Why Going Back to School Saved LaMelo Ball's Career [HD]

6-Noy, 2018
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LaMelo Ball was one of the top high school players in the country, before deciding to drop out and pursue a pro career overseas. Since then he's been the face of his father's own league, the JBA and traveled the world playing some of the top teams across the globe. Today it was announced that he will now be returning to school, playing for SPIRE Institute, a top prep school based in Ohio. Over the course of the next year, he'll find himself facing some of the top players in the country and have his chance to prove once and for all that he deserves to a spot back at the top.
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  • 2020#1 draft pick

    Altered Vision TVAltered Vision TVYil oldin
  • Update: he did.

    Dumb ThingsDumb ThingsYil oldin
  • He realized that skipping College shit is stupid also his dad is stupid he can't homeschool him

    Nathan MillanNathan Millan2 yil oldin
  • #1 player Class of 2019

    Brian HernandezBrian Hernandez2 yil oldin
  • 6’7ft LOOOL where did you pull this number out of, your ass? I’m 6’6ft and I’m certain that Lamelo ain’t taller than me

    ryananna2ryananna22 yil oldin
    • That is his official height listed on the Spire Institute website. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
  • Nice video.. This kid is nasty and getting nastier. I don't care what the NBA thinks. He gonna be better than Penny Hardaway. Better than Reggie Lewis, better than Reggie Miller. He just winning where ever he goes or have been. No one has done this before.

    Ken liKen li2 yil oldin
    • Ken Liburd that’s to far

      Warren CarterWarren Carter2 yil oldin
    • @Just Another Troll melo's 17... of course he isnt gonna be carrying teams just yet

      RyanRyan2 yil oldin
    • Ok calm down just a little and come back to reality. In Lithuania, Melo couldnt get off the bench, in the JBA melo shot 23 percent from 3, and in JBA USA he played straight B teams and academy teams. He wins because his dad has been putting him against trash teams and been stacking the favor in Melos way. Also, while he was in high school and Zo had left, the team dropped off considerably. So yes Melo is good, but he isnt once in a lifetime talent.

      Just Another TrollJust Another Troll2 yil oldin
  • La Mello..get in the weight room...You ll be NBA bound!! Work on your strength and conditioning!! & Thank ya pops for putting you in the position to be successful...

    Aj soutarAj soutar2 yil oldin
    • Aj soutar his metabolism. I can relate to him

      Alex GutierrezAlex Gutierrez2 yil oldin
  • Im a giant fan of melo so im not hating. But unfortunately hes not 6"7, hes 6"5. Ive seen melo many times next to people who are 6"6, 6"7 and 6"8. Melo is 100% 6"5. And before you guys say "Hes taller than lonzo now" hes not. Zo who is just reaching 6"6 still has almost an inch on him still

    YNG CarpYNG Carp2 yil oldin
    • #@AceGaming 1/2 inch difference means that #YoingCarpy has an amazing pair of eyes ha ha ha ha....Lmao

      Black PelasgianBlack Pelasgian2 yil oldin
    • #VinceTionko You raised an amazing point...I will go with your report regarding the SPIRES official account that says LaMelo is 6' 7", also the fact that Lavar said that Lonzo was 6' 7" when he was 19 because he was taller than him and that he was 6' 6"....Also, LaMelo just turned 17 recently, and I believe that he has another 2 + inches more to grow, so imagine at 6' 8" or 6' 9" playing guard he has a lot of advantages on his side. But for right now, I am satisfied with the fact that he really is more like 6' 7" at only 17 years old, and an excellent ball handler and will definitely get stronger as his body continues to mature over the next two years when he would only be 19 years old......Thank you for the additional info from the SPIRES OFFICIAL ACCOUNT....

      Black PelasgianBlack Pelasgian2 yil oldin
    • Young Carpy how about this. Let’s reserve judgement on his height until we see a picture of him beside someone like kobe, who is for sure 6’6. Then we will know for sure if he’s 6’7. Until then, I will believe spire institutions official post stating that he’s 6’7. Also for reference, watch lamelo’s latest game with spire wherein he looks to be ONE of the tallest on the court next to people listed at 6’6 6’7 etc.

      Vince TionkoVince Tionko2 yil oldin
    • Young Carpy half a inch difference?

      Alex GutierrezAlex Gutierrez2 yil oldin
    • @Vince Tionko Yes i have, i saw them at the JBA game and i went to a lakers game and saw lonzo in warmups/game next to people who are 6"5,6"6, 6"7. Ive concluded lonzo is 6"6. Then at the JBA game Zo and melo were talking before the game and Zo had about a 1/2 inch on him. Dont get me wrong, he was tall af but not 6"7 yet. I would say hes 6'5.50. Also did you see the recent picture of lamelo next his new HS coach who is a former NBA player and is listed 6"4 everywhere. Lamelo had only a solid inch on him

      YNG CarpYNG Carp2 yil oldin
  • Nicely done on the review sir melo a boss tho

    StateView CapitalStateView Capital2 yil oldin
  • Melo cold!!!! He has so much potential.

    Brad C.Shanette vlogsBrad C.Shanette vlogs2 yil oldin
  • No shit he was stupid for dropping out of high school in the first place.

    Mong XiongMong Xiong2 yil oldin
  • He will destroy high school kids

    FilipFilip2 yil oldin
  • he needs to grow his hair out again and start hitting half court shots

    markus mrkusmarkus mrkus2 yil oldin
  • good luck my dude.. ball out

    malikmalik2 yil oldin
  • Lamelos gonna take off

    ProvenDeviantProvenDeviant2 yil oldin
  • Hopefully Melo can capitalize on the opportunity of going to prestigious school. Thanks for the video. 6"7 now with guard skills.....the gifts of these Ball brothers lol.

    nikewarrior24nikewarrior242 yil oldin
  • Yo I hear Gelo might be going into the G-League and all I can think about is if GELO makes it to the NBA ...His life better be the story plot for NBA 2k21 !

    SuperNikefaceSuperNikeface2 yil oldin
    • SuperNikeface he’s a rich kid that never took basketball seriously and ended up being good only because of his dad. He sucked in college and got kicked out for shoplifting in China. Don’t forget his dads a maniac. It wouldn’t be that interesting

      Warren CarterWarren Carter2 yil oldin
    • SuperNikeface That would be dope to see to be honest.

      nikewarrior24nikewarrior242 yil oldin
  • melo is super talented and privileged but i dont belive he truly waunts to be a pro despite i still believe he will be a pro truly because of the money

    Samuel EdisonSamuel Edison2 yil oldin
    • couldn't have put it better myself

      Samuel EdisonSamuel Edison2 yil oldin
    • @Samuel Edison yeah only the good players get that much money, so if you dont wanna be motivated to work hard you not gonna get that shit

      DrewDrew2 yil oldin
    • Drew he dont care about the money if someone gave you 40 mil a year would you care and besides if merchandise has your name on it you will get sme sort of benifit so you can chill with that shit

      Samuel EdisonSamuel Edison2 yil oldin
    • you dumb asf lol, he doesnt care about the money, he isnt even getting paid from his own shoes

      DrewDrew2 yil oldin
  • First

    Joshua JeanPierreJoshua JeanPierre2 yil oldin