Kyrie Irving- I'm No Sidekick-Official Mix [HD]

25-Apr, 2017
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Kyrie Irving is tired of being called a "sidekick". Uncle Drew is out to prove he can be the centerpiece of an NBA Franchise.
There's no denying it anymore, Kyrie Irving is a star in the NBA. Whether he's putting defenders on skates or helping lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Finals, there's no denying one thing...
it's Uncle Drew's world now.
Music by Kaleb Mitchell and Aha Gazelle. These are two of the hottest young artists in the game. I highly recommend you check them out.
Song: Kaleb Mitchell- AI (Remix) feat. Aha Gazelle
I do not own the footage or music in this video. All rights go to their respective owners.
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God bless.

  • Love your channel, I am 12 so these are like the only mix tapes my parents let me watch since they don't curse

    Elyjah RichardsonElyjah Richardson2 yil oldin
  • bro that was strait fire 🔥🔥🔥and also there are parts in there that are so true like "isn't it funny that when u respond to the hating they paint u the villan "

    Michael RoviraMichael Rovira3 yil oldin
  • do one with aha hopping on the track of this song

    ChrisswangsChrisswangs3 yil oldin
  • 垃圾

    world war lllworld war lll3 yil oldin
  • what song is this

    Thomas KebedeThomas Kebede3 yil oldin
    • +Thomas Kebede AI Remix by Kaleb Mitchell Mitchell and Aha Gazelle. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • K. Mitchell's "A.I." track is definitely appropriate for this man.

    Keith EKeith E3 yil oldin
  • Drew's world is pretty flat lol

    J GoogleJ Google3 yil oldin
  • my nigga said ready to bus like a greyhound 💀💀🔥

    Big BREADBig BREAD3 yil oldin
  • lmao practice!!

    REDRED3 yil oldin
  • awesome

    Alicia TerryAlicia Terry3 yil oldin
    • +Alicia Terry Appreciate it. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • God bless you dude!!

    Xavier NoraXavier Nora3 yil oldin
  • This and the R.I.C.O Kyrie mix are my favourites

    david kayldavid kayl3 yil oldin
  • wtf is this rapper i been hearing from him all over you tube

    God X RebornGod X Reborn3 yil oldin
    • God X Reborn Kaleb Mitchell's a killer bro. I recommend you check out his soundcloud and search his name on UZworld. He's dropping a new album in early June that I have a feeling will blow up.

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
    • God X Reborn First verse or second?

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • @2:03-2:11 that layup was 🔥🔥

    Yo.boi_ Hood619Yo.boi_ Hood6193 yil oldin
  • At 0:27 thought he stepped out tbh but if u look closely its some amazing footwork.

    MLGaming 2015MLGaming 20153 yil oldin
  • This highlight lit 🔥 af makes me wanna go hoop right now.

    DonNoDraperDonNoDraper3 yil oldin
  • do one on kishon furlow

    Rich_EdreedRich_Edreed3 yil oldin
  • bro i swear you and i listen to the exact same artists

    Rich_EdreedRich_Edreed3 yil oldin
    • Spakes550 Gaming - RGG that means your a Christain 👍🏾

      Ethan ReedEthan Reed3 yil oldin
  • "it wasn't a window, he SWEPT something that I'm not gone mention"😂😂😂🔥

    Samuel CymonisseSamuel Cymonisse3 yil oldin
  • I love Your mixes bro they are fire. check out my Damian Lillard look at me mix if your interested.

    Tom FTom F3 yil oldin
  • GOD BLESS!!!

    Naisha KingNaisha King3 yil oldin
  • Pin this comment.

    Finn222Finn2223 yil oldin
  • Yo you need to put Mommas house by Aha in a mix! This was dope by the way 🔥 I get excited when I see you posted a new mix

    JD WiddisJD Widdis3 yil oldin
    • +JD Widdis 👀. Appreciate it bro. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • back again ? you have deleted the first one. Could you tell the name of song of previous video ?

    Ерасыл ЕргалиЕрасыл Ергали3 yil oldin
    • Thanks for responding)))

      Ерасыл ЕргалиЕрасыл Ергали3 yil oldin
    • +Ерасыл Ергали The first one was deleted because it didn't meet my standards I have set for a mix. I rushed it and it didn't turn out as good as I wanted. That won't ever happen again. Y'all deserve the best content I can provide. The previous song was Powerball by KiShon Furlow. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • Great video!

    ViZiO MusicViZiO Music3 yil oldin
  • first

    Lucian SavoaiaLucian Savoaia3 yil oldin