Luka Doncic- Dallas Mavericks 2018 Hype Mix [HD] #NextBigThing

13-Mar, 2018
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You may not know who Luka Doncic is, but your favorite team does. He is being regarded as the best player to come out of Europe since Dirk, been compared to guys like Gordan Hayward and Manu Ginoboli, while having moves in his bag that match James Harden. There are always questions surrounding a player who comes from oversseas, so does Luka Doncic have what it takes to be the Next Big Thing?
Songs: NF- Green Lights
Ty Brasel- Light Up the City
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  • SPORTS. CURRY. Aaresa resaresresa resaresresare resaresresa MATHIEU

    Mathieu SalamaMathieu Salama2 yil oldin
  • This is a great song to make a mix roo

    Definitely not Lebron JamesDefinitely not Lebron James2 yil oldin
  • He's so basic yet so good 🏀🔥

    Gabriel AntonioGabriel Antonio2 yil oldin
  • this is better than eminem

    UserUser2 yil oldin
  • He wont be that good.

    Nicholas SpencerNicholas Spencer2 yil oldin
  • Danillo gallinari at best. IMO can't teach speed and he look slow compared to your average nba 3

    Low key FameLow key Fame2 yil oldin
    • With knowledge like yours is not a surprise the knicks have sucked for years and its fans booed the Porzingis pick.

      puertorricanepuertorricaneYil oldin
  • I think he will be a beast at the nxt level hopefully goes to a team he can grow and develop all skill sets.

    DonNoDraperDonNoDraper2 yil oldin
  • I like him but beat player in the draft? I think not. He nice but he not crazy nice

    Marcus JonesMarcus Jones2 yil oldin
    • He's crazy nice rn

      Federico MatelaFederico Matela8 oy oldin
  • If those dummy Sixers thinking of moving up to draft this kid, I'm done with them. We already have enough Luka Duncic's on the team. Their names are JJ Reddick, Marco Belinelli, TJ McConnell, and Ersan Illyasova. Every fuckin Euro player is "the next Dirk", huh? These niggas can't stick the Celtics wing players for crap, can't even hold Tatum and Jaylen Brown's jock-strap. So, don't fuck this one up, Brett Brown and Co. Better draft that Tatum-buffer named Mikal Bridges NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES !!!

    Bob RobertsonBob Robertson2 yil oldin
  • As a Kings fan we better not sleep on DONCIC! We need this guy!

    Kalani PickardKalani Pickard2 yil oldin
  • Should be atleast rated 80 in 2k

    Mas Magaling mag tank SayoMas Magaling mag tank Sayo2 yil oldin
  • I can't say he's slow, because that may just be the pace of the league he plays in, he might be able to play at any pace

    Victor JacobsVictor Jacobs2 yil oldin
  • Reminds me of Drazen Petrovic but without the swagger that Drazen had. Skill wise can probably already compete in the NBA, but mentally... I dunno. Again, he lacks that swagger.

    ltrgmanltrgman2 yil oldin
  • Ive seen better highlight for other draftee idk why the media are overhyping him to me he looks like a bust

    Ferdinand MetiamFerdinand Metiam2 yil oldin
    • CS ah

      george albengeorge alben2 yil oldin
    • lol

      luirmi1luirmi12 yil oldin
  • ill give you a shout out for Your video lemme know

    Jason SantinoJason Santino2 yil oldin
  • can i use this in an article i'm writing on Luka?

    Jason SantinoJason Santino2 yil oldin
    • Definitely. Thanks for asking permission.

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
  • Next European bust

    James SmithJames Smith2 yil oldin
    • This aged well.

      MattMatt11 oy oldin
    • Right? They all dominate because the league is terrible. Look at the defense being played. It's like the Harleem Globetrotters. The dude on the Clippers last year is a prime example. HE was horrible in the NBA.

      Dr. Drake RamorayDr. Drake Ramoray2 yil oldin
  • Not impressed. A lot of hype surrounding this kid.

    Jelani BonnerJelani Bonner2 yil oldin
    • How about now??

      Federico MatelaFederico Matela8 oy oldin
  • Sacramento bound!

    Joshua SpanoJoshua Spano2 yil oldin
  • He should be pick at #8 1 DeAndre Ayton 2 Marvin Bagley 3 Jaren Jackson Jr. 4 Michael Porter 5 Mohamed Bamba 6 Wendell Carter 7 Trae Young 8 Luka Doncic

    Justin DanforthJustin Danforth2 yil oldin
  • Over hyped not worth top 4 pick

    bluboybluboy2 yil oldin
    • Do you feel stupid now.

      puertorricanepuertorricaneYil oldin
  • 6'7" 220lbs Combo guard, savvy handle, crafty playmaker, has the passing gift, can score at all three levels, above average handle, deceptive athlete, high bball IQ, and experienced. I'd take him #1 and play him at the PG.

    Heath HersomHeath Hersom2 yil oldin
  • I’d take him top 5...he’s talented and proven because he is playing pro against adults. madrid/europe pro league is more competitive then college so if he’s killing it there i would think that would leapfrog him in front of 99percent of draft class

    Ismail MohamedIsmail Mohamed2 yil oldin
  • I can't believe he is same 19 years old as me and i'm here can't even draw a horse

    Bilegtuguldur MandakhBilegtuguldur Mandakh2 yil oldin
    • mind. Don't worry pal, I'm 28 n still can't draw one.. do a good giraffe tho

      Furry PuddingFurry Pudding2 yil oldin
  • I would draft him over Ayton all day, this dude is a BALLER

    Fabio BregasiFabio Bregasi2 yil oldin
  • Kid has skills but it is not fair comparing NBA to any other league in the world.

    TooRealTooReal2 yil oldin
    • That's where I would disagree. The competition in Euroleague is clearly lower than the NCAA. Those kids being drafted for NBA in the top 20 will all immediately be starters or stars in the Euro league. How is the Euroleague better than the NCAA? NBA players that has retired, on the verge of retirement, inquired and couldn't get back to 100%,etc goes there and becomes stars or starters. If these players can make it in the NBA, they wouldn't be going oversea. There has been so many Euroleague draft hype that to me it is starting to become clear that Euroleague don't mean much. Ricky Rubio, Mario Hezonja, Dragan Bender, Porzingus, etc has all failed to live up to their hype. They were all literally DESTROYING competitions during their time in Europe but failed to translate that talent to NBA. There is more players but these are the ones that I can remember off the top of my head. These are my opinions you are free to agree or disagree.

      TooRealTooReal2 yil oldin
    • Yea but you cant compare college to the NBA either. Euroleague competition is closer to the nba than college and doncic has faced a bunch of nba stars, role players, and players that used to play in the nba for many years, college kids havent

      Mo SMo S2 yil oldin
  • Welcome to Sactown

    フォックスフォックス2 yil oldin
  • Number #1 to suns PLEASE

    Daniel ArtistDaniel Artist2 yil oldin
  • Come to the nba luka and stop being a lil bitty bitch

    Oski Chiraq4Oski Chiraq42 yil oldin
  • think this guy is overrated

    Nathan CarnevaleNathan Carnevale2 yil oldin
  • All I see is a complete player. He is like a 6-9 Tony Parker with better passing skills.

    KAYUMANGGI MagazineKAYUMANGGI Magazine2 yil oldin
    • hahahaha Tony Parker is like a Ferrari to this guy's Toyota Camry

      David McCreaDavid McCrea2 yil oldin
  • He will be a Sacramento King.

    Thomaz SaboiaThomaz Saboia2 yil oldin
  • Welcome to the kings.

    Nima SarrafzadehNima Sarrafzadeh2 yil oldin
  • Good looking jumper, nice instincts. I would categorize him as a taller slightly more athletic J.J. Reddick type

    Careem RobinsonCareem Robinson2 yil oldin
    • Not slightly. He's 6'8-230 great build for that age, got the length jj doesnt have, can jump better, great rebounder, can post up, can pass, great handles, and coast to coast speed is great. Only thing thats not that great is lateral quickness, but many nba stars dont have great lateral speed.

      Mo SMo S2 yil oldin
  • He is good but i gota see him in summer league the nba is a whole different beast that euroleague

    Robert PreciadoRobert Preciado2 yil oldin
    • Nba has much worse defense

      miha ažbemiha ažbeYil oldin
  • High basketball IQ

    Eldrid UyEldrid Uy2 yil oldin
  • finally, the friggin Kings got the #2 pick.DO NOT select Doncic..If Ayton is not available, Please select Bagley at #2...we dont need another guard, we got too many friggin guards on the roster already..dont screwed this up, Vlade.

    HowardU GradHowardU Grad2 yil oldin
    • 🤣🤣🤣but he did screw it up!

      Dana kalebDana kaleb2 yil oldin
  • Air Doncic

    SDAWGSDAWG2 yil oldin
  • All those europeans

    EJ MarinoEJ Marino2 yil oldin
  • white harden

    Mark DagpinMark Dagpin2 yil oldin
  • Tomorrow. knicks get him

    비열한거리비열한거리2 yil oldin
  • People saying this guy will be a bust have no clue how to evaluate talent. At worst he'll be a major role player averaging 15 a game or so but I think he has the goods and will be an Allstar. I'm from Dallas and watched Dirk his whole career and this kid is more athletic and a better passer, I'd love to see Dallas get him.

    TechnoGuy11TechnoGuy112 yil oldin
    • and we got him big dog. Im from Wichita falls tx and I ve been a maverick fan fro 26 years. he will take the reigns from dirk and excel on .

      Eric JonesEric Jones2 yil oldin
    • All I was saying is that at 18 years old he looks better than Dirk did at the same age. I'm not saying he's going to be better than Dirk because he probably won't but he is more athletic and a better passer than Dirk was at 18, you can't deny that.

      TechnoGuy11TechnoGuy112 yil oldin
    • Don't compare this very ordinary player to Dirk, you're an embarrassment to the Mavs organization even comparing him to Dirk

      David McCreaDavid McCrea2 yil oldin
  • Incredible feel for the game on offense!

    EbutEmEbutEm2 yil oldin
  • Facts about Luka Doncic. First of all, currently Doncic is 6.8 and growing as he is barely past 19 years. As 18 years old he and his Slovenia team including Goran Dragic won the Eurobasket 2017 in a way that they won every single game! And Doncic was chosen in the top five players of the EUROBASKET 2017. When the Goran Dragic was chosen as MVP of the Eurobasket 2017. On Eurobasket Doncic played face to face against current NBA players like Kristaps Porzingis - New York Knicks, Marc Gasol - Memphis Grizzlies, Pau Gasol - San Antonio Spurs, Ricky Rubio - Utah Jazz, Bojan Bogdanovic - Indiana Pacers , Dario Saric - Philadelphia 76ers, Milos Teodosic - Clippers,... again remember just 18 years old and was chosen in the top five players of the EUROBASKET 2017 among those and other current NBA guys that palyed on this EUROBASKET! And now he is even better. MVP player of Euroleague is close. And comparing Euroleague with NCAA is at list not serious. EVERYONE IN THE EUROLEAGUE IS A PRO! How much players in college get paid? And the REAL organization is on the highest level in the world. And you sure do not know that Real Madrid and Fenerbahce from Turkey already played against NBA teams and they bit them! So much about comparing some kiddy league wit pro EUROLEAGUE second best in the world. The best comparison I saw on youtube is with Larry Bird, but the Doncic is only 18 years and two months old, and he is already on his level:

    Bine BonicBine Bonic2 yil oldin

    Kike GKike G2 yil oldin
  • If he goes to memphis.. they get a ring next year

    kkk22230kkk222302 yil oldin
  • Best player in the draft

    Zlatan KuchZlatan Kuch2 yil oldin
    • @Marcus Jones he is

      Federico MatelaFederico Matela8 oy oldin
    • He’s definitely not

      Marcus JonesMarcus Jones2 yil oldin
  • White james harden

    Joshua SamuelJoshua Samuel2 yil oldin
  • Suns can’t go wrong with Doncic or Ayton...both have high ceilings to be superstars...but then again suns got shitty luck lol may end up with Bagley or Porter or Young

    SE7EN1NE7ESSE7EN1NE7ES2 yil oldin
  • Phoenix really boutta have a dynasty. him and booker. That's like Harden and Curry

    CraigCraig2 yil oldin
  • 2 future GOATs NF and Luka.

    CraigCraig2 yil oldin
  • Christian rap with Luka highlights🔥🔥🔥🏀

    Manuel ParralesManuel Parrales2 yil oldin
    • Terry Terrazzano Actually NF is not doing Gospel anymore. He just does his own thing, which is emotional rap with deep meanings and life problems.

      CANN-ABYSSCANN-ABYSS2 yil oldin
    • Sergey Oliferchik i believe its because he doesnt swear or generally talk about money, women,drugs and being a thug. Someone correct me if im wrong.

      Terry TerrazzanoTerry Terrazzano2 yil oldin
    • Christian rap? Where in this song does he glorify God's name?

      Sergey OliferchikSergey Oliferchik2 yil oldin
  • Damn, Wish The Bulls can trade up to get him! lol Gut the team if you have to...

    Silent GonzalezSilent Gonzalez2 yil oldin
  • He is playing against professionals unlike pussy ass college players, people have to understand that. He is leading his team to euroleague championships and also his nation Slovenia

    Jonathan SantosJonathan Santos2 yil oldin
  • James Harden/Joe Johnson hybrid

    danny camellodanny camello2 yil oldin
  • Spurs

    Spurs LangSpurs Lang2 yil oldin
  • Make one for liangelo and jalen brunson also donte

    Jack FreddyJack Freddy2 yil oldin
  • unimpressed. the #1 pick? He looks like a second round pick to me. his shot looks about as good as Kevin Loves.

    David McCreaDavid McCrea2 yil oldin
    • The Flight Boyz hof player? Stop

      Marcus JonesMarcus Jones2 yil oldin
    • Dude u just compared him to a HOF player a champion and a all-star👀 just stfu u can't even hate right😂😂

      Kari TheMa9icianKari TheMa9ician2 yil oldin
    • I think we're sometimes so enamored with athleticism that we fail to notice the actual basketball players who may not have top flight athleticism. IDk if he's worthy of the #1 pick but balling out in that league at that age makes him a first round talent hands down.

      Laurent TshisekediLaurent Tshisekedi2 yil oldin
    • I'd like to have a NBA 3 Point contest jumpshot.

      King PhilKing Phil2 yil oldin
    • Thats a good shot

      Kendrick WatersKendrick Waters2 yil oldin
  • How sad it will be when Doncic ends up being good, not great, at the NBA level. He's an interesting talent but the hype around this kid is ridiculous. He's a good, not great, athlete for an NBA prospect. His defense is unproven. His jumper is inconsistent, he's turnover prone and he already looks like he's on the verge of weight issues even at his young age. His most obvious talent is his vision and passing and that will translate well to the NBA and he'll probably have his greatest success in that area. Whether or not he's a success will depend on what your expectations are for him. If he stays healthy, he'll be in the league for a long time and a contributor. I don't see a perennial All-Star or future Hall of Famer though.

    zyxwut321zyxwut3212 yil oldin
    • You critisize him way harsher then any of the college prospects. If anyones defense is unproven then its marvin bagleys, ayton, mpj and trae young not doncic. His jumper looks great, and he's not that turnover prone, he just makes passes most ppl dont even think about.

      Mo SMo S2 yil oldin
    • It will be funy coming to this coment in 2-3 years just to tell you:"I told you so".If he is healthy and will get 30+ min. no one can stop him that is for sure.+ you talk nonsence ... on verge of weight issues?! WTF and you just speak incorrect bs to be honest.He is a star in Euroleage at age 19 won 1 gold medal for Slovenia at 18 what are your American prospects doing? Maybe look at his game before talking.

      gospa ironijagospa ironija2 yil oldin
    • You have to remember he's only 19 and has so many years to get in shape for his prime. When he's 25 who knows he could be unstoppable

      IlluminateIlluminate2 yil oldin
  • Competition looking good

    Tenzin Namkha DorjiTenzin Namkha Dorji2 yil oldin
  • Too much hype on this guy. He will be nice but not a Star in the NBA. Taking him in the 1st 20 picks is going to be a major reach.

    William ColemanWilliam Coleman2 yil oldin
    • First of all, even if he becomes manu ginobili, thats a hall of fame player. And to me his ceiling is james harden with defense.

      Mo SMo S2 yil oldin
    • King Phil that was Tyreke Evans, steph was never Rookie of the Year

      Jeroen Van PottelbergheJeroen Van Pottelberghe2 yil oldin
    • William Coleman That's why you are not an NBA scout. Have you even watched a whole game of Real Madrid or are you giving us your expert opinion based on UZworld highlights ?

      SimonSimon2 yil oldin
    • Jeroen Van Pottelberghe steph was rookie of the year

      King PhilKing Phil2 yil oldin
    • Jeroen Van Pottelberghe As far as saying people overlooked MJ, he was taken 3rd. Hakeem was taken 1st which was a no brainer since Centers was the focal point of most teams in that era. Sam Bowie was taken 2nd by Portland(and would have been a great player if not for his leg issues) who drafted a HOF SG one year prior named Clyde Drexler so it was no need for MJ. So was he really overlooked or just not needed?

      William ColemanWilliam Coleman2 yil oldin
  • People saying that he plays in a tougher league than ncaa. But all i see is tough because the guys are older than ncaa but not more talented. I see same future as Rubio in terms of potential good but his lack of athleticism will hold him back.

    Jose SotoJose Soto2 yil oldin
    • Jose Soto lack of athleticism didn't hokd rubio back. It was lack of a jump shot which is still his struggle now. This guy is like a taller more athletic rubio with a way better jump shot, so I think he'll be great.

      bigmac2785bigmac27852 yil oldin
  • All this racist black people,stop the hate.He will be one off the best future NBA legend if he will be healthy.Larry Bird n.2 he will be better then all others in this draft look this up in 5 years.

    gospa ironijagospa ironija2 yil oldin
  • giannis is/will be better than dirk

    Fredo JamesFredo James2 yil oldin
    • He can't develop a jumpshot

      Federico MatelaFederico Matela8 oy oldin
    • Doubt it

      David McCreaDavid McCrea2 yil oldin
    • OK ?

      King PhilKing Phil2 yil oldin
  • He looks solid but I really don't understand the hype. He'll play wing in the league. I can't remember the last "great" wing player who wasn't exceptionally athletic.

    showbiz3mvpshowbiz3mvp2 yil oldin
    • Care to revisit your opinion

      puertorricanepuertorricaneYil oldin
    • Not sure if if he's a WAY better athlete than young pierce, when i bring up pierce I meant just his style of ball handling is similar to Paul when he was younger.... but we have the same point of view when it comes star players who aren't great athletes... I think he'll play point guard on offense but guard forwards on defense, similar to the role Ben Simmons has been in this year.

      ZeroZero2 yil oldin
    • Hes a way better athlete than paul pierce though. And if they use him right they would use him as a pointguard. Plus theres many nba stars that arent great athletes, like steph, harden, klay, cousins, jokic, draymond, carmelo, chris paul, bradley beal and so on.

      Mo SMo S2 yil oldin
    • Style wise his game reminds me of Paul Pierce but with better vision. Not a great athlete but extremely skilled

      ZeroZero2 yil oldin
  • Dallas Mavericks with the 3rd pic will get him

    At DallasCowboyBluAt DallasCowboyBlu2 yil oldin
    • nostradamus

      jakocr7jakocr72 yil oldin
    • u was right.😂

      Terell BrinkleyTerell Brinkley2 yil oldin
    • At DallasCowboyBlu heck yeah let’s hope he’s as good as he looked in the euro league

      Nicholas RashellNicholas Rashell2 yil oldin
    • NottaFamousGuy22 ha yea you are right now we need a big in fa

      At DallasCowboyBluAt DallasCowboyBlu2 yil oldin
    • Nicholas Rashell got both

      jbeezjbeez2 yil oldin
  • We'll see

    Jacob CrandallJacob Crandall2 yil oldin
  • If dirk Nowitzki and James Harden conceived a baby!!

    Adam FleckAdam Fleck2 yil oldin
    • @David McCrea now suck it

      Federico MatelaFederico Matela8 oy oldin
    • David McCrea well, eat your words now, idiot

      RokRokYil oldin
    • this kid is nowhere near as good as either of those guys man come on..... Dirk is 7 feet tall, this guy is an average player

      David McCreaDavid McCrea2 yil oldin
    • your boy doncic is trash bro SUCK IT

      David McCreaDavid McCrea2 yil oldin
    • David McCrea hahah dirk is faster than doncic? What an idiot

      miha ažbemiha ažbe2 yil oldin
  • Quickness and defense questionable... Does he have a post game?

    nelson sagatonelson sagato2 yil oldin
    • he has a great post game... he can play 4 positions on the court averaging 8 of 10 in all of them. that is his strength

      Home SolHome Sol2 yil oldin
    • nelson sagato he is a point guard. You want a postup point guard? In 2018? Except it's Simmons or Lebron this makes no sense

      King PhilKing Phil2 yil oldin
  • I understand he is Very young in the 2nd best basketball league in the world, but can someone tell me what they see in his game that is so special??

    The Hoop LabThe Hoop Lab2 yil oldin
    • By far the best performance index rating in Euroleague with 7 minutes less in game as the second best. At 19, he was 8 times best player of the round in Euroleague, which is 3rd all time result (compared to people that played entire careers in this league). He is Ben Simmons with shooting ability (worse defense though), can attack like Harden but still be greater contributor defensively. He has real winner's mentality. That's why.

      Mare SMare S2 yil oldin
    • Great ball handling, shooting of the dribble, 3pt range, high IQ, can finish strong around the basket, plays in the best or at leats top 5 team in Europe and is the leader of the team, also, he's a 6'8 point guard... needs to get better on defense tho.

      RikwashereRikwashere2 yil oldin
    • Samir Singh just cause he’s not throwing down insane dunks you’re underrating him. Kid can do it all offensively. He can pass, shoot, slash, and he’s got a high IQ

      Ali MofradAli Mofrad2 yil oldin
  • I feel sorry for whatever team wastes a draft pick on him 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Devin WhiteDevin White2 yil oldin
    • Yeah the Dallas wastes it lol

      Federico MatelaFederico Matela8 oy oldin
    • Devin White hahah shut the fuck up you didnt reached anything in your life ;)

      EvoqEvoq2 yil oldin
  • He should study james harden all day all night

    kwalexkwalex2 yil oldin
    • kweezy b the biggest flopper in the league. Smart move

      Greatest Of All TimeGreatest Of All Time2 yil oldin
  • He is a taller slower James Harden type player.

    Dennis MenaceDennis Menace2 yil oldin
    • Renzo Cabarco looks like you were right and @nellek970 was wrong

      C SmithC SmithYil oldin
    • nelle, shut your jealous ass up, Luka is the best player in a whole continent, you think he can do that without being athletic? Go watch women's sports, more your speed.

      jaayyb truthhurts99jaayyb truthhurts992 yil oldin
    • Believe me Doncic is extreme talented...he's court vision is just perfect...Like Manu Ginobili

      Peter ZelPeter Zel2 yil oldin
    • nellek970 watch james harden and doncic back to back. Harden isnt faster than doncic. And if he is, barely.

      Mo SMo S2 yil oldin
    • 10 passes,17 point in euroligue for 19 years ald boy?If that is not amazing than i don't now what is...🇸🇮

      Peter ZelPeter Zel2 yil oldin
  • Should the Cleveland Cavaliers be lucky enough to land this guy and manage to keep LeBron... oh goodness me They can just run pick and roll all day between the two of them The league might as well just give them the title This kid is going to be a stud

    Avrumi PollakAvrumi Pollak2 yil oldin
    • Crack is a terrible drug.

      Dr. Drake RamorayDr. Drake Ramoray2 yil oldin
    • They weren’t 🤷🏼‍♂️

      Joshua SpanoJoshua Spano2 yil oldin
    • ?

      King PhilKing Phil2 yil oldin
  • Overrated i dnt see the big deal

    David RuffinDavid Ruffin2 yil oldin
    • Justin Danforth So Dirk who was the best player in his draft shouldnt have been picked top 5? Porzingis who was the best player shouldnt? Pau, Giannis, Jokic so many others

      Mo SMo S2 yil oldin
    • no euro should be picked at top 5

      Justin DanforthJustin Danforth2 yil oldin
    • King Phil he is 6'8. Same height as lebron

      Mo SMo S2 yil oldin
    • You have no idea what a good basketball is, Idiot.

      rabbitseasonrabbitseason2 yil oldin
    • Elzy Blanton you realize that he is playing against top flight competition and tore it up in a way no other player ever has? this euro league is better than the best college teams and less than NBA teams. and he's been a pro over there since he was 15 and is more dominant than kristaps or Dirk or goran dragic or drazen petrovic ever were and has been since b4 he was an adult. there is no denying success. and if he played in an american college last year he would have been the top player in the nation. wait until midway through next season. he'll be putting up 17 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds with percentages around 45/35/85. guarenteed

      Dying Breed1904Dying Breed19042 yil oldin
  • I think he plays more like harden than GH or manu honestly. Crafty, good shooter, nasty stepback, great handle, excellent passer. Neither are what you would call explosive or super athletic.

    s0meguy809s0meguy8092 yil oldin
    • You never saw him dunk ? then you started watching nba in 2018 check this out windmill and tomahawk in game posterizing dunk you were saying ?

      King PhilKing Phil2 yil oldin
    • James Harden is not athletic he runs like has a turd in his pants and I never saw him dunk so shut the fuck up please

      ShulcyoShulcyo2 yil oldin
    • s0meguy809 it's his play style. I can definitely tell you, you don't watch NBA or don't know harden.

      King PhilKing Phil2 yil oldin
    • s0meguy809 No one has ever not taken an L.. Yet, here you go bringing it up. You're the only one that mentioned anything about a bum.. He's not what you "biased" weirdos hype him up to be. He literally looks reminiscent of Turkoglu. To compare him to an MVP is a joke. You're a clown.

      Earl MonroeEarl Monroe2 yil oldin
    • Earl Monroe Harden took the L. That's what he did. Hey, you right. This kids a bum. That's why he's a lottery pick in the fucking NBA.

      s0meguy809s0meguy8092 yil oldin
  • Great all around player Luka and Ayton are faces of franchises

    Neil SmithNeil Smith2 yil oldin
  • #1???? Really? Unathletic euro? #1? Really?

    Brian LeeBrian Lee2 yil oldin
    • you can be the best ball handler in the world but if you get hurt all the time I doesn't matter.

      McDiddyMcDiddy2 yil oldin
    • McDiddy ball handlers win games in the nba now, big men are complementary players. Luka is the truth

      Anthony BattagliniAnthony Battaglini2 yil oldin
    • A vast majority of Euro players can't handle the physicality of the NBA. That alone should be enough of a concern to not take Luka #1 over an athletic can't-miss like Ayton.

      McDiddyMcDiddy2 yil oldin
    • Yes Brian Yes, take your Anthony Benett....Murican mentality is trash AF, Athelticism isnt everything, and you can work it easyer. IQ is IQ, gods give it to you...or not, you can't work on it. So take your athletics freaks who's career is over onc they are injured, i'll take my Doncic, Ntilikina , Gasol, Diaw or Nowitzki.

      Chris AChris A2 yil oldin
    • Kid is defending, rebounding version of Harden.

      SkoSko2 yil oldin
  • This is the top prospect in this year's draft??

    TRILLTRILL2 yil oldin
    • TRILL. Top 5

      Deuce .pDeuce .p2 yil oldin
    • TRILL top3

      EJ MarinoEJ Marino2 yil oldin
  • 🔥🔥👌🏻👌🏻

    JD WiddisJD Widdis2 yil oldin
  • I see you with the NF.

    ilovemanunitedilovemanunited2 yil oldin
  • I would agree with the description. That stepback is mean. Perfect jumper too.

    nikewarrior24nikewarrior242 yil oldin
    • TH13beast 👊

      nikewarrior24nikewarrior242 yil oldin
    • nikewarrior24 Definitely. His development is gonna be a major key. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
    • TH13beast Agreed bro. I'm interested to see how he performs against the competition as well. Hopefully he gets drafted where he could get great playing time as well as a good coaching staff.

      nikewarrior24nikewarrior242 yil oldin
    • nikewarrior24 Yeah I'm interested to see if he'll be able to pull off these same moves against NBA competition. He definitely has the ability, just a matter of how long it takes him to adjust.

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin