The Life of an NCAA Basketball Player- Trice High- I Prom1se Ep.1

11-May, 2018
5 103 Ko‘rishlar soni

A college athlete goes through many ups and downs over the course of a season. This series will follow the journey of an NCAA student athlete as he travels across the country to school in hopes of becoming a better player.
Beats: JR Spliff- Dranks
Luke White- GKMC
The Geek- Way of Love
Luke White- Jet
7th Letter Beats- In My Head
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Produced and Narrated by Trice High
Edited and Filmed by Baha Blessed
Trice High CSU Sophomore Highlights:
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God bless!

  • Episode 2 has just been released! Check it out here:

    TriceTrice2 yil oldin
  • What division do u play in?

    amanuel boyamanuel boyYil oldin
    • Division III.

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • I rock with this episode keep em coming out I'm doing the same thing keep telling your story

    Skill DoctorSkill Doctor2 yil oldin
    • Skill Doctor Definitely.🤘

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
    • TH13beast yeah man we might need to do some work together one day

      Skill DoctorSkill Doctor2 yil oldin
    • For sure, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Episode 2 beginning to be in the works. Thanks for watching.

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
  • Episode 2 please, exellent video!

    Jesus LopezJesus Lopez2 yil oldin
    • Episode 2 is out now!

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
    • Glad you enjoyed it. Episode 2 is in the works now! Thanks for watching.

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
  • Could you put out a ball handling workout?

    Forever HumbleForever Humble2 yil oldin
  • Every video you make is dopeeeeee 🔥

    Forever HumbleForever Humble2 yil oldin
    • Forever Humble Glad you enjoy them. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
  • I relate to this so much I went through the same thing for my freshman year of high school towards the end I started to finally play like me

    Jeremy JollyJeremy Jolly2 yil oldin
    • I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's amazing how much you can accomplish by changing your mindset. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
  • Glad to see the video doing well

    Blessed CinemaBlessed Cinema2 yil oldin
  • Keep working bro, it'll pay off. I was a freshman playing at a d2 school till injuries and off court stuff caught up with me. Made a short video bout it on my channel. Great stuff tho, this series has some real potential. God bless.

    • I appreciate the comment bro. Glad you enjoyed it! God bless.

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
  • This is awesome! Great work!

    Dwayne GoforthDwayne Goforth2 yil oldin
  • Respected 🏀

    Chosen HoopsChosen Hoops2 yil oldin
    • KING NATE Appreciate it bro. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
  • What school do you play for?

    ilovemanunitedilovemanunited2 yil oldin
    • Clarks Summit University. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
  • More more more!

    Tanner HechtTanner Hecht2 yil oldin
    • Stay tuned...Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for watching.

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
  • I hope you guys enjoy this series. Please share it with friends and on social media to help spread the series. This has a ton of potential and the fastest way it will grow is through you! Thanks for watching. God bless!

    TriceTrice2 yil oldin
    • TH13beast thank you so much man. I’ll be sure to do so.

      Austin 73Austin 732 yil oldin
    • Austin 73 My social media and other contact info is in the "About" section on my channel. I'd love to connect and answer any questions you have if you reach out to me! Thanks for watching.

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
    • TH13beast hey bro huge fan. I’m looking to do the impossible praying the Lord has the same for me. I’m 18 and I’m going to train my butt off to get on the community college team(they’re really good) in hopes I can eventually make it D1. I just want to ball bro. D3, D2, wherever the Lord wills me. Is there any way I could contact you? If not it’s all good. I just would really appreciate any advice or help. Especially from a brother in the Lord.

      Austin 73Austin 732 yil oldin
  • I say this competes with devin in the lab

    Jonathan ZJonathan Z2 yil oldin
    • I appreciate that! Glad you enjoyed it.

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
  • Great upload!!! Series got major potential! - Btw this SuperTruth lol

    AyoTruthAyoTruth2 yil oldin
    • Appreciate it! Thanks for watching.

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
  • Thanks! It’s been forvever since the original preview

    Noah LivingstonNoah Livingston2 yil oldin
    • I know, we put a ton of work into it and restructured how it was set up a few times so it took longer than expected. Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin