The Evolution of Derrick Rose: From MVP to Now [HD]

3-Noy, 2018
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Derrick Rose has been through it all. From being the youngest MVP in NBA history at 22 years old, to have multiple knee surgeries that seemed to detour his career. Now after short stints in New York and Cleveland, he seems to have finally found a situation for him to establish a new chapter in his career. After dropping a career high 50 points, it's clear that he's making progress towards reinventing himself both on and off the court.
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God bless.

  • Since the making of this video, Rose is shooting 47% from behind the arc (at the time he was shooting 35%), which is one of the best in the league. He's continued to transform his game and it's special to watch him overcome all of the negativity he's faced over the past few years. Thanks for watching! I Promise Ep. 2:

    TriceTrice2 yil oldin
    • TH13beast 49 now, and he is the leader of shots farther than 8 feet away from the rim in the league.

      KevinKevinYil oldin
    • It's varying from game to game. Regardless, he's still killing it and showing consistent improvement.

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
    • TH13beast I thought it was 48.

      KevinKevin2 yil oldin
  • Better than ever minus the flashy dunks and explosiveness. In exchange he became wiser, craftier and a better shooter

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  • idol d 🌹 Rose

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  • Thank you Sir...

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  • #D rose will rise

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  • les gooooooooooo d rose

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  • Utah fan are the one that dislike this video

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  • Like if your voting for d rose for the all star team 👌🏾👍🏾😀

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  • This might sound crazy but I am going to keep him in my prayers for his health and prosperity in the NBA. I don't know him but we could all see how hard he worked and I just want to thank God for letting his light shine on D. Rose!!!

    Christopher ThorntonChristopher ThorntonYil oldin
    • The example he's set for so many is the greatest part. Rose has inspired millions to not give up when faced with adversity, and always be willing to adapt to what life throws at you. Definitely deserves the prayers! Thanks for watching.

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • Nice job on the Video, well done!

    Star Wars 1977-1980 Origin Canon MasterStar Wars 1977-1980 Origin Canon MasterYil oldin
  • Im happy here that he changed his all attack mode of plays that is too dangerous for Him...dribble and jump shot...i lov it...sometimes if need arises attack wow lov to see hm like this...

    Atasha RodisAtasha RodisYil oldin
  • D'rose to Golden State. Like if you Agree :)

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  • He is literally a good player and a good triple double player

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  • No Doubt D-Rose is one of the best player in NBA

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  • Derrick rose silent but dangerous

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  • Big fan here, from far corner of India

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    • I appreciate the support! Thanks for watching.

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  • Great Video!

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    • Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for watching!

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  • Finally, the league gets to see the real D. Rose on the floor. This the Rose I went to Memphis to see play his last college. The beast that I saw that night has finally awakened. My dude is on and he really bout to go in.

    Keli JuniorKeli JuniorYil oldin
  • D.rose is still the best player

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  • Good look for rose!!!

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  • He shooting a higher 3pt% then that

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    • Please read pinned comment. Thanks for watching!

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  • At least put D Rose in the conversations of MVP talk through the season on TV

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  • that's my boy drose ☝️👌💯

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  • Forever d rose!!!!!!!!!

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    • Since 2008

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  • from hero to zero

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  • Rosanity

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  • Such a humble man. The best

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  • i hope he can play again in all-star game 2018/2019 all-star game....

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  • Great vid kid💪

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  • Never give up the best the beast god blessed

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  • Huge fan here as well

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  • Allstar from the bench. HISTORY in the making !!! #D🌹

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    • Manu Ginobili did it first... but indeed, huge respect for DRose.

      Willian AvelinoWillian Avelino2 yil oldin
  • We need rose and antetokoumpo team up together

    ridzmar basariridzmar basari2 yil oldin
  • If derrick rose back his haircut i think fame is back again .. Thats what i think

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  • kudos to minessota wolves, unleashing the forgotten beast of nba. rose payback the trust given on him

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  • D'Rose for ALL-STAR ⚡⚡⚡ #REBIRTH

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  • Amazing vid! I think you meant "West" at the end lol

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    • Good catch, definitely meant West. Glad you enjoyed it!

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  • Idol d rose

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  • Vote D🌹 to the ALL STARS...

