The Incredible Bol Bol: A Prospect the NBA Has Never Seen

15-Mar, 2019
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Considered a top 5 pick before an injury cut his freshman season at Oregon short, Bol Bol is a prospect unlike anything the NBA has ever seen. He's a 7'3 player that can shoot from deep, handle the ball better than any 7 footer should, and protect the rim with his 7'8 wingspan. There are a ton of question marks surrounding how his game will translate to the NBA, but if he can continue to develop his current skills, we could see a once in a generation type of player.
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    TriceTriceYil oldin
    • Admin can you make some video highlights of mr .KAI SOTTO from philippines a 16 yr old boy with 7"2 in height Tnx.

      tosloBOWA paris-PosotosloBOWA paris-PosoYil oldin
    • If he has his pops heart the weight thing ain't no issue I remember when my grandpa would have his pops over when he was the athletic director at Bridgeport U he was way skinny 7'7" like 180 he got up to 200 by the draft lol .

      Junior LovellJunior LovellYil oldin
  • Lol the nuggets got him in the second round

    Lol LolLol Lol6 oy oldin
  • a lesser version of kevin durant what a steal DN

    Karen BlackmanKaren BlackmanYil oldin
  • He is far too slow to be a guard

    Ching-Ping Wing-DingChing-Ping Wing-DingYil oldin
  • BolBol should focus on Body strengthening . I hope his future is not the likelihood. That happen to Patrick Ewing who suffered early injury ... But still Goodluck u have a wonderful carreeer ahead of u

    Joel Dela TorreJoel Dela TorreYil oldin
  • My Denver Nuggets got him from Miami Heat via trade. Not my Nuggets will be even better.

    glenard colemanglenard colemanYil oldin
  • With the right development, Bol Bol's potential is Kristaps Porzingis with faster movements, better handles, and longer wingspan. In other words, another "unicorn". A more accurate/realistic comparison would be Mo Bamba, who is also a great player with tremendous upside. Unfortunately, injuries cut his season short and he ended up only playing 47 games. For the Nuggets, an occasional lineup of Jamal Murray, Gary Harris, MPJ, Bol Bol, and Jokic is gonna be downright scary. Jokic and Bol Bol can switch positions at times too depending on the matchup. The MPJ, Bol Bol, and Jokic lineup is a nightmare mismatch for any team in the NBA. All of them can stretch the floor and they're all 6'10"+ tall.......Literally "mile high"

    L LawlietL LawlietYil oldin
  • Welcome to the nuggets 🔥

    LeosjourneyLeosjourneyYil oldin
  • 44th pick :/ i was shocked when i saw that

    SkawsSkawsYil oldin
  • New Orleans should pick him with the 4th pick to play with Zion

    TeeRexx2TeeRexx2Yil oldin

    RenzoTDKRenzoTDKYil oldin
  • He was a kid when his dad died that's rough. I'm happy things are working out for him

    YaddaYaddaDaYaddaYaddaDaYil oldin
  • nba 2k18 centers exe

    Nikola JokićNikola JokićYil oldin
  • If the Memphis Grizzly owners were smart?? Team #1 pick 😂💯👍

    Memphis All day Memphis errdayMemphis All day Memphis errdayYil oldin
  • Who is his father LaVar?

    Kuya DhustKuya DhustYil oldin
  • Proud of this countryman All the best

    Yoto PhilipsYoto PhilipsYil oldin
  • Big men and bad feet, that's the one downfall that will prevent him from becoming a star.

    Mark G.Mark G.Yil oldin
  • If he's a point guard or shooting guard then add that he can play both forward positions this basketball player if he develops in strength look out Michael Jordan people are going to be purchasing Bol Bol gym shoes this generation of children will blow up with Bol Bol just like past generation with Micheal Jordan this is a Big Man doing things those short guy are doing but he's much better at it and OMG his height added means unstoppable.

    Copper AboriginiesCopper AboriginiesYil oldin
    • He's not a point or shooting guard.

