Russell Westbrook- A Storm is Coming- Hype Mix [HD]

5-Avg, 2016
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With the departure of Kevin Durant, suddenly the Oklahoma City Thunder have a new leader...and he's on a mission to take over the NBA. I hope you enjoy this mix, as we take a look at what may be in store for next season, delivered by one of the most intense and passionate players in the NBA.
The music is the Panda Remix of Lecrae's Dirty Water. I highly recommend you check out him and the rest of the Reach Records group, as well as DJ Spade who mashed up the track.
Song: Lecrae- Dirty Water (Panda Remix by DJ Spade Jamz)
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  • great mix and great intro

    • np and i want to become next westbrook because i like style he play

      JJBGAMERJJBGAMER3 yil oldin
    • +JJB Gamer Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • k.Dot called it..on HEART part 4 .u switch sides on me now it's time to meet westbrook..

    Dominic RichardsonDominic Richardson3 yil oldin
  • bruh this too lit

    Walter ClementsWalter Clements4 yil oldin
  • Champagne, champagne, celebrating my campaign just dug a well in west africa but how many of my friends is afrcane? sick line

    David RapanaDavid Rapana4 yil oldin
  • My nigga carrying us all the way

    Basketball Is lifeBasketball Is life4 yil oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    nicholas brucenicholas bruce4 yil oldin
  • DUDE's a BEAST!!!

    NBA LeNBA Le4 yil oldin
  • Russell Westbrook , most tenacious and athletic basketball player, Ever.

    Erin AndrewsErin Andrews4 yil oldin
  • Beastbrook!

    Gan ZoGan Zo4 yil oldin
  • respect the man. fear the God. #russwest2017

    • 24 • CHAN6E •• 24 • CHAN6E •4 yil oldin
  • Dang, I like how you incorporated The Dark Knight Rises in there.

    GanjopotanamousGanjopotanamous4 yil oldin
  • i used one of ur songs in my mix of steve nash

    Hoops2018Hoops20184 yil oldin
  • this song?

    Mira SmithMira Smith4 yil oldin
    • Bruh i thought the beat was familiar

      TwistdWizardTwistdWizard2 yil oldin
    • Shit hard right

      $JayBravo$$JayBravo$4 yil oldin
    • +TH13beast thanks

      Mira SmithMira Smith4 yil oldin
    • +Mira Smith Dirty Water by Lecrae (Panda Remix) Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice4 yil oldin
  • can you make a steph curry mix-plug callin by rich the kid remix

    Kaneki OxKaneki Ox4 yil oldin
  • Awesome video! I would love it if Russell won a championship without KD this year. I just added a post about Russell Westbrook's childhood on Instagram that I think you guys might really enjoy.

    Talesofgreatness On-InstagramTalesofgreatness On-Instagram4 yil oldin
  • Thunder are still going to be garbage next year.

    Ben GordonBen Gordon4 yil oldin
  • Mr. triple double. ... most athletic point guard ever! !!! they don't need KD, Russ is a superstar

    An american Chicano !!!An american Chicano !!!4 yil oldin
  • Pretty surprised he hasn't broken his hand... He dunks so vicious

    SaxSax4 yil oldin
  • THIS IS LIT!!!

    Joe LanauxJoe Lanaux4 yil oldin
  • dope lecrae remix love it

    ItsTioMorenoItsTioMoreno4 yil oldin
  • Adding fuel to Russell's fire legoo good mix

    Sean DawkinsSean Dawkins4 yil oldin
  • Russell ready to carry the Thunder to the Playoffs!

    Drenaline 5Drenaline 54 yil oldin
  • How do you make good mixes so quickly? I love the content though

    Tony SmithTony Smith4 yil oldin
  • Dope 🔥🔥🔥

    kingjhaboykingjhaboy4 yil oldin