    • Vote D.Rose to the 3pt. Contest

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  • drose my idol

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  • Hes shooting 45% from 3 bro please be correct when speaking on this legend he scored 18 5 in 5 with the knicks cleavland gave him no opportunity soon as he joined the wolves in the playoffs he averaged 14.6 points off the bench this is the next year with the wolves and look how great hes playing and how efficient and consistent he is while putting up career high in points and 3s i would say he mixed his game up with lay ups 3s and mid range shots very well. He never fell off it was about opportunity and having a coach and team that believes in him let him play his game when healthy he's top 10 player in this league top 5 point guard

    newton lowerynewton lowery2 yil oldin
    • @newton lowery that makes more sense to me 😉👍✊

      Reginald LittlejohnReginald Littlejohn2 yil oldin
    • @Reginald Littlejohn but i think top ten player in top five point guard when healthy is good to me but i do feel like no one can guard him and even more now with that 3 he's unstoppable

      newton lowerynewton lowery2 yil oldin
    • @Reginald Littlejohn hey my brother i concur i just aint want to go to far lol but i completely agree with you 💯💯💯 die heart #Drosefan

      newton lowerynewton lowery2 yil oldin
    • Newton Lowery are you serious top five point guard . That's very disrespectful. No point guard can guard Derrick 🌹 let alone any one man can stop Derrick 🌹

      Reginald LittlejohnReginald Littlejohn2 yil oldin
    • @Trice thanks for clearing that up in also i concur well said

      newton lowerynewton lowery2 yil oldin
  • I love to see Rose win a ring before he retires

    Cyrus ChuaCyrus Chua2 yil oldin
  • One of the most inspiring players in NBA

    Francis Clyde DE LOS SANTOSFrancis Clyde DE LOS SANTOS2 yil oldin
    • NBA history Brother!

      MELLOMAN 007MELLOMAN 0072 yil oldin

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  • D rose is back

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  • That's why I really like to watch the Timberwolves team it's because d,rose I'm forever fan of d,rose I like this guy he so verry Atlantic and verry smart

    Erwin AfricaErwin Africa2 yil oldin
  • Well...gotta update this video, he's now at 46% from 3 and looking very consistent. Dope video though, thanks for uploading.

    Raymond WeaverRaymond Weaver2 yil oldin
    • Facts he's continued to improve his shooting even since this video was made. I love seeing how he's adapted his game and is still killing it after all he's been through. Glad you enjoyed the video, thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
  • *CORRECTION*, NOT 35% from 3, he is shooting a ridiculous 47%3Pfg, & shooting 57%3Pfg in the month of November.. his stat line as of nov 23: 19.4ppg/4.7ast/3.6reb/48%fg/47%3Pfg/85FT CORRECT YOSELF BOI!

    rage CURRY, RAGErage CURRY, RAGE2 yil oldin
    • As of the making of this video, he was shooting 35%. Since then, he's continued to improve and is now shooting 47%. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
  • He is proving that nothing is impossible if you have the initiative to do it..

    Son0845 BmSon0845 Bm2 yil oldin
  • D rose for mvp

    Corin BryantCorin Bryant2 yil oldin
  • Rose is so smart that he adjusted his game to his current athleticism level. Can you imagine if he really did what he was thinking about regarding retirement?

    Mahmoud BostajiMahmoud Bostaji2 yil oldin
  • I hope he will back to an mvp

    Lilia Bao-asLilia Bao-as2 yil oldin
  • I love Rose so much!

    JD WiddisJD Widdis2 yil oldin
  • I hope one day that Derrick rose will come back to Chicago and finish out his career with the Bulls. I'm a diehard Chicago bulls fan and I've stuck witht them through good times and bad times. I'm really happy for Derrick rose, and i hope he continues to play well this season and prove the naysayers wrong. Please drose come back to Chicago. I hope you know that i never wanted the organization to trade you. I'm not gonna lie i had my doubts about your last year in Chicago, but i also want you to know that i would always stick up for you when people would talk shit about you. Much love and success. CHICAGO BULLS NATION FOR LIFE!!!! CHICAGO CUBS NATION FOR LIFE!!!! WELCOME BACK DROSE!!! CHI TOWN'S FINEST!!!!🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

    Marcus LopezMarcus Lopez2 yil oldin
    • Respect

      chocktivitychocktivityYil oldin
    • @the Merc the fans have always loved him.. Tell a bulls fan that rose is trash or make an acl joke and they'll go off on your ass

      ThatNiggaFromTheDMVThatNiggaFromTheDMV2 yil oldin
    • Nah, the Bulls Organization treats the players terribly

      the Mercthe Merc2 yil oldin
    • Don't worry. He knows.

      caloyskicaloyski2 yil oldin
  • d rose was the one who got me in to basketball much respect to rose

    Samuel EdisonSamuel Edison2 yil oldin