      El ComandanteEl ComandanteYil oldin
  • Next kd

    thatzivthatzivYil oldin
  • Let's go Heat. Lets not play it safe🔥🔥

    barry burgainsbarry burgainsYil oldin
  • His shooting form is unusual, he bends his arm more than any other people.. But if it works, there nothing to be concerned about.. I just thought if Bol-Bol can develop a high release point on his shooting, he's gonna be dangerous.. Just look at Durant

    Juan TjukJuan TjukYil oldin
    • @21st Savage durant is 6'9" tho, he is more 7ft than 6ft

      Juan TjukJuan TjukYil oldin
    • Aku Chou Lee well his armsare much longer than Durant’s so it makes since for him to not shoot like a 6ft guard

      21st Savage21st SavageYil oldin
  • Bol bol nga ampangalan nya ah ??....

    DKDDKDYil oldin
  • bulls should draft Bol in 7th round and buy a veteran point guard. They got plenty of cap space. Like 50 million.

    horacio corralhoracio corralYil oldin
    • I meant 7th pick and yes I am a time traveler. BOL BOL will be a legend in the future,

      horacio corralhoracio corralYil oldin
    • Did you time travel from the 70s? YOU KNOW THERE'S ONLY 2 ROUNDS IN THE DRAFT

      Clutch GamingClutch GamingYil oldin
  • Play him at small forward why not kd is basically 7 ft so why not

    Miguel PerezMiguel PerezYil oldin
  • I hope the lakers draft him at 4

    Mr MackeyMr MackeyYil oldin
  • Like to see him in L.A

    sunny robinsonsunny robinsonYil oldin
  • A 7 footer that i a really give a damn about is tacko fall

    Demarkus on datrackDemarkus on datrackYil oldin
  • Bolzingis

    Lee ChoctawLee ChoctawYil oldin
  • If Lakers should get RJ or him.

  • Dudes gonna be a beast I hope the Hawks draft him and Cam Reddish!

    E R I KE R I KYil oldin
    • If the hawks do that, they put themself on playoffs contenders fr

      SmoothieSmoothieYil oldin
  • he is a big guard

    dank dankdank dankYil oldin
  • he can play he is unique

    dank dankdank dankYil oldin
  • College is bullshit to gage how good a player will be entering the NBA.

    John DoeJohn DoeYil oldin
  • Bol bol gonna be a late bloomer

    Stebbie JStebbie JYil oldin
  • I hope he works more with getting muscles around his knees and his legs. He will need it for injures

  • Lakers need to draft him

    Geremiah HumbertGeremiah HumbertYil oldin
  • i actually believed the bullshit that AD would play pointguard

    Oppo 2018Oppo 2018Yil oldin
  • #blackdiamondpresscomix.19*%!@!

    Akiki Skywalker 3xMAkiki Skywalker 3xMYil oldin
  • A 7’3” player who can create his own shot off the dribble is a valuable skill that attracts NBA scouts and GM’s.

    Paul PagePaul PageYil oldin
  • Miami should take a chance on him

    Rafael ValenzuelaRafael ValenzuelaYil oldin
  • Yeah. Bol Bol is from my hometown of Olathe Kansas. Very few people know this because he doesn't speak much about it and nobody talks about his roots. I'm still surprised that Bol Bol and Willie Cauley Stein played HS basketball there in Olathe while Semi Ojeleye played his ball in Ottawa Kansas these 3 amazeing basketball players don't talk about their roots much these days. Olathe's super athlete Darren Sproles still ranks as one of the best talents to come out of Olathe and we all know what he does on Sundays.

    brian masseybrian masseyYil oldin
  • He moves like a guard in a 7 feet frame.impresive

    Carlos ReyesCarlos ReyesYil oldin
  • He should just say fuck the positions and just work on his Handle and shot he'd be unstoppable

    bonnie buckhalterbonnie buckhalterYil oldin
  • Bring him to New York (Knicks)

    Austin King-MayfieldAustin King-MayfieldYil oldin
  • Needs roids

    Tim NewthTim NewthYil oldin
  • Too weak for NBA.

    Tom AdamsTom AdamsYil oldin
  • When his father Manute Bol played for Philly, they put him on a steak & beer diet to help him gain weight. True story because I was going to school there when he first entered the league.

    aaron humphreyaaron humphreyYil oldin
  • He averaged 21 ppg for oregon this year and shot 50% from 3

    jerry pablosjerry pablosYil oldin
  • Is he any better than Mo Bamba?

    Randy BaratRandy BaratYil oldin
  • stretch armstrong looking ass

    Natural CanopyNatural CanopyYil oldin
  • the next magic but taller

    Judah MournJudah MournYil oldin
  • Make video about Kai Sotto it will explode your views :D

    Sedo SanSedo SanYil oldin
  • He's going to have to get some more weight BUT his upside is extreme. Wow.

    AlldayAlldayYil oldin
  • LA needs to go for Bol Bol and LaMelo

    Gerald Hudnell Jr.Gerald Hudnell Jr.Yil oldin
  • Giannis looks better

    Mark HowMark HowYil oldin
  • Way better than his father ever was.

    Truthseeker VTruthseeker VYil oldin
  • chances are this guy will never play a full season because his build makes him prone to injury

    Edward PatersonEdward PatersonYil oldin
    • Yea this dudes first step into the NBA should be in the weight room

      bonnie buckhalterbonnie buckhalterYil oldin
  • He should play for the bulls. "Chicago bull's bol bol's ball"

    McRotten Filipino HorrorStoriesMcRotten Filipino HorrorStoriesYil oldin
    • Nangyari na mah men hahaha

      okhitaokhitaYil oldin
  • He is my favorite player in this draft and I want nothing but the best for him

    Cooked JuiceCooked JuiceYil oldin
  • I bett he hated being tall lol imagine how good he could shoot handle ball and dunk like crazy since he's so athletic he should put on weight though

    Brycedon BrownBrycedon BrownYil oldin
  • Wait .. dude's name is Bol-Bol? :D

    Sotir MilivojevicSotir MilivojevicYil oldin
    • Son of manute bol. Why his first name is bol i dont know

      MoldveienMoldveienYil oldin
  • He turns the ball over in his hand whilst dribbling, just like durrant, that's why he's "handling" the ball

    dagnutdagnutYil oldin
  • From Manute Bol to Bol Bol, if the trend stands, Bol Bol son will be the GOAT.

    Mauro AndreMauro AndreYil oldin
    • Son = Bol Bol Bol

      Atomicwedgie81Atomicwedgie81Yil oldin
  • Young Bol has insane potential.

    Detroit vs YOUDetroit vs YOUYil oldin
  • its a good match up againts muggsy bouges.

    Jovy MingkeJovy MingkeYil oldin
  • Good shooting form. Dribbles low, slow deceptive first step. Slow shooting motion, but with that height quite impossible to block.

    J DLC LevyJ DLC LevyYil oldin
  • Bet Kai Sotto will be his Rival. In future

    Luis FernandezLuis FernandezYil oldin
  • Who the heck, ...when your last name is Bol, chooses to name your son Bol ??? SMH.

    Marten DekkerMarten DekkerYil oldin
  • Lakers Pick

    ConquerorConquerorYil oldin
  • Giannis 2.0

    Justine SaysonJustine SaysonYil oldin
  • young kd

    Harley OrtegaHarley OrtegaYil oldin
  • Fall to the Pistons!!! DETROIT basketball!!!

    Thad CrossThad CrossYil oldin
  • He has longer arms and better shot than Kristoff. He is a 7"3 Kevin Durant

    Jon DovikJon DovikYil oldin
  • Loved his dad, on and off the court. Thanks for hipping me to him. I'll be watching.

    Visfor VeganVisfor VeganYil oldin
    • @Visfor Vegan I appreciate that!

      TriceTriceYil oldin
    • @Trice i forgot to subscribe. I'll correct that now.

      Visfor VeganVisfor VeganYil oldin
    • Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for watching.

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • Basically Porzingis 2.0

    Lithuanian ManLithuanian ManYil oldin
  • Looks like a massive injury risk.

    Andreas DenglerAndreas DenglerYil oldin
  • He better have an outside shot because like his father he doesn't have the weight to play inside at the nba level

    chazz Lucaschazz LucasYil oldin
    • His outside shot is one of his biggest strengths. The question will be if he can put on the muscle to work inside.

      TriceTriceYil oldin

  • Miami Heat picks him and Tacko Fall in the second round... the two towers...

    Bosem JeansBosem JeansYil oldin
  • Manut Lives!

    Sam IamSam IamYil oldin
  • Skyhook?

    Olaf OlafOlaf OlafYil oldin
  • Lakers need to snatch him at 4, most upside of all players avail at that spot

    Gambits_ WaresGambits_ WaresYil oldin
    • Gambits_ Wares yea garland is real good

      Michael GriggsMichael GriggsYil oldin
    • @Michael Griggs yeah I know. I like Garland too!

      Gambits_ WaresGambits_ WaresYil oldin
    • He's injury prone and skinny af

      Michael GriggsMichael GriggsYil oldin
  • Bol bol to the Lakers

    Scorpion vs EverybodyScorpion vs EverybodyYil oldin
  • He's massive... Absolute specimen.... God's amongst ants dude

    The Honest TruthThe Honest TruthYil oldin
  • I would take him over Zion. Lakers are you listening?

    deacon theseerdeacon theseerYil oldin
  • Lakers should take him at 4

    Prodigy47Prodigy47Yil oldin
    • bol bol had left foot injuried, he only play 9 games in 2018-2019

      King 20AKing 20AYil oldin
  • ATL will take a chance on him cause they have 2 picks in the top 10...him and Trae would be amazing

    Kaos PatKaos PatYil oldin
    • @Trice I am anticipating you will make a "why did 7 Players get drafted ahead of Bol Bol" Video in 5 years….lol

      Kaos PatKaos PatYil oldin
    • If Bol can get stronger, that pick and pop game could be deadly. Definitely worth a look for ATL.

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • I would say look at KD. He wasn’t strong and super skinny when he came into the league. Look at him now. Bol Bol is 7’3 version potentially. He has the foundation to.

    swingking83swingking83Yil oldin
  • If i had a pick and chose Bol Bol: I would sleep like a baby at night. Offensive AND defensive threat? THIS WINS YOU GAMES!

    SouthsidemanSouthsidemanYil oldin
  • Once the lakers see this kid in workouts and evaluate his injury I can see them drafting him even at 4

    tony andrewstony andrewsYil oldin
  • Want to see hawks take him w 10

    lucas smithlucas smithYil oldin
  • I'm his GOD FATHER T.K.

    Archie LeeArchie LeeYil oldin
  • back in the 90s i was in the air force and went tdy ro i checked into the hotel i noticed monut standing with his friends.....i approched monut and politley said hello i think your fun to watch...he asked me to join him and his friends up in the room for a game of dominos....i still have that picture of all of us in the hotel room..imagine some punk as white kid from new york in egypt playing dominos with a nba star....ill cherish that for the rest of my life....monut was an amazing thoughtful man the few hours i spent with him..thank you

    Neal CapuchinoNeal CapuchinoYil oldin
    • That's a great story! Thanks for sharing.🙏🏻

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • I mean... if he’s one of the tallest players in NBA history don’t we all live in his shadow?

    I write Checks at the grocery store. So?I write Checks at the grocery store. So?Yil oldin
  • Future nba SUPERSTAR!. He's gonna turn out to be the best player in this draft. Not no damn Zion Williamson. Zion can be guarded in the nba. Bol Bol can't be guarded.

    StreetPrice PresidentStreetPrice PresidentYil oldin
    • @Southsideman Zion will be a beast but bol bol is gonna be a monster!

      StreetPrice PresidentStreetPrice PresidentYil oldin
    • Nah Zion will be a beast; but if Bol can get a little more mucle mass on him, more the better: Legit MVP potential!

      SouthsidemanSouthsidemanYil oldin
  • Great report I've been wanting some information on bol bol h e might be a superstar one day soon thanks and keep clankin

    Ronald HardinRonald HardinYil oldin
  • Wizards pick him with the 9th pick

    Dallas Cowboys LRHDallas Cowboys LRHYil oldin
  • Foot and lower extremity injuries ruin big men. Examples: Bill Walton, Yao Ming, Sam Bowie, Shaquille O'Neal, Greg Oden He's damaged goods. I would be pleased if the Atlanta Hawks drafted him with pick 10, then traded him to the Knicks for RJ Barrett.

    RedbirdEagleRedbirdEagleYil oldin
  • That Oregon court is distracting as hell.

    morsteenmorsteenYil oldin
  • Lakers this is your guy. Do NOT FUCK THIS UP!!!

    J-StrokesJ-StrokesYil oldin