The NBA's Next International Star? A Closer Look at Sekou Doumbouya

13-Iyn, 2019
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Sekou Doumbouya may not be receiving all the same hype as his 2019 NBA Draft classmates, but if you take a closer look at his game, you'll see why NBA teams are moving him up their draft boards! At 6'9, he has the athletic ability to guard multiple positions and can push the ball in transition as well as any big man prospect in the draft. He has all the tools to be a an important piece on any franchise and if he continues to put in the work, we could see the rise of the NBA's next international star!
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    TriceTriceYil oldin
  • As a french, I really appreciate this video! This dude might become a real beast!

    MrNeegmalMrNeegmal10 oy oldin
  • So far in the G-league he’s been shooting 38% from 3 and averaging 17 a game. Pretty good for an 18 year old

    detroit4life1000detroit4life100011 oy oldin
  • What is the first instrumental it's on the tip of my tongue

    Noah AndersonNoah AndersonYil oldin
    • Welcome to the family bro.🙏🏻

      TriceTriceYil oldin
    • @Trice wow wasn't sure you'd respond, thanks man! Subscribed 👍

      Noah AndersonNoah AndersonYil oldin
    • The first instrumental is ATM by JCole. I always list the beats in the description of you ever want to know. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • I'm a Bulls fan... And a Rose fan... Given that always had respect for Blake and Drummond... Looking forward for the Piston's - Bad Boys 2.0 - play hard and let your balling do the talking. No glitz, no glammer, just pound the ring and defend hard.

    c0smicwaveriderc0smicwaveriderYil oldin
  • Detroit Vs Everybody! Let's it get Pistons!

    Rychard SheltonRychard SheltonYil oldin
  • D Rose, Sekou, Blake, Markieff, Drummond and Reggie. Let's get it Detroit 💪

    Wallis BottomWallis BottomYil oldin
  • Sekou won’t be a star just average I can tell because when he starts getting tired you can clearly tell he’s ready to sit down but look at giannis or other all stars when they get tired it’s like they fight their body to keep pushing

    • He did decent this season, let’s see and wait

      Autos N Cards_45Autos N Cards_455 oy oldin
  • Teach him the Hakeem shake

    James WillisJames WillisYil oldin
  • I was wanting Boston to pick this guy up because he still have a hole at the PF position and I think he could have been a perfect fit! Great on both ends of the floor and runs in transition, his 3pt shot shows promos as well...plays more like a role player as well which is nice

    OKC CelticsOKC CelticsYil oldin
  • Funny because I always thought Sekou reminded me of both Giannis and Pascal Siakam

    OKC CelticsOKC CelticsYil oldin
  • If he trains with Blake Griffin, his 3pt percentage will go up. Blake was phenomanal at the 3 this year.

    Toua VueToua VueYil oldin
  • I know hes only 18 but the thing that concerns me is his slight n thin shoulders which sometimes corralates to good shot blocker,decent defender but not very good offensively..hope I'm wrong

    Ziggy MarrZiggy MarrYil oldin
  • Lets hope so, Welcome to Detroit young fella. Good video as well my guy.

    Best life with family 2012 !Best life with family 2012 !Yil oldin
    • Appreciate it! Thanks for watching.

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • Glad he feel to us at #15 didn’t think he would make it too us

    Angel DejesusAngel DejesusYil oldin
  • Wow, A new hope has come to Detroit. Thank you Washington and Atlanta.

    Advice GiantAdvice GiantYil oldin
  • No. 15 TO THE pistons

    the last familythe last familyYil oldin
  • Go Pistons!

    Shannon K.Shannon K.Yil oldin
  • Now he's a Detroit Pistons..I'm so happy right now

    Chef Chris SmithChef Chris SmithYil oldin
  • Raaahh notre bro jusqu'à la finn

    ThePepso002 pepsiThePepso002 pepsiYil oldin
  • He is a Pistons we got a steal.

    drae408drae408Yil oldin
  • Welcome to Detroit!

    Devon PetersDevon PetersYil oldin
  • Welcome to the D

    Douglas JamesDouglas JamesYil oldin

    wbexclusivewbexclusiveYil oldin
    • wbexclusive the next Scott Sterling

      Yo Da Man :Tell Me This They DoYo Da Man :Tell Me This They DoYil oldin
  • COME TO THE WIZARDS...or Coby white

    Robert LaneRobert LaneYil oldin
    • Coby’s a baller!

      Autos N Cards_45Autos N Cards_455 oy oldin
  • He has the talent but he's very raw. For every highlight you see there are four or five lowlights that you won't find on YT. He's got a long way to go. But the physical profile, athleticism and natural ability is there. He's very comparable to Siakam. It's just a matter of whether he can reach that same level. Siakam put in a ton of work. Sekou will need too.

    1 Survivor1 SurvivorYil oldin
    • No doubt he is very raw! All gonna come down to how much work he's willing to put in to develop his game! Thanks for watching.

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • HEATNATION 🔥 🔥 🔥

    Yhb TayYhb TayYil oldin
  • He’d look nice in a Wizards jersey

    Be2BeastlyBe2BeastlyYil oldin
    • Be2Beastly how bout a pistons

      FTCFTCYil oldin
  • Hawks need to make it happen!!

    Tyler H.Tyler H.Yil oldin
  • Pascal playing great in the finals should definitely help this man's stock ris because you right about their similarities.

    NubaStyle UrbanWearNubaStyle UrbanWearYil oldin
    • I have a feeling the Pelicans will draft him at 4

      Tyler H.Tyler H.Yil oldin
    • Exactly. I feel like he'll fill that versatile big man role that teams need to contend. Every good team has someone like that who can guard multiple positions and push the ball off a rebound.

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • I'd like to see the Pistons draft him, but it's a unlikely. 😏

    BBall GriotBBall GriotYil oldin
    • Ha!

      James WillisJames WillisYil oldin
    • Pistons got him at 15

    • Loud Pack You commented that he’d be the next Scott Sterling? WOW, it’s amazing we both had the same thought!

      Yo Da Man :Tell Me This They DoYo Da Man :Tell Me This They DoYil oldin
    • Bro I commented the same shit on a video of him working out 2 weeks ago

      Loud PackLoud PackYil oldin
    • BBall Griot he will be the next Scott Sterling!!!!!!

      Yo Da Man :Tell Me This They DoYo Da Man :Tell Me This They DoYil oldin
  • His nickname should be Booyeah!

    Hi KevinHi KevinYil oldin
    • Dr. Doum

      GmoneyincGmoneyinc10 oy oldin
    • L

      Abdu UgasAbdu UgasYil oldin
    • Shout-out Teen Titans lol

      TriceTriceYil oldin
    • I got another one... He’s going Sekou mode... like sicko mode, No? Ok.

      Hi KevinHi KevinYil oldin
  • Keep it up man

    ForgivenForgivenYil oldin
    • Appreciate it bro. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTriceYil oldin