better than Iverson. I think Iverson was a better athlete but he shot a low percentage probably because he didn't like practice. If he worked on his shot like I think Isaiah does he would have been a lot better. It's all about practice.

    Chewy98TAChewy98TA3 yil oldin
  • This video is great. And the funny part is that his PPG has increased by at least 2 PPG since the posting of this. He's certainly playing at another level this year, for sure. Edit: At the rate he's going, he could pass Westbrook for the scoring title, although as a Celtics fan, I still believe Westbrook does more for his team this year with Durant gone.

    DManDMan3 yil oldin
    • +Steve D He's just playong out of his mind right now. Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for watching.

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • Iverson is strong, and dunks, Isaiah is a really good shooter, and a scorer

    K TK T3 yil oldin
  • Allen will win MVP if he gets his team 55 or more wins and if he is still averaging 29 a game

    Miss-Match JavyMiss-Match Javy3 yil oldin
  • I think the rules have helped IT...Allen Iverson played around the time defense was a lot more physical

    Lighthouse maccabeeLighthouse maccabee3 yil oldin
    • THANK YOU for mentioning this. Iverson despite being out of his prime, he had his best years of efficiency after hand-checking was removed.

      Swish ScopeSwish Scope3 yil oldin
  • Iverson was loved because of his character and style of play. Isaiah is good and stats wise they are similar but Iverson has that something special.

    The Oana FamThe Oana Fam3 yil oldin
    • The OANAS absolutely. There is no comparison

      michael jordanmichael jordan3 yil oldin
  • Isaiah Thomas is the best thing that happened to the Celtics since 2008! Thanks for the stats man. Awesome vid!

    Kron PinedaKron Pineda3 yil oldin
  • The kings are sooooooo retarded for letting him go; the crazy thing about it he was doing good back then

    A_BruhManA_BruhMan3 yil oldin
  • It pisses me off that he's not a starter this yr; HES SECOND IN SCORING!

    A_BruhManA_BruhMan3 yil oldin
  • do a malcolm brogdon mix please

    Ron XdlaparaRon Xdlapara3 yil oldin
  • I'm a celtics fan and I know he's a really under rated player and I tell all my friends that he really good but they always say he sucks and I have to show the that Isaiah is averaging 29 points a game(second best in the nba) and I really like to see at least some people giving him some love. Great video man.

    ppLiamppLiam3 yil oldin
    • +Daboy21 Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • I love both 😍

    Ivan TOIvan TO3 yil oldin
  • IT is probably my favorite point guard I said it when he first came into the league for Sacramento that he was going to be something I saw that at the rookie showcase..... but the teams are quite similar but IT does have a little more pieces to his puzzle.... the Sixers only had Allen Iverson Mutombo and Eric snow IT has quite a few more notable players on his team that has contributed but due to the leagues soft commissioner everyone is building super teams instead of it being competitive so it kind of takes away his greatness a bit which sucks

    Kenny randomKenny random3 yil oldin
  • well put together video .

    1 Dante1 Dante3 yil oldin
    • +Ant Gore Appreciate it bro. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • he's a good player

    Jose SantiagoJose Santiago3 yil oldin
  • Boykins > IT > AI

    BufsolBufsol3 yil oldin
  • Suns were stupid for trading him. The closest player to Iverson

    Norman AbramsNorman Abrams3 yil oldin
  • Isaiah is honestly far more impressive tbh. I mean, think about it.. His stats at age 27 are all better than what Iverson's were. The dude is dropping almost 40 points a night at this point, and is just 5'8"! At least Allen Iverson was 6 feet tall. That's the difference right there, is they aren't both the same size... Iverson is known for being that crazy good small dude, yet Isaiah is 4 inches shorter than he was.

    Greysen GagneGreysen Gagne3 yil oldin
    • Bear in mind that Thomas has literally every bit of help to have the efficiency he has while Iverson didn't. Thomas is still a better shooter than Iverson ever was, but the efficiency gap is not as big as you think it is. Iverson in his physical prime never had the kick out options Thomas had and his team would lose playoff games when he when he didn't shoot 30 times, even LBJ in 2007 at least had kick out options. When Iverson got this with a raw Korver, a raw Iggy and Webbers' corpse, his FG% was floating around 45%, his eFG% at 47% and his TS% at 55% until he left Denver, this was all age 29-32. Speaking of FG%, compared to Thomas (who is a more willful shooter than A.I), a lot of the shots that skewed down A.I's FG% came from difficult shots that opponents allowed him to shoot, meanwhile mauling him everytime he created a drive for himself as he attacked the rim, which skews down his FG%, but the value is shown when looking at TS%. He became a much more willful and efficien shooter after handchecking was removed and even became a not-so-terrible 3 point shooter (though of course IT's elite 3 point shooting dwarfs this). The most glaring things that skew Iverson stats down, especially when comparing Isaiah's current season to Iverson's season at Isaiah's age, are the fact that when hand-checking was removed A.I's numbers shot up (IT never played with handchecking) as well as when Iverson was I.T's current age, he was frequently injured, which is nothing new since he usually plays through it, but the problem was so were his teammates, forcing a ridiculous burden on A.I's efficiency and this happened for multiple seasons. Thomas also benefits from an improved system that was upgraded from a time when nobody knew how to build around a player like Iverson as it hadn't been done before, while also living in an era that heavily relies on analytical data that forces him to be efficient to even keep his minutes whereas Larry Brown literally told Iverson to take all those shots he did post-2000 and all they knew of at the time was to surround A.I in players who were exclusively defensive specialists. I don't believe Thomas is the better player yet, despite being a better shooter than A.I ever was, nor am I even suggesting that A.I's efficiency could've been better than Thomas if he was in this era, but people are so unfair on A.I's efficiency without using proper context and without using comparable sample data.

      Swish ScopeSwish Scope3 yil oldin
    • Isaiah ain't 5'9, he's 5'8 man.. He wrote a letter to Boston and said it himself. Also, if you watch the video of Iverson standing next to Isaiah, he's much taller.. But ether way, he's 3-4 inches on him. Yet you're right, Thomas is pretty big for his size.. So it makes sense that he can get to the rim like he does.

      Greysen GagneGreysen Gagne3 yil oldin
    • Iverson was really 5'11 and Isaiah's 5'9. Even so both guards are small and while Isaiah I'd say is more disadvantaged than Iverson was cause he's even shorter, IT is built a little bigger than Iverson was. IT weight's around 180 to 185 while Iverson usually played at 160 to 165 lbs. IT is very impressive though. He actually shoots a good percentage at that height which, I kinda give a little more leniancy for that when your shorter.

      Niko CrossNiko Cross3 yil oldin
    • Iverson wasn't 6 feet, ask anyone that was around him. He was more around 5'10

      JDvisualzJDvisualz3 yil oldin
  • He is better

    Braylon HaynesBraylon Haynes3 yil oldin
  • The only differnce is AIs crossover and he could dunk, but IT coyld xo one or the other if he really worked on it. Not saying he doesnt have a crossover, but if AI wanted to he could break the floor with his move.

    Sam JohnsonSam Johnson3 yil oldin
    • Niko Cross no iverson is way faster

      Ed AEd A3 yil oldin
    • Niko Cross true also IT can turn it on quick not saying AI didn't he used crossers to get open and get by someone.

      Sam JohnsonSam Johnson3 yil oldin
    • IT has little simple and suttle cross overs that he uses but he doesn't use it as often as Iverson did. I actually think IT is slightly more athletic than Iverson was. I think they had around the same vertical I think at 40 plus inches. It's just that Iverson is a 2 to 3 inches taller IT and he has a long wingspan, even though IT has a long wingspan too, but Iverson's was longer. IT has a quicker 1st step than Iverson did imo but both were quick.

      Niko CrossNiko Cross3 yil oldin
  • IT deff plays better in the 4th quarter

    Cameron DionneCameron Dionne3 yil oldin
  • Iverson was a better defender but Isaiah is way more efficient on offense. It's true they are insanely comparable

    Zonal FlowZonal Flow3 yil oldin
    • Niko Cross isiah SUCKS at defense. He is way than AI

      Ankle Breaking LegendAnkle Breaking Legend2 yil oldin
    • I guess what I mean is neither one of them are good defenders. Just ok at best.

      Niko CrossNiko Cross3 yil oldin
    • Niko Cross Not even close. Stealing ball it's part of defense,especially if you're short and you couldn't block shots on taller guys every night. Iverson is 6ft with shoes on, he's 5'10".

      samuel morrisonsamuel morrison3 yil oldin
    • I don't really remember Iverson being a good defender? I would say he was ok but nothing great. He was really good at getting steals though. I'd actually say Isaiah a better individual defender than AI was but IT can only do so much at his even shorter height.

      Niko CrossNiko Cross3 yil oldin
  • Thomas is 4 inches smaller than iverson averages more points better field goal percentage less minutes if you look at it Isaiah is better than Allen iverson

    Maddox _kelseyMaddox _kelsey3 yil oldin
    • Cav nation Packers He's definitely more of a team player than AI.

      fightsports66fightsports663 yil oldin
    • Anybody agree

      Maddox _kelseyMaddox _kelsey3 yil oldin
  • Great video!!! Isaiah needs to be showed more respect for what he does and soon enough, people won't argue with him being on AI's level!!!

    MGCardTellMGCardTell3 yil oldin
    • +Matt_cardarelli Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • LeBron James is the best player in the NBA

    Costone90Costone903 yil oldin
    • Costone90 lol pretty stupid thing to say. That's like saying Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. Ok....and??? Why don't you tell us something new. Lebron is far from being the best of all time, because everyone know a that would be me. But he is the best Ayer today

      michael jordanmichael jordan3 yil oldin
  • Great video, I was wondering this honestly then when I saw this it confirmed my thoughts on Thomas.

    YouVikeThat?YouVikeThat?3 yil oldin
    • +heiltecn9ne Appreciate it. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • he was the last fucking pick in the draft too, literally number 60

    zach youngzach young3 yil oldin
  • Thomas has been doing this since his sophomore season on the kings

    KingLegendary1KingLegendary13 yil oldin
  • top 5 guards not in order in the league rn Kyrie Westbrook Harden Curry I-T

    ZanixxZanixx3 yil oldin
    • Zanixx wall over kyrie

      Ed AEd A3 yil oldin
    • Dank Memes explain?

      goku360100goku3601003 yil oldin
    • Zanixx You trippin

      Darren WoodmanDarren Woodman3 yil oldin
  • I hope isiah wins a ring though

    Rajai MuasherRajai Muasher3 yil oldin
    • RIP

      goku360100goku3601003 yil oldin
    • Dusan Dragojlovic my bad

      Rajai MuasherRajai Muasher3 yil oldin
    • Don't misspell his name like that because Isiah is the older player the played for the pistons, and Isaiah is the one playing now. Learning the difference will prevent future mixups.

      Dusan DragojlovicDusan Dragojlovic3 yil oldin
  • My boy IT! GO CELTICS!!!!

    Hey yoHey yo3 yil oldin
  • brad stevens is a good coach

    Eb2x BleeEb2x Blee3 yil oldin
  • Y bro that's what I thought Thomas not gonna be the second iverson he gonna be the first Thomas

    DAVID ZHUDAVID ZHU3 yil oldin
    • John Freexzy Isaiah Thomas got his name from the Detroit Isiah Thomas

      WooWoo3 yil oldin
    • DAVID ZHU theres a already a great thomas..but ye

      John DayritJohn Dayrit3 yil oldin
  • Sarcastically, Iverson is the 1st pick of the class 1996 but Thomas is only the very last pick of the class 2011.

    demardegoatftwdemardegoatftw3 yil oldin
  • he does get credit he made the allstar team last year and I think this year

    Im RegIm Reg3 yil oldin
  • Actually after MJ and AI retirement i quit to watch NBA since then, but one time this small guy caught my attention i think back in 2013 on TV, he's good and kinda reminded me of AI but less handles yet effective and good scoring machine. FYI he's not that short, there's these Muggsy Bogues and Spudd Webb that much shorter than him and they're like 5'6 PGs but boy he's something, hope he and Kyrie become a legend one day, they're one of my top picks for this new generation of basketball.

    ᒍᗝᕼᑎᑎY ᗯᗩᒪKEᖇᒍᗝᕼᑎᑎY ᗯᗩᒪKEᖇ3 yil oldin
    • P.S. AI played against with tons of amazing players i mean LEGENDS asf like MJ, TMAC, KOBE, SHAQ etc... you name it 90's bloody basketball era. On the other hand IT's generation is different, NBA nowadays is too soft and full of crybabies. But nontheless, hats off to IT! I even bought couple of his jerseys just to pay some support.

      ᒍᗝᕼᑎᑎY ᗯᗩᒪKEᖇᒍᗝᕼᑎᑎY ᗯᗩᒪKEᖇ3 yil oldin
  • youre awesome dude

    Billy GoldenBilly Golden3 yil oldin
  • Great Video bro! The intro was fire.

    nikewarrior24nikewarrior243 yil oldin
  • He can play on a similar level and it is extremely impressive for a 5'9 guy to be top 5 in scoring. But one thing that AI has done is that he changed a generation, he influenced a whole generation with his whole hip hop culture movement

    Thunder 2ray2Thunder 2ray23 yil oldin
  • those haters still gonna say NO!

    Missta KellyMissta Kelly3 yil oldin
  • Finally someone else realized how good Thomas is

    John Cotugno IIIJohn Cotugno III3 yil oldin
  • thank for the vid

    Christopher EssiehChristopher Essieh3 yil oldin
    • +Christopher Essieh No problem bro. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • Fantastic video, I hope you do more of these. I'm really disappointed he didn't make the all-star this year. I don't understand how Irving got in ahead of him. Basketball has let him down.

    Shaiakh AmjadShaiakh Amjad3 yil oldin
    • fuck the NBA. Problems in the nba... -Refs dont call foul for DROSE -Draymond doesnt get ejected for kicking people in the dick -zaza is in the playoffs -zaza should have got a tech for staring down at westbrook just as lebron had got one a copuple years ago doing the same thng.

      Seth JuniorSeth Junior3 yil oldin
    • Yeah kinda sucks that the All-Star game is just a massive popularity contest. Makes sense tho, it's just for entertainment so it's better that people see the players they vote for I guess. I still think that IT and DeRozan would have made a nasty backcourt combo.

      [ Wiz ][ Wiz ]3 yil oldin
    • +Shaiakh Amjad He will still be an All-Star, he's just not starting. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for watching.

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • Being 5'8 I use these two players as inspiration and role models

    Nigel KushingtonNigel Kushington3 yil oldin
  • Most under rated player is Gordan Hayward

    Dawson EcclesDawson Eccles3 yil oldin
    • DIMES basketball 101- you use the word "carried" when the player had a weak team and took them places by himself. That 2009 team had 5x all star, champion, and MVP Chauncey billups, and 2 great role players in Kenyon Martin and J.R Smith. If anything they carried him there. Lol

      michael jordanmichael jordan3 yil oldin
    • DIMES exactly. How pathetic is that? 3 years in a row that he can't even make it to the playoffs. In 2015 his team came dead last in the entire NBA. Name me a single all-time great who has done that in his early thirties. And by the way Melo has the worst playoff winning percentage of any player in NBA history (of players with 50+ games). You're new to b-ball?

      michael jordanmichael jordan3 yil oldin
    • MonsterBoy -1999 he carried the Denver Nuggets to a game away from the finals

      Gucci SlippersGucci Slippers3 yil oldin
    • michael jordan melo has the made the playoffs EVERY single year of his career except the last 3. You a causal fan huh?

      Gucci SlippersGucci Slippers3 yil oldin
    • @DIMES Melo is over rated because he can't carry a team like a leader and he has no defense.

      Dawson EcclesDawson Eccles3 yil oldin
  • I follow the nba, an AI, was a unique combined player. U presented an factual argument of comparison. Good job.. Isaiahs nice, plus theres videos of AI co signing him, an respecting the fact AI was his idol an look up to. So the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

    GetitintertainmentGetitintertainment3 yil oldin
  • I'm not hating on Thomas

    landon da goatlandon da goat3 yil oldin
  • Here are the main differences between the two. Allen did it over a span of 14 years, so we're gonna have to wait if Thomas can do that. I mean yeah at 27 AI averaged 28ppg and later on he had 3 more seasons of 30+ ppg one of those being 33ppg. The defense back in the day was tougher and point guards didn't really score that much but were more so defenders. And a lot of times they would throw all kinds of defenders at Iverson. Just look at game 1 of the finals, Kobe first guarded Allen then Lue "guarded" or better yet kept pulling Iverson. He still scored 48. I love Thomas but I'm afraid people will never truly understand what AI did in that time unless they actually witnessed it. If people are already forgetting what Jordan did of course they'll forget about what AI did.

    ZelZel3 yil oldin
    • @denzzeell Ok.. ask yourself how many player actually go out and take 25 shots a game for a whole season? Then ask yourself how many players are under 6ft in the league... then you will see how ridiculous you wanting me to meet all those requirements. But hell I can't find any player anywhere in NBA history that has shot as poorly as AI.. I mean seriously taking 28 shots a game and shooting .398%. Kobe took that many shots with the Lakers when he was the only option.. Mj did it with the Bulls.. but I Guess since they aren't short enough they don't count.. LOL.

      HPM RoyaleHPM Royale3 yil oldin
    • HPM Royale Tell me about these players. But they must be the number one, two and three option on offense, be 6 feet or less and play against real defense. I'll wait on the names. Don't just say something without backing it up and think you're right.

      ZelZel3 yil oldin
    • Other players took volume shots and their numbers never were low like AI's. AI just had bad shot selection.

      HPM RoyaleHPM Royale3 yil oldin
    • Well you do realize efficiency comes from having teammates who can make it easier for you. Put Curry on an average team and his efficiency goes down. Put anyone on AI teams of the early 2000s and I'm pretty sure they won't be as efficient as they are now. And the little guards of this era you are talking about are all 4 5 inches taller, except for IT. And dribbling is objective since AI used a basic crossover, but was much faster than anyone so you couldn't really stop him.

      ZelZel3 yil oldin
    • denzzeell AI era was full of LEGENDS asf. He played against with MJ, Kobe, Shaq, TMac, Vince Carter etc... you name it. Plus the fact he has alot of issues and problems (he was jailed) But he still made his way to the top. NBA nowadays is too soft. Hope IT make it too though.

      ᒍᗝᕼᑎᑎY ᗯᗩᒪKEᖇᒍᗝᕼᑎᑎY ᗯᗩᒪKEᖇ3 yil oldin
  • I love it when people actually understand that Isaiah Thomas is amazing.

    Manu DondetiManu Dondeti3 yil oldin
  • I respected Isaiah before I watched the video!!!!

    KrietsKriets3 yil oldin
  • fire alert listen to Kaleb Mitchell -Ai ft aha.... hurry the13beast

    Samuel CymonisseSamuel Cymonisse3 yil oldin
    • Truth.

      nikewarrior24nikewarrior243 yil oldin
    • ..........aww yea

      Samuel CymonisseSamuel Cymonisse3 yil oldin
    • +Samuel Cymonisse I got a little something on deck...me and Kaleb have been in talks about somethings lately. Stay tuned.👀

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
    • TH13beast .....wat u waitin for......aha ripped that thing apart. Make a mix

      Samuel CymonisseSamuel Cymonisse3 yil oldin
    • +Samuel Cymonisse You already know bro.

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • I love Isaiah

    exzotic Darkzexzotic Darkz3 yil oldin
  • Celtics have wayyyyy more offensive weapons around Lil Zeke than AI's 6ers, but solid video nonetheless *clicks like*

    N. R.N. R.3 yil oldin
  • it's a faster game now, compared to when Iverson played. Iverson can't be compared to anyone, but Isaiah Thomas is a legend in the making. enough said 🙏🙏 salute to the young god👊

    Jean ClaudeJean Claude3 yil oldin
  • I could see the comparisons

    Domique WilliamsDomique Williams3 yil oldin
  • As a AI fan and a Celtics fan, I see the similarities in their games. But at least for me, I can't put them in the same class until/if IT4 can be the solo star and make it to the NBA finals. To me, that's what will always set them apart, is the ability to carry a team to the finals.

    Brian McDonaldBrian McDonald3 yil oldin
    • Brian McDonald True but thats not the point of this video (i think) I think the point is that IT should get more attention and respect that he gets

      WooWoo3 yil oldin
  • isaiah is amazing and I always thought that and he can compare to ai but Celtics now team are a little better than the Sixers at the time thats the only difference beside handles and who's better (Iverson).And I'm like the biggest ai fan there is believe me. great vid btw subbed

    Sharkkyyy ツSharkkyyy ツ3 yil oldin
    • +Sharkkyyy ツ Appreciate it bro. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin