Meet the Best Player in College Basketball (You've Never Heard Of)- Marcus Keene [HD]

30-Yan, 2017
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I'd like to introduce you to Marcus Keene, the 5'9 PG that plays for Central Michigan, averaging 30 ppg and is taking over the NCAA in the process.
To play Division 1 basketball at 5'9 is a big deal, but to lead the entire country in scoring? That deserves some recognition. Odds are you've seen Marcus Keene on Sportscenter or your timeline once or twice, but I'm here to tell you why he is making Central Michigan basketball games must watch TV.
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  • who here in Oct 2020?

    DiorDiorOy oldin
  • Whats this instrumental?

    BigHenTvBigHenTvYil oldin
  • He plays in Korea now, surprised he went un-drafted, wish he got a chance to prove himself in the NBA

    Feo KozminFeo KozminYil oldin
  • Don’t mind me I’m saying knee instead of Keene

    KekikáīKekikáī2 yil oldin
  • But can he play D

    Johnny LindoJohnny Lindo2 yil oldin
  • Shit it’s crazy Ik his step mom

    Travis RTravis R2 yil oldin
  • my older brother played middleschool basketball with him at luna middleschool san antoinio texas so its really cool to watch him play

    JacobJacob3 yil oldin

    Prince SamuelsPrince Samuels3 yil oldin
  • He's the next me

    Not GabeNot Gabe3 yil oldin
  • hi ! thx for your videos!!! i think this man dont need much of attention , just some attention from a smart couch of Nba. This persone is Greg Popovic, so thats maby good in drafts ? so that spurs have chance to pick him???

    konstantin klevcovkonstantin klevcov3 yil oldin
  • looks a guy the spurs would get and would turn into a stud lol

    John MangOJohn MangO3 yil oldin
  • I love these types of videos. Just started watching and love your basketball analysis. Keep up the great work and I only wish the best for you.

    Karabo MuhammadKarabo Muhammad3 yil oldin
    • +Karabo Muhammad Appreciate it bro. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for watching.

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • He's a mini Westbrook

    imba1011imba10113 yil oldin
  • The way he dribbles looks exactly like kyrie irving. This man is going places

    Nicolas BurniskeNicolas Burniske3 yil oldin
  • Marcus Keene best pg in the draft and I bet money he will be a star in the league Chicago let's get this man a spot on the team

    LouisianaSteppin 4lifeLouisianaSteppin 4life3 yil oldin
  • isiah thomas?

    Niño Paulo ReblandoNiño Paulo Reblando3 yil oldin
  • those beats u got tough... i am a fan of keene... peace

    Casper NobleCasper Noble3 yil oldin
    • +Casper Noble Appreciate it. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • miami heat need to pick him with their draft pick

    juvannie_g TMjuvannie_g TM3 yil oldin
  • I just came across your channel. I love it! I am a basketball junkie living in Switzerland. And I love all types of basketball analysis. I just want you to know that there is a need for your content. Keep it up! Be blessed my brother.

    Don ChampionDon Champion3 yil oldin
    • +donmegace Appreciate bro! If you love basketball then this is the place for you. We're just getting started. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • the NBA is going to love him.he reminds me lillard and kyrie..the nba is going to be so interesting to watch in about 2-3 years because of all the players

    TROLL GODTROLL GOD3 yil oldin
  • Jawun Evans?

    Shawn JohnsonShawn Johnson3 yil oldin
  • I like this dude. I averaged 29 points per game at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and got drafted by New Jersey in 1991. He will get drafted

    Von McDadeVon McDade3 yil oldin
    • +Von McDade Appreciate the feedback. I think he definitely has potential! Thanks for watching.

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • That's my man Marcus he get buckets he the best scoring point guard just needs to go to a better college

    BoogieBoogie3 yil oldin
  • I'm seeing a lot of Kyrie Irving in his movements and finishes I think.

    Daniel CanaDaniel Cana3 yil oldin
  • Cant wait til i get to the college level man for real

    Lonzo JonesLonzo Jones3 yil oldin
  • Great vid

    Trilly WillyTrilly Willy3 yil oldin
    • +Trilly Willy Appreciate it bro. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • Yo dude, it could be great if you start to make some videos about junior colleges( NJCCA)

    Jean BilongJean Bilong3 yil oldin
  • John Wall Jr.

    Bradford BoucherBradford Boucher3 yil oldin
  • He looks like he gonna play for the nuggets

    Mistah91Mistah913 yil oldin
  • you know whats crazy i use to train with him about 2 years ago and look what he is now

    Anariss BrandonAnariss Brandon3 yil oldin
  • When you mentioned 3 things I think it ended up being 4 when you separate 3pt range and shooting off the dribble in general. Lol, but, great vid, I subscribed to your channel.

    John DoeJohn Doe3 yil oldin
  • so devin booker light skinned ass go to the lead off the bench, but my nigga marcus aint even on a fucking draft board. i swear to god they tryna push light skinned niggas. How the fuck is this dude not even on a fucking draft board. thats how you know the nba rigged and fucking fake. So a nigga can set on the bench the whole fucking year and go but if somebody LEAD the nation in scoring they don't??!! Put that in perspective!

    Black Star DynastyBlack Star Dynasty3 yil oldin
  • Dis nigga fye🔥🔥

    Gsw FlameGsw Flame3 yil oldin
  • if your not a 1 and done but put up crazy numbers your not going to get the attention you deserve.

    Hook ShotzHook Shotz3 yil oldin
  • Eddie House clone

  • The jimmer is lightin it up in china now.

    Dre CoolDre Cool3 yil oldin
  • Just FYI, there s talk he will graduate transfer to a big time school next year (will be eligible immeadiately). Duke and Michigan will be involved. His draft stock will go through the roof next year.

    Steven CullenSteven Cullen3 yil oldin
  • If he gets into the NCAA tourney, his name will explode.

    dayum12dayum123 yil oldin
  • depends how many times you shoot the ball. if i shot it 30 times per game i could score alot of points too

    championchampion3 yil oldin
  • little dudes gon take the league back from the big men in the next five years man

    NosetalgiaNosetalgia3 yil oldin
  • The LAKERS can use this guy. Why not?! Sure.

    Robert OcampoRobert Ocampo3 yil oldin
  • That shooting form is not going to work for him if he gets to NBA...

    Abhinav SharmaAbhinav Sharma3 yil oldin
  • Thanks for bringing this guy to my attention. Never heard of him till now. If he gets into NBA, tell him I think he needs to give you some money. He plays like Kyrie Irving also, just from this video, which is a great person to see as similar to.

    Mitt ObamaMitt Obama3 yil oldin
  • He looks like he gets inspiration from kyrie irving

    WillRogneWillRogne3 yil oldin
  • His body control along with his passing and shooting gives him a definite edge. I don't see him lasting past late first round/early second.

    Direct Yo FeetzaDirect Yo Feetza3 yil oldin
  • His form and fundamentals are cold. Stay out of trouble and get to the league fam!

    James RobinsonJames Robinson3 yil oldin
  • Somebody call Lebron. There's your playmaker.

    yneoneyneone3 yil oldin
  • Growing up watching Iverson every single night, this kid reminds me of him. His confidence and ability to score at will.. Would love to see my Sixers take a chance on him

    432hz Genre432hz Genre3 yil oldin
  • Antonio Brown was a Chippewa once...

    JahPoetixJahPoetix3 yil oldin

    Anthony ConnollyAnthony Connolly3 yil oldin
  • Good team > great player

    Chris WalkerChris Walker3 yil oldin
  • Wait til he shoots with a Spalding basketball. The real truth will comeout!

    benedict cruzbenedict cruz3 yil oldin
  • so nice i go to cmu and get to watch him play

    Alex JerzewskiAlex Jerzewski3 yil oldin
  • I don't normally comment but this is some real good stuff you putting out bro keep it up

    Leban ArrehLeban Arreh3 yil oldin
    • +Leban Arreh Appreciate it bro. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • In my judgment, this guy is the best scorer in college. His game will translate to the NBA because of his ability to break down a guy off the dribble and he can shoot from anywhere. I'd draft him!

    C HowardC Howard3 yil oldin
  • great upload brah. first time hearing about the brother

    Frizo 1015Frizo 10153 yil oldin
  • Good video. Been watching more college hoops lately and this dude will be a star in the NBA. You got it right with your first point. Keene got mad confidence

    Brian MBrian M3 yil oldin
  • Since when did Cash Nasty got to college?

    KING COLEKING COLE3 yil oldin
  • this kid is official

    Re ReRe Re3 yil oldin
  • Kid can ball. His jumper, court savvy and handle are on point. Great vid!

    Kirby AugustineKirby Augustine3 yil oldin
  • What's the 2nd beat?

    Murda MarvMurda Marv3 yil oldin
  • dude never finished with his off hand...reminds me of a smaller randy foye, which wouldnt be good

    Jason FossJason Foss3 yil oldin
  • I know him isn't he the one who scored like 50 I saw it on sportscenter

    Aiden_Iz_CrazyAiden_Iz_Crazy3 yil oldin
  • He's the leading scorer in the nation I think I heard of him yesterday

    Mindful JayMindful Jay3 yil oldin
  • "I'm not going to put any limits on anyone, I believe he can go as far as he wants to." - Words of a wise man #Respect

    L'chaimL'chaim3 yil oldin
  • He's nice but at 5'9 his defense is going to be atrocious in the NBA.

    PuckPuck3 yil oldin
  • watching this video while eating 🤗

    Hip Hop 2018Hip Hop 20183 yil oldin
  • My concern is that he's not as crafty as isaiah who's been great in the league because he's able to shoot over the taller guys closer to the paint with high floaters and use crafty moves around the basket. Keene is absolutely an amazing shooter and scorer so I think his shooting will be there but I'm just concerned how he will shoot closer to the paint b/c of his height. We'll see tho, he can totally prove me wrong.

    ALEXFUALEXFU3 yil oldin
  • looks like Mo Williams with that jersey

    random contentrandom content3 yil oldin
  • You are really well spoken and interesting to listen to. Subbed and Liked.

    Nick ONick O3 yil oldin
  • _SALUTE from BOSNIA_

    Albin SahovicAlbin Sahovic3 yil oldin
    • +Albin Sahovic Thanks for watching! God bless.

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • what IT is doing in the league this year is really gonna help marcus in the draft

    coolidge2010coltscoolidge2010colts3 yil oldin
  • Just posting to save this recovery: 3:32

    KobeGijsKobeGijs3 yil oldin
  • I just subbed bro keep it up, I really enjoyed this video. The commentary was great.

    JuoFreedxJuoFreedx3 yil oldin
    • +JioFreedx Appreciate it bro. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • Couldn't wait any looohnger

    KobeGijsKobeGijs3 yil oldin
  • is your favourite youtuber devon?

    Christopher ChristiansenChristopher Christiansen3 yil oldin
  • bro i thought he was cashnasty for a minute😂

    DarienDarien3 yil oldin
  • He's play like kyrie in final mode

    Alperen AydınAlperen Aydın3 yil oldin
  • humble and truth is a great combo for commentary to the public. That why I would watch future videos. God bless

    CJ RILEYCJ RILEY3 yil oldin
    • +CJ RILEY I appreciate it. Thanks for watching! God bless.

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • Looks good but can he defend his position to stay in the game? Most coaches are reluctant to give rookies major minutes unless they can defend.

    Thuan TranThuan Tran3 yil oldin
  • Jimmer

    Yung EYung E3 yil oldin
  • Kid by the name of Maurice Horton led the nation in 2005-2006 scoring 37 points a game for Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester, MA

    Marlin MarlinMarlin Marlin3 yil oldin
  • he looks like kyrie

    Olivier BallislifeOlivier Ballislife3 yil oldin
  • Love Marcus Keene, proud to be from Michigan. Tired of him being slept on tho

    Mom I made itMom I made it3 yil oldin
  • They don't care about small players until they in the NBA and dominating

    Swoosh manSwoosh man3 yil oldin
  • Thank you I'm tired of seeing Lamelo Ball videos cuz people think he's the next big thing cuz he scored 92 points but if you wait at the another end of court while your team plays d you gonna get some easy shots and that type of performance will never happen at an nba level. Marcus is a nba ready player in my mind he's a franchise player the type of player coaches look to build teams around if he keeps up this level of play there is no way he won't get drafted.

    Shanel ShaversShanel Shavers3 yil oldin
  • I'm in no mean a pro scout I'm just a fan of basketball For one this dude is talented BUT I just don't see him playing well in the NBA he doesn't seem to be a system player He likes he do his own thing MAYBE if he gets on a team that will let him do his thing Kinda like the Celtics with I.Thomas But idk I just don't see him running with like a Coach K Greg Pop etc Maybe a trashy team that he can carry who knows maybe I'm 100% wrong hope he proves me wrong

    Carlos MartinezCarlos Martinez3 yil oldin
  • His height reminds me of IT but his skills are definitely closer to Kyrie

  • Lonzo better

    YearsicYearsic3 yil oldin
  • I'm sure everyone saw that 8 sec violation haha

    tenser chrisstenser chriss3 yil oldin
  • Check out some players on Nevada Reno, they got shooters throughout the starters

    Ryan NakamuraRyan Nakamura3 yil oldin
  • He can play, no doubt about it. But many teams draft players that come from "basketball factories" i.e Kentucky, Duke, Kansas etc. The smaller schools simply don't receive the same amount of coverage or spotlight as the bigger schools, therefore many good players on smaller D1 schools. I have a friend from NYC , named Keydren Clark. He went to Saint Peters averaged 25ppg after 4 years at the school , not to mention lead the NCAA in scoring 2 of those 4 years and was MAAC player of the year. But he never got drafted sadly, and ended up overseas. It goes to show you that they really don't watch the smaller schools which is a bad thing

    MoneyOverFameMoneyOverFame3 yil oldin
  • How do you get these videos

    Braeden RauschBraeden Rausch3 yil oldin
  • his jumpshot looks like westbrooks

    YoungBallerYoungBaller3 yil oldin
  • He plays like i.T. Or lillard

    Brian TolliverBrian Tolliver3 yil oldin
  • humble, hardworking, and good content. you earned my subscribe

    Joseph FroehlichJoseph Froehlich3 yil oldin
    • +Joseph Froehlich Much appreciated. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • God bless Marcus Keene

    Asiel MILIANAsiel MILIAN3 yil oldin
  • he can ball

  • he looks lil bit like AI mann the quickness

    Alegg Stuff.Alegg Stuff.3 yil oldin
  • Coach Rocky?

    SkAtrEaPeRSkAtrEaPeR3 yil oldin