The Reason the New Clippers are Scaring EVERY Team in the League

6-Iyl, 2019
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In the biggest move of the NBA off-season, the Los Angeles Clippers were able to bring in two All-NBA players, one being 2x Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard and the other being MVP finalist Paul George. Now with three first team All-Defense selections on the same team, including arguably the best on-ball defender in Patrick Beverly, we could be witnessing one of the greatest defensive teams of all time being put together right before our eyes.
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  • They choked and Doc Rivers got fired smh😂😂😂

    • It's not even considering the fact that the Clippers completely mortgaged their future, trading SGA and FIVE first round picks for Paul George. I get that they looked at it like they were trading for Kawhi and PG but they can opt out at the end of 2021.

      Swagg BoySwagg BoyOy oldin
  • hahahahahhaha this shit aint aged well lmao

    Nalla Dlanor GomezNalla Dlanor GomezOy oldin
  • Well, this didnt last too long

    Jeriel TiuJeriel TiuOy oldin
  • Overated garbage team lol

    j mj m2 oy oldin
    • Too far down in the comments. But I'm just going to laugh so loud at all these comments.

      Iconic671Iconic6712 oy oldin
  • They lost to nuggets lmao #lakers2020champs

    TRU No limitTRU No limit2 oy oldin
  • Damn that's sad. Their defense was trash against Nuggets. They'll comeback next year.

    don dadadon dada2 oy oldin
  • They're more likely to get crossed

    Saac LaVineSaac LaVine5 oy oldin
  • I’ve been a fan them when Chauncey billlups was a part of there team and I never gave up on them shit they will always be my hometown team GO CLIPPERS ❤️

    Wesley CastroWesley Castro6 oy oldin
  • it's like an old words, "Defense is the great Offense"

    Just a normal dude from A normal countryJust a normal dude from A normal country11 oy oldin
  • The Clippers are still a good defensive team but the Lakers are now the Number one defensive team

    Rebecca 145Rebecca 145Yil oldin
  • Who's here after Clip took down the Lakers in the opener?

    prazertvprazertvYil oldin
  • Nice insights, LA Derby will be so much fun to watch this season!

    A Master FishingA Master FishingYil oldin
  • Clips have no low post d

    The GoatThe GoatYil oldin
  • This yrs lakers champ. Beleve me.couse Ld & ad

    Boy LeyteBoy LeyteYil oldin
  • Wit paul at the 3 and kawhi at the 4 lebron bouta fuck over paul george like always and anthony davis gon dominate k in the paint and davis van shoot too yall can think clippers the best team in LA but we aint seen shit yet

    313 Booman313 BoomanYil oldin
    • Jon Wayne Lol not happening

      Jake LittlejohnJake LittlejohnYil oldin
  • I just saw Beverley's sticky defense on Harden and now I know the Clippers are dangerous.

    FishbowlFishbowlYil oldin
  • They could've added Avery Bradley and Dwight, giving them even more defensive depth in the guards and center positions.

    Shu Wing LeungShu Wing LeungYil oldin
  • Its not that scary.. as a raptors fan

    FreeMind CanadaFreeMind CanadaYil oldin
  • "The Reason the New Clippers are Scaring EVERY Team in the League" pool manly looking family members?

    Security OfficerSecurity OfficerYil oldin
  • the clippers been beating lakers for the last 5 years

    Justin TranJustin TranYil oldin
  • Do not forget duvac

    edwin solanoedwin solanoYil oldin
  • Oh man. This season is right around the corner. So exciting. Gonna be the best year in like ten.

    SpidermanSpidermanYil oldin
  • Keep this in mind back when they was winning champs the chi bulls had 2 top notch defense of players mj & pippen plus one of the best coach's ever now clippers got one of the best coach's ever To Doc rivers. Paul & Kawhi can give you 30+ points or more in Patrick/Martrell a lock down threat From the system in players the clippers is set to win the championship Jerry west build this team off chemistry hard work & defense. when the last time we saw 2 top notch defense of players who can give you 30 in more 👂👂👂👂👂👂👂👂👂👂👂👂👂👂I'll Wait Who go stop Them clippers Boyz 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    Sky MasterSky MasterYil oldin
  • Goldenstate warriors will put them out the playoffs #facts#

    Deandrea HarrisDeandrea HarrisYil oldin
  • Clips should have a deep playoff run with all that defensive ability. Rockets and Jazz will be tough to get through

    Tony CornersTony CornersYil oldin
  • Yea but you got to understand that shia and Danilo gallinari was there so dont for get that shit

    mike kaymike kayYil oldin
  • The Clippers have a deeper bench and way better defense, and yet there’s idiots out there who think the Lakers will be a better team 😂

    J.A. EvangelistaJ.A. EvangelistaYil oldin
  • It’s no fukn way this team beats a fully healthy lakers team

    Johnny BravoJohnny BravoYil oldin
  • Clippers look good but they won't out rebound or assists the Lakers.. The bench will determine who wins.. Lakers bench is Beast! LN4E!

    Fernando OntiverosFernando OntiverosYil oldin
    • Clippers had the 3rd best bench in the league. Also the highest scoring bench in the league. Lakers dont even have any chemistry.

      lloganmusiclloganmusicYil oldin
  • PG and KL is very nice players...

    elyjun ramoselyjun ramosYil oldin
  • Kawhi hate superteam

    BeeBee ReynoldsBeeBee ReynoldsYil oldin
  • This not a superteam

    BeeBee ReynoldsBeeBee ReynoldsYil oldin
  • Man take this dumb shit down 😂😂😂😂😂😂 who TF IS SCARED OF THE CLIPPERS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂SAME PAT BEV THAT MADE KD DROP WHAT ON HIS PUNK ASS. I SWEAR WE TRIED TO GUARD HIM 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂foh with this bullshitt

    Capello JonesCapello JonesYil oldin
  • I don’t care what video come out #jamesgang #lakernation

    Anthony WattsAnthony WattsYil oldin
  • The Clippers are going to be scary great.

    Patrick LeePatrick LeeYil oldin
  • This team vs the stacked gsw teams in seven game series would have been a battle for the ages. Defensive super team that has scorers vs offensive super team that plays defense.

    far in betweenfar in betweenYil oldin
  • Nobody Paul George Kawhi Leonard you name it none of them. LeBron James and Anthony Davis are you kidding me I don’t care how there’s no way you could stop LeBron James from getting to the basket if he wants to and Anthony Davis good luck nobody on that team can stop Anthony Davis The only thing they could do a slow them down but they’ll never stop them goood luck!!!

    TJ SchottsTJ SchottsYil oldin
    • what superstars players has ever stop another superstar players the key is to get a key stop stupid and the game is played 5 v 5 not 2 v 2 i swear yall dumb lakers fans

      Jeff LaforestJeff LaforestYil oldin
  • Final Raptors Clippers Raptotrs in 6 Go Raps

    Isaac SemerjianIsaac SemerjianYil oldin
  • I knew Kawhi wasn't built like that and jump on a super team or go to the LeBron James Team

    Toriepic BrassToriepic BrassYil oldin
  • This about to look like something we haven’t seen since the mid-00s Pistons 👀🔥🏆 all they’re missing is Ben Wallace

    Chaldo1000Chaldo1000Yil oldin
  • Clippers were already scary last season... almost 50 wins without an all-star... wounded the GSW with 2 losses.. and then they added Kawhi + PG13 next season like WTF????

    The Man Who LaughThe Man Who LaughYil oldin
  • 1:44 look at this defense play this is one of the MAIN reason he's so important to teams

    YungNandoYungNandoYil oldin
  • Definitely a force to reckon with but there's reservations against the Lakers.

    Thomas ThomasThomas ThomasYil oldin
  • Hell no!

    Amelia Love Harris ReedAmelia Love Harris ReedYil oldin
  • you are witnessing the 08 boston Celtics all over again..

    The CriticThe CriticYil oldin
    • I red about 5000 comments, and this is the only one that makes sense

      Marko LoncarevicMarko LoncarevicYil oldin
  • Yall gonna be talking about the other Rookie Terance Mann!!! Just wait!

    Esteblazin MusicEsteblazin MusicYil oldin
  • In 2019-2020, much of NBA offensive team had to ready been CLIPPED by CLIPPERS defensive mentality stars. Could not wait for NBA to begin their first game 👏👏👏🏀🏀🏀 and if Kawhi shown again as finals MVP & champs again for 3rd time, he would be in modern NBA era of GOAT conversation.

    GuitarTablatureSkillGuitarTablatureSkillYil oldin
  • Great sports analysis 💯

    J RJ RYil oldin
    • Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for watching.

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • Unfortunately Lakers is the face of L.A and even if the Clips win a championship they won't be able to erase the fact that the Lakers has been the face of this city for a long time and conquer it all, but seriously Clips have the best lineup compare to the previous seasons they had been b4.

    Adriel SantosAdriel SantosYil oldin
  • LAC will allow just 95 points per game

    Jonathan FrimermanJonathan FrimermanYil oldin
  • Clippers want to start Landry Shamet at 2-Guard. 😀😀😀 That means Paul George at the 4-spot, TOO LITTLE !!!

    DeAndre PageDeAndre PageYil oldin
  • Interior Defense is soft as hell. 😀😀 Use big point guards against the L.A. Clippers = at least 6'5, can see over the top of the defense.

    DeAndre PageDeAndre PageYil oldin
  • The lil Clippers are going to be good and fun to watch, but the have no interior defense. Teams like Lakers and Sixers will eat them up.

    Steven MolinaSteven MolinaYil oldin
  • Great vid, great points, great flow and nice clip selection and arrangement.

    Motivated by DemekioMotivated by DemekioYil oldin
    • I appreciate that! Thanks for watching.

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • Lakers in 5

    aaronjaiehopeeaaronjaiehopeeYil oldin
  • lets begin the game !!1 so wil! know whos the freaking best team lakers or clippers!!! i guess lakers has more edge than clippers

    cris leopandocris leopandoYil oldin
  • LA Clampers!

    zack16zack16Yil oldin
  • Just like the 04 pistons but, with two premier superstars yikes

    triplejisttriplejistYil oldin
  • This team is going to be worst than people think, then media will make it seem like they was skeptical about all along. Last year nobody gave a fuck about the Clippers. Now even teams like Chicago and Cavs will be coming for their neck. It's never fun when the hunter becomes the hunted.

    BigKing17BigKing17Yil oldin
  • Kwahi and P George Can they stay healthy doesnt have backup..

    Eduardo SantiagoEduardo SantiagoYil oldin
  • This year playoffs are gona be fun Kd-kyrie , Harden-Russ , Klaw-PG , Curry - Klay , ❤️ Lbj-Davis

    sidardth sidhusidardth sidhuYil oldin
  • Nobody cares about the Clippers in LA it is all about the lakers. Kawhi could have been King of the North and now he is a peasant in the South in LA . It is laughable the Sports media is trying to build up this LA rivalry. The bench of the Clippers was decimated and they gave many draft picks for an aging star in George just to satisfy Kawhi. Kawhi will leave the Clippers in 2 years just like he did the Spurs and Raptors. It is all about him and he could care less about anyone else.

    John KostasJohn KostasYil oldin
  • offense is the best defense. we'll see how this guys can stop ad,dc,lbj 😂

    larry hilariolarry hilarioYil oldin
  • Kabengele!!!!💜🖤🔴🇺🇸

    ax c.Yil oldin
  • As a Raps fan Kawhi certainly has the capabilities to lead the Clippers to glory. Coming off one of the greatest playoff performances of all time.. he’s still hot.

    K PK PYil oldin
  • Stop the fkn madness but you”ll say they lakers may not have chemistry these bums will never run LA turn in your lame sss show

    Flint JardeenFlint JardeenYil oldin
  • Doc Rivers coaching dominant defenders...

    Andrew MAndrew MYil oldin
  • you forgot about zubac being top 5% in the league in defense around the paint.....weve never seen a team this stacked defensively

    Cody WilliamsCody WilliamsYil oldin
  • They not scaring nobody 😂😂😂

    DBZ DendaiDBZ DendaiYil oldin
  • Great video bro I made a video about the clippers defense as well if anyone wants to check it out

  • Playing these dudes next year is like playing 3 lockdown defenders at the park 😂😂 not fair. This is gonna be one of the most exciting NBA seasons ever

    Mj RTVMj RTVYil oldin
  • They need marc gasol

    khangai Davaakhangai DavaaYil oldin
  • No mention of Landry Shamet having wide open 3s next year

    kjn311kjn311Yil oldin
  • Your forgetting zubac as rim defender,he had hella blocks when on lakers,he’s next up.

    nathan bainnathan bainYil oldin
    • His stats showed he was top 5 in the league in the paint, there scary on D

      Cody WilliamsCody WilliamsYil oldin
  • This team is cursed, they won't win anything until they move out of LA, doc couldn't get it done with CP3 and Blake griffin and he won't do anything with Kawhi and PG

    brittany murphybrittany murphyYil oldin
    • You got it right!

      Iconic671Iconic6712 oy oldin
  • perimeter defense is insane but they are weak in the 4 and 5 positions.

    JAQJAQYil oldin
  • 2019-2020 regular season. Cant wait to see this Super defensive team 💪💪💞💞

    Still A traineeStill A traineeYil oldin
  • 67-15

    Will JonesWill JonesYil oldin
  • If Kawhi wins a championship with the Clippers and give two teams their first championship, then he's in the GOAT conversation.

    C4ZeroC4ZeroYil oldin
    • @Cody Williams do you still think he’s better than LeBron? Lol 😂

      Just Another1Just Another129 kun oldin
    • I love Kawhi but he is not in the goat conversation.

      6 Ring Nation6 Ring Nation2 oy oldin
    • He will never be firmly in the conversation but he will be more in the conversation than he is now. 3 times would prove he is a winner

      Ashley Winston GeorgeAshley Winston George6 oy oldin
    • I really like Kawhi, but he lacks stats and regular season mvps

      TEPMTEPMYil oldin
    • @Cody Williams when his Spurs what happen to him lbj murdered him man

      jayr Belgajayr BelgaYil oldin
  • You can tell how much someone cares about basketball, based on how hard they go on defense.

    C4ZeroC4ZeroYil oldin
  • PG was on route to be defensive player of the year until he got hurt

    OsasOsasYil oldin
  • Why is everybody making it seem like the clippers haven't been running LA? The clippers have been way better than the lakers for the last 6 or 7 seasons

    Joseph MartinezJoseph MartinezYil oldin
    • Not this season. Lakers 2020 NBA Champions

      Swagg BoySwagg BoyOy oldin
  • Lol, lebron gonna be switching from pat bev to PG then wants another switch, then gets switched onto kawhi. The clipper Are gonna have the best perimeter defence in the league by far.

    JamesJamesYil oldin
  • I'm really not sure about Lakers beating this team. Those are the only 2 teams in the west that matter. Houston is going to get stomped & nobody else is offensively gifted as the Lakers to even stand up to the Clippers. In fact Nobody on the west can take the clippers in 7 games except MAYBE the Lakers and they have to play lights out. Other teams do not and I repeat do not have a team of guys that can hit shots under pressure. The Lakers have 3 unguardable guys that are still going to have a tough time against the clippers. Over on the east Kyrie is not taking Brooklyn anywhere .. Philly is just going to overpower everyone. Don't give me that bucks shit. This season Ben Simmons is going to get MVP and its going to shock the world. Can they beat whoever comes out west? Absolutely fucking not. Warriors are going to get their asses handed to them by the Jazz I promise you. Philly vs Clippers or Lakers in the finals. Jimmy is going to get the heat to the playoffs and have his best season. Spurs will have their worst season in franchise history. Pelicans are going to be surprisingly a playoff team. Good first round exit. Celtics are actually going to be even better because kemba isn't a alpha even though he can drop 60 if asked to. Detroit is going to surprise people. But overall it comes down to the battle of los Angeles period. Los Angeles is going to 4 peat both teams taking turns winning titles the next 4 years.

    Education TruthEducation TruthYil oldin
  • Clippers and Jazz are the best two teams in the league. Both have top 5 defenses and top 5-10 offenses on paper. The Clippers have three 20 PPG scorers (Kawhi 26, PG 28, Lou Will 20), the Jazz basically have three 20 PPG scorers as well (Mitchell 24, Conley 21, Bogdanovic 18). Both teams are deep in talent. Both teams have good coaches. These are the teams to beat. If I had to bet I'd say one of them wins it all next season.

    1 Survivor1 SurvivorYil oldin
    • 3-1 leads

      Runitup CraigRunitup CraigOy oldin
  • They'll be good on defense. Probably top 5 in the NBA on D. Their perimeter defense with Kawhi, PG and Pat Bev will be very strong. But one thing they still lack is some size and defense inside, some rim protection. Zubac and Harrell are both average defenders at best and neither are intimidating defensively. Some teams will be able to do work at the rim. For that reason I think calling them a defensive superteam is a stretch. I think teams like Utah and Philly led by the rim protection of Gobert and Embiid will have better defenses.

    1 Survivor1 SurvivorYil oldin
  • It’s literally just a great duo with a great defensive team. Bronsexuals wants to push the narrative of other people having super team too, but in reality, he did it when Dwayne Wade was still a top 5 player, Chris Bosh top 5 PF & Kevin Love was a top 5 PF as well, at a time where no one is forming that type of team with cash & tears. 🤷‍♂️

    DeathDeathYil oldin
  • Remember: Offense wins tickets but Defense wins a championship! But a Defense with Offense will win both.

    Limitedly UnlimitedLimitedly UnlimitedYil oldin
    • 😅😂😃😀😄🤣😁😆

      Just Another1Just Another129 kun oldin
  • Only health will prevent the Clippers from winning it all. I look at it like this...this is basically the same team that took a healthy GS team to 6 games in the 1st round. IF KL and PG miss games they will find a way to win, believe that! #LAOurWay

    J GJ GYil oldin
    • Well well

  • Bad boy Clippers

    STASH AnimationsSTASH AnimationsYil oldin
  • Bruh their defense is overrated. They def have the best perimeter defense but imagine lakers vs clippers and it’s gonna be AD and boogie vs Zubac and montrez. Zubac is a decent rim protector but I’ve watched him many of times he gets bullied. Montrez is a beast but I’m sorry he is an undersized center and would get bullied by Demarcus.

    c moneyc moneyYil oldin
  • Doc has a younger big 3

    Dione SteelDione SteelYil oldin
  • Didn't know about mo harckless nor the draf pick. Thanks

    cabeza de pancabeza de panYil oldin
  • If All Star teams were voted for based on defense alone, Kawhi, PG and Bev would all be starters... so this is definitely a defensive super team.

    Goat ManGoat ManYil oldin
    • Pat Bev got snubbed from All Defense this year.... a damn shame.

      K WK WYil oldin
    • Dont forget about Zubac

      Cody WilliamsCody WilliamsYil oldin
  • you know who is champions the Toronto raptors and why do you have a picture of kawhi yelling in a clippers jersey he's never played a game in a clippers jersey neither has paul George the clippers won't make it out of the west you americans are just full of yourself you didn't say anything when he was on the raptors

    Nate sports fanaticNate sports fanaticYil oldin
  • ...gurantee they don't finish in the top 3 in the west...and they will be bounced out of the 1st or 2nd rd of the playoff...patrick beverly is over rated as a defender same as kawhi...and pg13 doesn't stay healthy...kawhi and pg13 miss a lot of games during the other than lou williams they don't have a strong bench...kawhi and pg13 wont be able to stop lebron and A.D. and kuzma and dont say that beverly could guard kuzma cause he cant...spurs have a great team that nobody is paying attention does the jazz blazers nuggets lakers rockets dallas will surprise a lot of teams and the Timberwolves too forgot about the pelicans...the clippers don't have a strong team...i doubt other teams are scared of the clippers

    spursfan17 spursfan17spursfan17 spursfan17Yil oldin
    • @Earthbound Dito ...your right...exactly what i was thinking about the clippers...

      spursfan17 spursfan17spursfan17 spursfan17Yil oldin
    • spursfan17 spursfan17 this clownery

      Earthbound DitoEarthbound DitoYil oldin
  • Defensive super team.. I like that... And defense lead to a championship, took NBA long enough to finally have a defense super team.

    Chris YuChris YuYil oldin
    • Imagine Rudy Gobert on the team 😟!!

      David DDavid D9 oy oldin
    • Or else they will be call Detroit Defenses superteam not the Bad boys

      Chris YuChris YuYil oldin
    • @Andrew Dickson Lao they weren't really a defense superteam, they just foul really really hard ! Lol

      Chris YuChris YuYil oldin
    • The detroit bad boys was a defense super team

      Andrew Dickson LaoAndrew Dickson LaoYil oldin
  • Idgaf I better see Lou will in the all star game this coming season over dame dollar for getting swept without KD.

    genaro dacayanangenaro dacayananYil oldin
    • Lou is good. Dame is the second best PG in the league though.

      Wordz GaddafiWordz GaddafiYil oldin
  • As a Raptors I thank Kawhi for the championship but man oh man I'm liking that it's no big 3 or super team for the 2019-2020 and I see the clippers making it deep through the playoffs and eventually finals who knows

    MajorFactsMajorFactsYil oldin
  • this team reminds me the pistons bad boys in the 90's when it comes to defense

    ugay fankzugay fankzYil oldin