Team USA Basketball- One Nation- Olympics Mix [HD] #Gold

11-Avg, 2016
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The 2016 Olympic USA Men's Basketball team had a lot of criticism and doubt surrounding it. However they have done what American's do best...overcome the odds and prove everyone wrong. This is a tribute to the efforts of this year's team, and the great memories and highlights they have left us to admire. I just gotta say...I wish DeRozan would've made that 360 poster! Hope y'all enjoy.
Unfortunately NBC is being super strict on highlights from the 2016 Rio Olympic games so I can't include those in the video, but there was more than enough footage from the Showcase tour to go around!
Music by Sho Baraka. A lot of people sleep on him since he left RR. Hopefully this song reminds you just how great he is.
Song: Sho Baraka- Ali
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  • The USA basketball team will eat you alive

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  • This looks like the all star game with all the lobs

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  • Best mix about USA basketball team, keep it going !!!

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  • song name please

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    • Sho Baraka- Ali song name was in discripsion

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  • Demar Derozan highlight reel lmao

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    • DeMar DeChozen

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  • I like the songs you be using

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  • losing to serbia today ;)

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    • hahaha how does that L feel?

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  • Wow you make great mixtapes! Keep it up bro

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  • derozan just having a mini dunk contest in these olympics

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  • Always loved this song bro

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