Redemption: The Story of Jeremy Lin's Second Chance | 赎回林书豪

14-Noy, 2020
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A mini-documentary taking a look at the story of Jeremy Lin's second chance in the game of basketball.
Jeremy Lin became a global icon in 2012, when he burst into the national spotlight as one of the biggest underdog stories in professional sports. Since then, he has had an up and down career, filled with disappointments and unfortunate injuries that would discourage anyone. Now, after spending the past year in China, Lin is looking to make a comeback into the NBA. This is the story of how he overcame the demons of fear and why his dream of returning to the NBA may in fact come true.
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God bless.

  • Man this literally might be the best video i have seen in a long time. Amazing Job! You capture Jeremy's story and struggles so well... I truly believe that the best is yet to come for Jeremy.

    Daniel FredricDaniel Fredric11 kun oldin
    • Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

      TriceTrice11 kun oldin
  • I like how you add the bible verses at the end and shine your light man! Great video as well, and you just gained a sub! Stay blessed

    Bryson ReevesBryson Reeves5 kun oldin
    • I appreciate the support!

      TriceTrice5 kun oldin
  • Since Washington wizards gm Tommy Sheppard tarnished John walls relationship with the wizards with that petty statement, they should sign Lin

  • Clippers should pick him up, with no money and they badly need a playmaker, he’s the perfect fit. Don’t really need him to do anything else and they just signed coach Atkinson who was his development coach during Linsanity in NY, and was his head coach during his run with Nets. He knows how they can best use him.

    SGANETSGANET6 kun oldin
  • Knicks need this man, would be a great vet/guard to teach a young Tobi

    Elijah MikaelsonElijah Mikaelson7 kun oldin
  • Nobody watched the finals this year. 1 Billion people will ONLY watch the team Jeremy Lin plays for. #MATH

    VOTE Ossoff and Warnock as SENATORS for GA Jan 2021VOTE Ossoff and Warnock as SENATORS for GA Jan 20217 kun oldin
  • really great vid! Praying for him!

    HymugHymug10 kun oldin
    • Thank you!

      TriceTrice10 kun oldin
  • Amazing vid! Hats off to you!

    Pablo ParkPablo Park10 kun oldin
    • I appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed.

      TriceTrice10 kun oldin
  • Love to see him back with the Lakers

    Brandon JonesBrandon Jones11 kun oldin
  • About to get another Jeremy jersey. Let's go.

    Topher AhrensTopher Ahrens12 kun oldin
  • JLin all day

    Ernesto BraganzaErnesto Braganza12 kun oldin
  • Great video! I hope JLin sees this

    Hayes TaylorHayes Taylor13 kun oldin
    • I appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed.🙏🏻

      TriceTrice13 kun oldin
  • Nice video. Really want to watch him make an amazing comeback... I know he will. He just needs to be given a chance.

    Aaron FuAaron Fu13 kun oldin
    • Totally agree. Glad you enjoyed the project!

      TriceTrice13 kun oldin
  • This is amazing content man!

    Oscar ChenOscar Chen13 kun oldin
    • Thank you!

      TriceTrice13 kun oldin
  • Great video continue the grind

    Maxime Laroche BouthilletteMaxime Laroche Bouthillette13 kun oldin
    • I appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed.

      TriceTrice13 kun oldin
  • Good video!💓

    TheLoveOracleTarotTheLoveOracleTarot13 kun oldin
    • @Trice Ur welcome!

      TheLoveOracleTarotTheLoveOracleTarot12 kun oldin
    • Thank you!

      TriceTrice13 kun oldin
  • Bulls need to pick him up

    Sachit SoniSachit Soni13 kun oldin
  • Noticed that Jlin a more confident player now than before.

    RO BERTORO BERTO13 kun oldin
  • Hello

    YT_ hunt_gg15YT_ hunt_gg1514 kun oldin