The Rise of Ja Morant: Why He Has More NBA Potential Than Zion

16-Yan, 2019
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Temetrius Ja Morant has broken onto the hoops scene as arguably the top point guard in all of college basketball, and has recently found his name being mentioned in the top 5 of the upcoming 2019 NBA Draft. Considering he entered his college career unranked, with very few major offers, it's not hard to see why he's caught so many people off guard. The question is, now that Morant finds himself in the national spotlight, will he be able to finally prove all the people who doubted him wrong...and establish himself as one of basketball's newest stars.
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  • Nice vidoe. Think it is my first for you. I'll check out more.

    Jordan ConleyJordan ConleyYil oldin
    • I appreciate it! Thanks for watching.

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • Wonder what it's gonna be like when all the top players we have known for a while retire

    Martin LelandMartin LelandYil oldin
  • Future Kris Dunn

    Von Bradley GimenaVon Bradley GimenaYil oldin
  • Hello is this GMAN?

    Vuong NguyenVuong NguyenYil oldin
  • Ja got mad game geeesh. I see him balling at any level. Incredible vision, stupid hops, huge heart along with mental toughness. I like this kid he's gonna be commonly spoken of by many who love the game for years to come. #Lovehisgame.

    Renell couzartRenell couzartYil oldin
  • Tre Duvall is better

    JQ BellJQ BellYil oldin
  • My coworker who is from Sumter, SC same town as Morant put me on to him. Cant wait to see him play! South Carolina players are on fire this year! Zion, Morant, and keep an eye out for De'Riante Jenkins of VCU who is from my hometown of Eutawville, SC

    Roderick WhiteRoderick WhiteYil oldin
  • Yeah dudes comparing him to Lillard, I think Wall/Rose are the better comparisons, if Zion wasn't there he'd be 1st pick. Lillard wasn't even high on draft boards until the pre draft workouts from memory, he was also a shooter.

    Troy WilsonTroy WilsonYil oldin
  • If Iverson was 2 inches bigger(pause). That’s what I see and that’s all I’m going to say

    Joel EdwardsJoel EdwardsYil oldin
    • If he can develop his handles to Iverson's would be scary no doubt.

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • I there a problem with him being too thin? only 170 lbs.

    Jason LimJason LimYil oldin
  • Seems that everyone uses Zion as the Gold Standard when comparing draft potential. lol

    Jai DaMannJai DaMannYil oldin
    • That's because this year he is the standard. Every other prospect has to be compared to him since he's the clear #1 pick and therefore sets the bar for everyone else.

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • Morant to the Suns. Starting line up of Morant, Booker, Oubre, Warren (undersized PF, hopefully they sign a proven PF or a veteran at the very least), Ayton. The talent on that team is off the charts! With a good veteran presence, this Suns team could sneak into the playoffs and make some noise. #TimeToRise

    Tyler RosellTyler RosellYil oldin
  • Chicago could definitely use him. Dunn is cool but he has showed no growth in numbers . Dunn would become a good backup to a guy like this. The bulls need a “FLARE” type of player at the point right now. Someone who can score as much as he can see the rest of the court. The bulls could definitely use that type of balance right now.

    D MD MYil oldin
    • Phoenix are the ones that need the point they should even trade up a spot. I think Bulls are fine with RJ or Hachimura, having another scorer that demands the ball is just not gonna work unless they trade Lavine. Personally I hope Harrison develops his play making and shot consistency, he's great on defense and in transition.

      Troy WilsonTroy WilsonYil oldin
  • top 3 pick: 1st pick: Zion 2nd pick: Morant 3rd pick: barett

    marion salazarmarion salazarYil oldin
    • I need u 4 the lottery

      Kelsey DortchKelsey DortchYil oldin
  • He plays in a bad conference tho

    Justin CardenJustin CardenYil oldin
    • Doesnt matter, he played well when they faced some top level teams. Look whats he is doing, and then add the fact that when he gets to the NBA and gets the best trainers and coaching he has another level to reach.

