Why Coby White is the Best All-Around PG in the NBA Draft

20-Apr, 2019
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After putting UNC on his back to end the season, Coby White's NBA draft stock sky-rocketed all the way into the top 10 and if you've watched much of his game, it's not hard to see why. White is a complete player, with a well-rounded offensive game, and the perfect size to potentially be a solid two-way player at 6'5. The question is, Can white continue to develop his offensive skills, and prove that he's capable of leading an NBA franchise?
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  • Who's here after Coby Tore Ja A New One!

    The Good GuyThe Good GuyYil oldin
  • Good vid. Leading up to the draft, I wasn't very high on Coby White, but these vids have changed my mind on him. His work ethic, and meteoric rise from nowhere to top 10 prospect shows he has something worth banking on. Only Coby and Ja Morrant showed that type of ability.

    Michael CunnninghamMichael CunnninghamYil oldin
  • the next Gilbert Arenas

    Jordi CorvusJordi CorvusYil oldin
  • This man spits facts

    LilSoap 15LilSoap 15Yil oldin
  • Ja ain’t gonna do shit in the nba

    Josh BJosh BYil oldin
  • He is 7ft with the hair!

    Stan KormyStan KormyYil oldin
  • Coby White; neither Kobe, nor white. Discuss

    Norumbega ManNorumbega ManYil oldin
  • He reminds me of a less bouncy better passing Derrick rose

    Kai LKai LYil oldin
  • wow bro wow

    OGang NerudaOGang NerudaYil oldin
  • I’m a unc fan so maybe biased but he played at an elite level for the entire season in the best conference in college basketball

    River McBrideRiver McBrideYil oldin
  • Good knowledge dropped here crazy he went to the bulls like you said

    rahkim0431rahkim0431Yil oldin
  • Guards coming in the paint Dunking this would never have happened in the seventies and eighties the 90s

    Greatest NBA franchise Boston CelticsGreatest NBA franchise Boston CelticsYil oldin
  • Very nice jump shot.

    elvishakelvishakYil oldin
  • mayn i wish my orlando somhow got this dude... so relentless on defense... how about mo bamba (6th 2018draft) have no motor but i wont tell you... markelle fultz (1st 2017draft) been called the biggest bust of all time... chuma okeke (16th 2019 draft) just wtf magic? at 16?... /speechless... ill even throw in our 2020 second round draft pick from the lakers... just because... for coby white (7th 2019 draft) (all-defensive first team player and a great locker room guy) what do you say bulls fans... willing to take my trade?

    Martin MikkelsenMartin MikkelsenYil oldin
  • All I know is that, I have been really pleased with the organization's moves since starting with the Jimmy Butler trade!!!

    bakari liburdbakari liburdYil oldin
  • He's so twitchy for his size. Damn

    KorvusKorvusYil oldin
    • Facts. You don't even realize he's 6'5 based on how he plays.

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • OK..I mocked COBY WHITE and Gafford..I wanted Gafford last year so getting him at 38 was a steal..I didn't think either one would be there so my 2nd options were Reddish and Lawson..COBY will be a better NBA player, a great fit for the BUlls..and Gafford brings the toughness, rebounding and defense..a great defensive duo with Carter..THRILLED..for the Bulls and our fans.

    deprogrammerdeprogrammerYil oldin
    • Yeah we have a really young team and once they all develop we will be really good

      RichSwishRichSwishYil oldin
  • I’m happy he was still there at 7. I like Garland, but he’s really small and played so few games last year, while Coby was balling out in an elite conference. Easily the best available player at 7 and he fills their biggest need. A+ pick.

    trza49ertrza49erYil oldin
  • Nice pick. Go Bulls!

    nocturnal hustlernocturnal hustlerYil oldin
  • If hawks trade up to four , they are gonna surprise teams and take coby white.

    William StephensWilliam StephensYil oldin
    • Saponi lmao 😂🤣😭. Na but I’m happy with Hunter and Reddish .

      William StephensWilliam StephensYil oldin
    • well this didnt age well.....

      SaponiSaponiYil oldin
  • I see him as a James Harden ... put him with Sexton at point ... man Steph and Klay Crazy backcourt.

    OnlyOne ZayOnlyOne ZayYil oldin
    • Brian Williams 😭😭😭😭😭🖕🏽

      OnlyOne ZayOnlyOne ZayYil oldin
    • LMFAO you are fucking delusional

      Brian WilliamsBrian WilliamsYil oldin
  • OK..SO 7TH AGAIN.. Perfect IF the Bulls take CW since 3 might be too early for some..not me as I see so much potential to be a NBA star.BULLS..please draft him.

    deprogrammerdeprogrammerYil oldin
  • He's plays below the rim for a guy his size and wingspan is not impressive as well. Would really need to work on his scoring and passing to elite levels to rise above the competition

    Edmund ChoyEdmund ChoyYil oldin
  • UNC would have also went much further in the tournament if they didn't get a bout of the flu on the last game they played

    EyeSeeYouEyeSeeYouYil oldin
  • underrated

    Ty FTy FYil oldin
  • The basketball gods did not want us to pick 1st or 2nd. I'm cool with my Bulls draft and Coby White. He kind of reminds me of a former Bull Ben Gordon went better defense than Ben. I think it will be a perfect match for the Bulls. Another spot-up shooter

    Jajuan BellJajuan BellYil oldin
  • Hawks

    Darius FlaggDarius FlaggYil oldin
  • Bulls

    Jovaughn HolmesJovaughn HolmesYil oldin
  • He's Steph Curry with a 40 inch Hairtical

    Regina M.-F.Regina M.-F.Yil oldin
    • @J Pizel LOL its not even a little funny so yeah its not a joke

      Brian WilliamsBrian WilliamsYil oldin
    • That joke has gotten stale.

      J PizelJ PizelYil oldin
  • 4:33 highest chance of going to a team like Memphis or New Orleans FUCK THIS NEW LOTTERY

    eilrahc700eilrahc700Yil oldin
    • Yeah it's safe to say he's most likely to go to either Chicago or Phoenix now. Just depends on where Garland goes.

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • Phoenix suns should get him at number 6

    Christian MorenoChristian MorenoYil oldin
    • Thanks for trading out of the 6th lol and cam Johnson??? What was the suns management thinking? Lol

      ChiKid QuinteroChiKid QuinteroYil oldin
    • @Oscar Miramontes as a Suns fan me too

      Ghost Kid111Ghost Kid111Yil oldin
    • Trice as a suns fan I like White over Garland I don’t understand the love for him

      Oscar MiramontesOscar MiramontesYil oldin
    • If Garland goes to the Lakers at 4 then White will most likely end up there. Otherwise I'd say he falls to Chicago.

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • Suns fan here. I wanted Ja. I am sick but White is nice, I guess.

    Truly BlessedTruly BlessedYil oldin
    • Lol, not even White😄 try Cam Johnson my friend

      Shea DurrShea DurrYil oldin
    • They aren't going to and shouldn't draft an 2 guard with only 1 year of college experience with average everything.

      J BergJ BergYil oldin
    • I wouldn't mind Lonzo Ball opposite Booker

      Badkid UnknownBadkid UnknownYil oldin
    • I wanted Ja too. Maybe we can get a free agent pg to comes if not White or the dude from Vandy would be nice. I also like Ty Jerome

      Badkid UnknownBadkid UnknownYil oldin
  • Floor=Steph Celling--Bigger Jordan

    BTS Dance StudioBTS Dance StudioYil oldin
    • Heard it here folks

      Stance PunkStance PunkYil oldin
  • Y’all bull fans are nuts 😂 don’t have a clue who we are going to draft. It can be anyone and it might not be a point guard at all.

    Mr PickleMr PickleYil oldin
    • Mr Pickle that’s not enough for AD 😂

      logan7042logan7042Yil oldin
    • skelletet123 that’s fine but the bulls still aren’t going anywhere till they get a superstar. Unless the try to get Anthony Davis they might have to give up the 7 pick and a pick next year.

      Mr PickleMr PickleYil oldin
    • John Paxson (Bulls' VP of basketball operations) said after the lottery that at the 7th pick they lean more towards positional (read: point guard) need than best available. Personally as a Bulls fan I'm 80% sure they'll draft a point guard

      skelletet123skelletet123Yil oldin
  • alright....I guess as a Bulls fan, I should stop looking at Ja Morant highlights and start looking at White highlights.

    funsize198funsize198Yil oldin
    • Bulls have a decent Squad now

      Desel IronworkerDesel IronworkerYil oldin
    • Same with this Suns fan ugh

      bork111bork111Yil oldin
    • That’s what I just did. White and Garland.

      jefftok7293jefftok7293Yil oldin
    • facts. Im not mad if we get white and ive been a fan of his all year

      TheGamingPanCakeTheGamingPanCakeYil oldin
  • Lakers dont fuck this up

    golden avegolden aveYil oldin
  • With the 7th Pick in the NBA Draft!!

    AjaeeeStylezz WareAjaeeeStylezz WareYil oldin
    • DA BULLS!

      nocturnal hustlernocturnal hustlerYil oldin
  • Who else is here after seeing the bulls dropped to the 7th pick ?

    • Me🙋‍♂️

      Cyle JacksonCyle JacksonYil oldin
    • We still got my boy 💪

      TayTheWhatAndWhoTayTheWhatAndWhoYil oldin
    • But as a Bulls fan, what’s there to lose when you’re picking 7th again? A 19yr old PG playing at the highest level that college basketball has to offer with great success. Lauri was a home run at #7 and Carter looks so far so good with the 7th pick last year.

      Adnan AliAdnan AliYil oldin
    • eilrahc700 NBA said “hold my beer” lmao

      Adnan AliAdnan AliYil oldin
    • Coby with a C!!! lol

      Luis AnthonyLuis AnthonyYil oldin
  • Let's go heat!!! Draft this guy we need shooting

    gidkidd -maddcitygidkidd -maddcityYil oldin
  • Good video

    derrick shaversderrick shaversYil oldin
    • Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • The thumbnail for the video tho 🔥🔥🔥

    Day By DayDay By DayYil oldin
    • Appreciate it.🙏🏻

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • COBY WHITE is the best fit for the BULLS..a versatile combo guard, Coby can play PG or slide over IF Kris Dunn is still a PG on the Bulls..He's got a size advantage vs most PG's..He has great range and will improve his 3 pt shot because of his easy mechanics and quick release..He can create shots with a wide variety of polished moves to attack the rim with finesse and is an improving playmaker and willing defender..Ja Morant is a great talent but I prefer Coby's all around game and maturity..The 2nd round is what I'm wondering about..Take another shooter like Cam Johnson/Tyler Herro or a high energy defender/rebounder that can take over for Rolo..Daniel Gafford, Bruno Fernando, Jaxson Hayes.or perhaps a SF/PF with huge upside..Nassir Little, Brandon Clarke, PJ Washington..Rui Hachimura might end up in the 2nd..should they try and move up to get him? Great job as usual..I'd love to see a top 5 players by position ranking.PEACE.

    deprogrammerdeprogrammerYil oldin
    • deprogrammer white is not even close to what Morant or Garland could do

      Nashville SaintNashville SaintYil oldin
  • I see Gilbert Arenas as his ceiling

    The Rose that grew from concreteThe Rose that grew from concreteYil oldin
    • Gilbert was a bad man

      Rashid DavisRashid DavisYil oldin
    • That's ridiculous. Coby White doesn't even own a gun.

      Blackstar 87Blackstar 87Yil oldin
    • @OnlyOne Zay I think you need to go look at some prime Gilbert Arenas highlights

      The Rose that grew from concreteThe Rose that grew from concreteYil oldin
    • Way better scorer then Arenas

      OnlyOne ZayOnlyOne ZayYil oldin
    • Gilbert Arenas is a great comparison.

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • If my bulls team don’t get ja I would like coby on my team good 3pt shooter

  • Is that 6’5” with hair?

    Tanner HechtTanner HechtYil oldin
    • Nah he's a legit 6'5 without the hair.😂 Thanks for watching.

      TriceTriceYil oldin