The Star Behind the Biggest Upset in March Madness History- Jairus Lyles [HD]

17-Mar, 2018
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You probably heard about how 16 seed UMBC was able to beat a number 1 seed, Virginia, for the first time in NCAA Tournament history, but how much do you know about the guy who carried them there? Let's take a closer look at Jairus Lyles and the improbable path he took to becoming a March Madness legend.
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  • This is the biggest upset since the flint tropics beat the spurs

    packers fanpackers fanYil oldin
  • Dennis Lindsey (GM of the Utah Jazz) is a goddamn wizard when it comes to finding diamonds in the rough. Welcome to Utah mane

    Ben HerbertBen Herbert2 yil oldin
  • Welcome to the Jazz

    BKnudsen5BKnudsen52 yil oldin
  • I went to all his games cuz my brother plays with him

    kiko Deleonkiko Deleon2 yil oldin
  • Good second round pick

    Jack FreddyJack Freddy2 yil oldin
  • I really like this kid..can he handle PG..we need to get rid of Grant, Holiday, Zipser..we won't need Blakeney after this draft, and IF he can play defense..even would be cool to see highlights of offense, defense and passing skills too...good job..keep it up

    deprogrammerdeprogrammer2 yil oldin
  • Great video, research and no annoying robot rap..I love hip hop..but I'm old school..I'm hoping Porter falls to the Bulls , if not, then Miles over Mikal only because of his size and athleticism...Maybe Hutchinson 2nd..Who are the best 2nd round players..I hove you do a video.

    deprogrammerdeprogrammer2 yil oldin
    • Glad you enjoyed it bro. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
  • 2:22 Too Much Sauce :D Looking Like Kyrie

    Roddy FedererRoddy Federer2 yil oldin
  • That guy goes to my school.

    Ari ElfasiAri Elfasi2 yil oldin
  • He can go into the 2018 nba draft and justin bibbvens can too im so happy bro

    savior 1200savior 12002 yil oldin
  • Play like Terry roizer

    Just MendezJust Mendez2 yil oldin
    • That's actually a really good comparison. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
  • I know him

    FoolinFoolin2 yil oldin
  • I’m a uva fan and it is undeniable UMBC showed up and delivered and UVA was flustered the whole game. Hope umbc wins a couple more games

    SammySammy2 yil oldin
  • Make a Jaren Jackson NBA prospect video

    Barry MccockinerBarry Mccockiner2 yil oldin
  • Lyles could have taken Jordan or Lebron in their primes last night. He was beast. Lyles a Future NBA all star. Hopefully the 76ers will take him with the first pick!!

    765 lb squat765 lb squat2 yil oldin
    • 765 lb squat give Fultz a chance, next year he will wake up

      Mr. TerrellMr. Terrell2 yil oldin
  • Great job of spotlighting a diamond in the rough.

    Dwayne GoforthDwayne Goforth2 yil oldin
  • Acrobatic finisher, hall of fame badge!

    Tanner DykemaTanner Dykema2 yil oldin
  • Th13beast this channel is underrated every one share this channel with your friends and family

    SJ supremeSJ supreme2 yil oldin
    • I appreciate that. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
  • THE IMPOSSIBLE IS NOW POSSIBLE. Believe. Go Retrievers!

    Green PiquedGreen Piqued2 yil oldin
  • I love your videos man! I like the research and commentary you put over the highlights. I can’t believe I had never heard of this dude, he forreal reminds me of Kyrie. I would draft him if I was an NBA team.

    Marshall OxentineMarshall Oxentine2 yil oldin
    • I appreciate it! Thanks for watching.

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
  • Shocked the whole fucking world

    Demba CamarahDemba Camarah2 yil oldin
    • fuck umbc

      Connor StevensConnor Stevens2 yil oldin
  • He can't miss! I'm going to create him in nba2k18 and add him to my draft class & share it for all to enjoy. Ps4

    Edwin CapronEdwin Capron2 yil oldin
    • did you create him i wanna get his formula i got xbox one

      TBoneEeka Gaming Elite ChannelTBoneEeka Gaming Elite Channel2 yil oldin
  • Good video bro

    atomic880atomic8802 yil oldin
    • Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin