Kingdom Come: A Look at LeBron's Legacy After Bringing a Title to LA

1-Okt, 2020
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Nobody in the history of sports has ever had their legacy questioned and debated like LeBron James. Whether it be the teams he's put together over the years to pursue rings or questions about his playing style compared to past greats, his moves both on and off the court are constantly under the scrutiny of fans and media alike. Now with LeBron making his 10th career NBA Finals appearance in 2020, tied for 3rd most among players all time and more than all but 3 NBA Franchises as a whole, the questions about James' legacy are big as ever. Let's take a closer look the career of LeBron James, and determine what winning a fourth NBA championship with a third different team, the historic Los Angeles Lakers, means for how he will be remembered for years to come.
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  • 4th ring and 4 fmvps no asterisk I don’t like that word

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  • Whats with the views? This deserves way wayyy more

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    • UZworld's algorithm isn't recommending it as much as other videos unfortunately. Hopefully with people like you seeing it and appreciating the content then that can begin to change. Thanks for watching!

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  • nice vid

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    • Appreciate it!

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  • Excellent video, I’m a big Lebron fan and I really enjoyed it well done!

    Jason ShampanskyJason ShampanskyOy oldin
    • I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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  • Cool video hate the bots in the comments tho

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  • Great vid but I hope the series goes to 7

    The SpeedsterThe SpeedsterOy oldin
    • I appreciate the support! As a fan, I'd love to see it go 7 too. I hate seeing the Heat get hit with so many injuries, I loved watching them during the playoffs!

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