      Knock it off SpadeKnock it off SpadeYil oldin
  • Album of the Year Sing about me im dying of thirst

    Belizean BeastBelizean BeastYil oldin
  • If he was 6 5 and up, he will be drafted number 1. But this year is Zion's year.

    SP 29SP 29Yil oldin
  • super athletic point guard? meh.

    butterNpantsbutterNpantsYil oldin
  • He's the new Dwyane Wade.

    E WokE WokYil oldin
  • He looks like a 6'2" Allen Iverson. Will he be a bust? How well will he transition from mid major college big fish in a small pond to NBA big fish among many other big fishes? I don't know. Most guards his size take time to develop. I doubt he will make an immediate impact, but his statistical production is second to none in this year's stacked draft class. Maybe Zion has better stats, but it's debatable. Morant has a higher PPG average and is leading the nation in assists as well. Wow. He is no doubt worth a first round pick. Any team should be happy to select him. I expect the NBA transition will be a challenge and struggle for him. I don't feel he will be able to impose his will on opposing teams like he has done in college. His speed should transition well into the NBA, however he would be best suited on a team that is committed to fast breaking like the Lakers.

    Timothy NoratTimothy NoratYil oldin
  • Looks like a little less flashy Kyrie with Westbrook athleticism

    CJ JohnstonCJ JohnstonYil oldin
  • 2019 draft would g down as one the best drafts ever

    Geno CamilleGeno CamilleYil oldin
  • He got energy I can see that work ethic

    Abiola SAbiola SYil oldin
  • Next D Rose?

    jrthomas02jrthomas02Yil oldin
    • to slow

      David ChandlerDavid ChandlerYil oldin
  • Imagine if he were to lead Murray state deep into the tourney

    Carter BondCarter BondYil oldin

    Broberg 23Broberg 23Yil oldin
  • This short cat going straight to a Euro team, maybe Spain. He won't ever start an NBA game...

    Paula SmithPaula SmithYil oldin
  • smaller dennis smith

    KKYil oldin
  • What's his height?

    A.M. AbejaA.M. AbejaYil oldin
    • Around 6'3-6'4.

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • future pelican

    merltoinette'merltoinette'Yil oldin
  • Fine analysis. He could go #2 but probably will be #3. He's got everyone foaming at the mouth to see him. I graduated from Murray State. I may go see him down there, definitely will here at Evansville. The OVC tournament is going to be here.

    Jim FritzJim FritzYil oldin
  • He has the passing ability of the all time NBA assist leader? I love Avery but that was blasphemous.

    trza49ertrza49erYil oldin
  • He would look great in a Chicago Bulls uniform

    arnold oliverarnold oliverYil oldin
  • Yo he grabbed that nigga lay up off the board on some old school dwight howard shit At 6'2

    Evans LemontEvans LemontYil oldin
  • Finishes with both hands on some Kyrie shit. Not comparing him to Kyrie he's more athletic.

    Evans LemontEvans LemontYil oldin
  • I wish Ja Morant all the best in his future Travels on the Roads of Life. His athletic ability is not a surprise to me, because I am knowledgeable of his mother's family tree. His Grandfather, Grand uncle, Uncle, and Great grandfather were all top athletes in baseball, football and basketball. I, "PETER PETER" is his third cousin on his mother's side, I played sports, but not at the level to compete with the named family members I believe Ja Morant will be a Star in the NBA. In closing I say to my cousin, " Keep your head straight, your heart strong and your mind together!'

    Peter PeterPeter PeterYil oldin
    • He's my 3rd cuz to what's your last name

      Roman MontgomeryRoman MontgomeryYil oldin
    • you couldn't text him?

      merltoinette'merltoinette'Yil oldin
  • I know his cousin

    DeadlyRoBbIe 456DeadlyRoBbIe 456Yil oldin
  • Ok he is a good player, lol. I wish him well...

    Jeff PJeff PYil oldin
    • Jeff P if he played for Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, UNC, Villanova, Louisville or UCLA, you’d be saying OMFG HE’S #1 OVERALL BETTER THAN STEPH CURRY AND DAMIEN LILLARD COMBINED

      The Shawshank InceptionThe Shawshank InceptionYil oldin
    • The hate is real i’ll talk to you in 3 years

      Bawsaq McgeeBawsaq McgeeYil oldin
  • Could Morant not even declared this year?

    Blackman WhitesuitBlackman WhitesuitYil oldin
    • Update: there is actually no way he doesn't declare now.

      Blackman WhitesuitBlackman WhitesuitYil oldin
  • John 2.0 without offcourt issues.

    Fc BayernFc BayernYil oldin
  • I want him in a Suns uniform! Morant, Booker, Warren, Jackson, Ayton. Solid.

    Drew McwhortorDrew McwhortorYil oldin
  • Ja is nice, but not playing any real talent and he is stacking numbers rather than trying to get team wins. I think he will do good at next level, but needs to be more of a team player.

    Fran BarshonFran BarshonYil oldin
    • He's averaging over 25 ppg against the high major teams he's played and averaging almost 10 assists per game. I think it's hard to look at that and say he isn't a team player, if anything, he's not selfish ENOUGH at times. Now I would agree that he doesn't play as many top teams as other top prospects, but from what we've seen so far, he's gonna be fine. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • if i ever get blocked like the one at 5:36 i would have nightmares for the rest of my life

    Cj JamesCj JamesYil oldin
  • Phoenix Suns

    Heshmia BennettHeshmia BennettYil oldin
  • This year, Luka's my fave rook.. Next year, it will be this guy. Looking forward to the next decade of the NBA!

    jixseylo portacionjixseylo portacionYil oldin
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    Trent McDowellTrent McDowellYil oldin
  • The next markelle fultz

    Ryan KellyRyan KellyYil oldin
  • Morant is like a Russell Westbrook with a jump shot and higher IQ.

    Topsy KrettsTopsy KrettsYil oldin
    • Turnovers are still turnovers.

      Topsy KrettsTopsy KrettsYil oldin
    • Topsy Kretts Ja turns the ball over just as much against WAY worse competition. Don’t disrespect Westbrook like that.

      JasonJasonYil oldin

    Samuel UzomaSamuel UzomaYil oldin
  • I saw him play against TTU. Dude dropped 26 and made it look so easy

    B NastyB NastyYil oldin
  • He's good but not near Zions upside. Yet thats hard to predict.

    mostmost1mostmost1Yil oldin
  • obviously super talented but he still averages 5 turnovers per game🤮🤮

    blake backesblake backesYil oldin
  • We need a guy like him on the Suns

    Fish HeadFish HeadYil oldin
  • Chicago Bulls with the 3rd pick select

    RayGunz 101RayGunz 101Yil oldin
  • “Bulls”

    Dee WallDee WallYil oldin
  • Ja doesn't drop father than the 4th pick, in my opinion.

    Rico SammsRico SammsYil oldin
  • Suns baby

    Lloyd DutcherLloyd DutcherYil oldin
    • Really important The Suns get Ja Morant

      paul irwinpaul irwinYil oldin
  • Welcome Suns

    99pfc6699pfc66Yil oldin
    • No

      Kelsey DortchKelsey DortchYil oldin
  • Ja > RJ

    Justin JamesJustin JamesYil oldin
  • Dope video

    ETUKETUKYil oldin
  • You should do a video of rui hachimura

    JoshJoshYil oldin
  • He’s number 2 pick

    nalim lattarainalim lattaraiYil oldin
  • Murray State has a fine program. Cameron Payne was the 14th pick a couple of years ago.

    60zeller60zellerYil oldin
  • Real good video. I subscribed. Ja Morant will be just fine in the league. AI type guy with more length. Get the jumper more consistent (like you said) and he'll be fine. Getting open looks in the NBA will be easy for the 3 ball and he obviously creates space just fine. Some Curry off ball craftiness would be a nightmare.

    Jordan IngeJordan IngeYil oldin
    • I appreciate it and I agree, the development of his jumper will be the major key. If he can improve that, he'll be so much harder to guard even as a rookie because of his speed and craftiness. Add all that with his playmaking ability, and we could be seeing a great player in the making. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • He's so exciting. He's my new favorite player.

    Stalker BleachStalker BleachYil oldin
  • hope my knicks can get this kid

    Queens MitchQueens MitchYil oldin
    • Why would they draft him when they have DSJ and need a SF? RJ Barrett would be a better pick

      Cutty 1985Cutty 1985Yil oldin
  • He certainly has a lot of potential. His development bodes well 4 the future. Seems to have a strong work ethic and desire to improve. Could be a steal.

    RawHebrewRemnantRawHebrewRemnantYil oldin
    • Great commentary bruh, keep it coming.

      Teddrick JohnsonTeddrick JohnsonYil oldin
  • I hope NY either gets Zion, RJ or Ja

    Armed TitaniumArmed TitaniumYil oldin
  • 3 things that stick out to me is his speed, athletic ability , and creativity.

    Stiltmans StiltStiltmans StiltYil oldin
  • It's funny, I was commenting on this guy couple months ago as a potential player I wanted my KNICKS to think about in this yrs draft, and now he's a fave to go top 10. I been high on this kid

    Stiltmans StiltStiltmans StiltYil oldin
  • If the knicks get to pick 2nd idk wether to take barrett or morant. Im leaning towards morant they havent had a dominant pg that can drive and pass the ball in years. But at the same time if we miss out on durant we can always get kemba...

    Sparkz2718Sparkz2718Yil oldin
  • I’ve heard about him so much so I went and checked his stats Bruh this mans is averaging 24 and 10 on 54 percent from the field 34 from 3 and 80 from the ft line

    TeeJay TVTeeJay TVYil oldin
    • I like

      Odell ScottOdell ScottYil oldin
    • the jury is still out on zion's impact in the nba. if he is going successful, i believe it will take some time (YRS) cause he is a tweener and needs to work on alot on his perimeter game.(undersized inside)no big names will come wherever he is drafted cause of him

      David ChandlerDavid ChandlerYil oldin
    • i think they want more than just that pick for AD

      David ChandlerDavid ChandlerYil oldin
    • @Blackman Whitesuit if zion goes to knicks the marquee players will follow. Lebron never thought twice about heading to the Knicks . No supporting cast for him then it was a no go You are witness the remnants of what it would have been like if Lebron was with the Knicks with the latest turn of events in LA and his finger pointing

      quality333quality333Yil oldin
    • @quality333 I have this weird Patrick Ewing feeling with Zion. It almost feels no matter what Zion is going to the Knicks (like Lebron to the Cavs). I don't think the trade happens unless Kyrie/KD commits to NY before. Draft day trades are always my favorite thing, because they throw wrenches in everything. I haven't been following the NBA since 1967, but I'm a pretty involved fan now.

      Blackman WhitesuitBlackman WhitesuitYil oldin
  • oh no no

    Heldon JohnsonHeldon JohnsonYil oldin
    • ?

      Armed TitaniumArmed TitaniumYil oldin
  • Can't wait to see De'Aron Fox vs Ja Morant next season.

    J PizelJ PizelYil oldin
  • I’d draft him no.1

    Ari Tha starAri Tha starYil oldin
  • Very nice writing and analysis, bruh...keep up the good work!

    ian mentkenian mentkenYil oldin
    • I appreciate it! Thanks for watching.

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • Look like spurs PG murry

    jose milojose miloYil oldin
  • I’m a Jaliever Knicks at 2 take him over Barret I think 🤔

    C HC HYil oldin
    • it could be one yr rental, if he doesnt sign an extension, then it's not worth it at all

      David ChandlerDavid ChandlerYil oldin
    • merltoinette' what you feeling on DSJ? And does that change your opinion on who we should draft?

      C HC HYil oldin
    • C H lmao perfectly put.. kyrie annoying ass really affecting our rebuild bruh. Give me tatum or zion and a new future it's a win win for me. I'm legit tired of this AD drama just go home let us tank and move on.

      merltoinette'merltoinette'Yil oldin
    • merltoinette' I think they lookin to rebuild so they look to trade Jrue

      C HC HYil oldin
    • merltoinette' I don’t think they trade AD to Knicks unless they already have the #1 pick and we get# 2 or we get the number one and honestly unless I know KD and Kyrie are definitely coming I don’t trade all those assets for AD

      C HC HYil oldin
  • Oochie Wally

    A LA LYil oldin
  • I think he is k... Nothing special... Think he Will end up having value like Jeff Teague or mby (cant remember what Milwaukee guard is named) but something like that

    Martin MikkelsenMartin MikkelsenYil oldin
  • Listen to 1:28 OH MY GOD!!!

    Summers Time EntertainmentSummers Time EntertainmentYil oldin
  • Keep that cole beat in the back the entire time

    EastDirectionEastDirectionYil oldin
  • Black mamba style and the vision

    more Mmore MYil oldin
  • Grew up in Dalzell, SC....happy for him. Go Ja!!

    Lorraine EbronLorraine EbronYil oldin
    • Yep both top picks from sc

      Phillip rollePhillip rolleYil oldin
    • Man sc got talent. I love it.

      King T.Y.King T.Y.Yil oldin
  • He's going to be one of the best players in the entire NBA! I'm calling it now!!!

    cyber6sapiencyber6sapienYil oldin
    • lmao the kid almost ruined Anthony Davis's career in his rookie year

      Lost ProductionsLost Productions6 oy oldin
    • Ok he get 30 points vs uncle dreww

      IZXENIZXENYil oldin
    • way to go out on a limb

      roberto5red5rockyroberto5red5rockyYil oldin
    • Facts kids got the it factor

      soiceygoon 87soiceygoon 87Yil oldin
  • Waiting for zion and this kid clash

  • Ja Morant’s awesome. I remember he always wins 6th man of the year in 2K.

    World Wide WrestlingWorld Wide WrestlingYil oldin
  • Def my new fav player

    Andrew LeeAndrew LeeYil oldin
  • Where do you think Ja Morant will end up in this year's draft? As of now, it seems like he could go as high as #2 overall. I'd love to see him go to a team like Chicago to help revive the franchise. They have a great young core in LaVine, Markkanen, and Wendell Carter, and are just missing that last player to tie everything together. Thanks for watching! Please don't forget to drop a like and Subscribe. Remember to turn on post notifications so you don't miss any new content! Twitter: Instagram:

    TriceTriceYil oldin
    • As long as he goes to the right team. Seems like he has tremendous work ethic. Especially going to a small school. Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman,etc... path. Ain't no shame going that way. Thanks for vid, I was just trying brush up my knowledge on him.

      Dante LarneyDante LarneyYil oldin
    • Trice great video bro . The kid is amazing reminds of a more athletic Deangelo Russel , with the herky jerky stop and go’s and the ability to see passes before they are there . As athletic as he is , he is smoothe . He will be a top 5 pick butttt I think Barret and Zion physically are a little more ready to play in the NBA and Reddish name may carry more weight especially if Duke does really well in the tourney . Pick 4-6 seem like where he will land .

      Top Flight TrainingTop Flight TrainingYil oldin
    • he should go to the Suns instead

      Andy YanAndy YanYil oldin
    • Ja Morant translates in english to Welcome to Chicago you are now a Chicago Bull. Well thats what the rosetta stone says it translates too.

      Anthony AliAnthony AliYil oldin
    • I wouldn't mind seeing Morant in the back court with Zach Lavine.. If the Bulls don't get Zion, that is.

      T. RizboneT. RizboneYil oldin
  • Amazing video💯 love your channel

    • I appreciate it!

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • I remember watching his highs school highlights years ago.... I was like how did he not have more offers? And here he is now!

    Noah LivingstonNoah LivingstonYil oldin
  • second

    shay richardsonshay richardsonYil oldin
  • Welcome back 🐐

    Jullius.Jullius.Yil oldin