Josh Jackson- Phoenix Suns 2017 Hype Mix [HD] #NextBigThing

12-Mar, 2017
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Josh Jackson has been drafted #4 overallby the Phoenix Suns.
Josh Jackson has as much potential as anyone in the draft. He can do it all on both ends of the floor. Thanks to him, the Kansas Jayhawks have continued to stay at their spot atop the college basketball world, and he hopes to do the same for his new team after the 2017 NBA Draft.
He seems to be a sure thing prospect... but Is he the next big thing?
Song: Vic Sage- Grind (feat. Joey Jewish, Ki'Shon Furrlow, and Shad Gill)
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  • Devin Booker, Marquese Chriss, Dragan Bender, TJ Warren, Tyler Ulis, Alan Williams, and now this dude! I hope we draft Mo Bamba or DeAndre Ayton!!!!

    KingOfMars90KingOfMars903 yil oldin
  • Je kiff ce joueur

    Thomas MOUZE_AMADYThomas MOUZE_AMADY3 yil oldin
  • this man and booker Damn!!!!!!

    Christian HoffmanChristian Hoffman3 yil oldin
  • I really like this pick. just give him time to mature. he'll get stronger and faster.

    David DanielDavid Daniel3 yil oldin
  • This is the sickest JJ mix out there. Good work, bro!

    Jeremy PaulisonJeremy Paulison3 yil oldin
  • Welcome to phoenix

    EddieEddie3 yil oldin
  • Josh Jackson a beast can't wait for posters dunk in the NBA

  • Him and Jaylen Brown are scary

    ejthakidejthakid3 yil oldin
  • He has the most upside in the draft

    smilylesmilyle3 yil oldin
  • Fuck Ball. This is the dude I want at #2.

    EeeeZeeeEeeeZeee3 yil oldin
  • Lakers all day

    AkomaAkoma3 yil oldin
  • Him and Brandon Ingram would be a scary duo.

    Emaud_WillEmaud_Will3 yil oldin
  • BROO i made a My player on 2k14 named like this guy WTF

    — Roxy— Roxy3 yil oldin
  • yes Lakers take him .. let lonzo go to Philly

    coolduder1coolduder13 yil oldin
  • Philly aren't gonna pass on this. Anyone can learn how to shoot but you can't teach his athleticism or defensive instinct I think he fits

    lion7 7heartlion7 7heart3 yil oldin
  • All I am seeing is dunks how's is mid range long distance or defense assist turn over ratio

    BeatsforlifeBeatsforlife3 yil oldin
    • james jackson He is an absolute lock down defender, can guard 1 thru 4, handle the ball in P&R situations and create for others. His shot is literally the only weakness to his game and that can be fixed. The intangibles he brings with his passion and intensity are off the charts. Best 2 way player in the draft.

      Jeremy PaulisonJeremy Paulison3 yil oldin
  • Another Wiggins.

    Navaro PalmNavaro Palm3 yil oldin

    Rob774Rob7743 yil oldin
    • it will not be a good ft cuz jackson cant shoot and simmons will reportedly run the point and also cant shoot. they do not complement each other

      Joshua MuyotJoshua Muyot3 yil oldin
    • Rob774 yeaaa Philly should get him. he'll be a good fit with Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and jahlil okafor. just hope my sixers do well

      Marc RodriguezMarc Rodriguez3 yil oldin
  • Future Dr J?🤔

    coldgunna_ _coldgunna_ _3 yil oldin
  • Reminds me of Paul George

    ocean rulesocean rules3 yil oldin
    • ocean rules More of Kawhi Leonard, IMO

      Jeremy PaulisonJeremy Paulison3 yil oldin

      ejthakidejthakid3 yil oldin
  • Next Russell Westbrook

    Wavyy Jitt-Wavyy Jitt-3 yil oldin
  • JJ is NASTY!!! Great Vid, Luv Da Jamz !!!!

    Richard HaynesRichard Haynes3 yil oldin
  • Josh Jackson is WOW! I could watch this guy's game all day. Raw EXCITEMENT!

    Scarlett O'haraScarlett O'hara3 yil oldin
  • Bro you have the nastiest mixes. Always pick the most gritty songs

    Don FDon F3 yil oldin
    • +Donte Forbes Appreciate it. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • music?

    • +Wyld lyfe Grind by Vic Sage. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • Do Fox or D Smith next💯

    Marvo HonchoMarvo Honcho3 yil oldin
    • +YVNG TY Dennis Smith Jr. is up next. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • God bless great video

    Waddy MaldonadoWaddy Maldonado3 yil oldin
    • +Waddy Maldonado Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • this song is did u find it, Cruz I been vibin to dis for a month now

    Samuel CymonisseSamuel Cymonisse3 yil oldin
    • I'm always on the look for songs that are low key heat. I've been sitting on this one for a while but finally decided to bring it out. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • Well done zunnnn

    Cody Feel GoodCody Feel Good3 yil oldin
  • Your videos are always great 💯

    SebSeb3 yil oldin
    • +Six Side Seb Appreciate it bro. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin