Is Cleveland a Good Fit for Derrick Rose? [HD]

24-Iyl, 2017
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Derrick Rose went from the youngest MVP in NBA history to an afterthought, but here's why the Cleveland Cavaliers may be the team that can revive him back to the top of the league.
With the news of Kyrie Irving requesting a trade breaking, is it possible that this may be the one opportunity that Derrick Rose has been waiting for? His chance to prove to everyone that he is still one of the premiere players in the NBA.
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  • With the news of Kyrie wanting out of Cleveland, obviously Rose's role on the team potentially increases. It was reported that during his meeting with the Cavs, they discussed Rose moving into the starting role in place of Kyrie. LeBron was also reportedly recruiting Rose heavy. This may be the opportunity that DRose has waited for, in hopes of proving he is still one of the elite players in the NBA. Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, Cleveland is going to give him everything he needs to prove everyone wrong. Hope y'all enjoy! God bless.

    TriceTrice3 yil oldin
    • TH13beast ft

      Dianelle MartinezDianelle Martinez3 yil oldin
    • The Cavs can't revive Rose career anymore.. he should just make sure he's healthy and take care of his knee.. and practice 3pt shots..

      Ken MarkoKen Marko3 yil oldin

      Ikhwan IkhwanIkhwan Ikhwan3 yil oldin
    • TH13beast 👀

      quan Brooklyn kidquan Brooklyn kid3 yil oldin
    • Keep the work up bro! i really enjoyed the video, & well said (y)

      DwYane MTADwYane MTA3 yil oldin
  • Even with LeBron, Rose's career is dead for good.

    P2 E2P2 E22 yil oldin
  • This new injury won't stop him

    317Andre317Andre2 yil oldin
  • What about now?

    Chauncey LouisChauncey Louis3 yil oldin
  • he doesn't give it his all anymore hes scared to get injured

    Aidan RIttenbergAidan RIttenberg3 yil oldin
  • Rose will always be my favorite basketball player no matter what anybody says

    Falling Bear34Falling Bear343 yil oldin
  • Sit Smith's behind down

    FervenCFervenC3 yil oldin
  • I want Rose to get that ring.

    SolokeySolokey3 yil oldin
  • you mean HOW right?

    Monchie MonchieMonchie Monchie3 yil oldin
  • title has wrong grammar

    Monchie MonchieMonchie Monchie3 yil oldin
  • ur great

    Aziz99Aziz993 yil oldin
  • I miss d rose's explosion

    Jonas ThumJonas Thum3 yil oldin
  • I hope after rose played with cavs he will go back to chicago and play 100% of his full potential and ability and to become mvp once again.

    jomer catibogjomer catibog3 yil oldin
  • rose will back and MVP again

    snipper onatnomsnipper onatnom3 yil oldin
  • He was Russel Westbrook before Russel Westbrook was Russel westbrook

    Jayy AJayy A3 yil oldin
  • Cavs are going to bring it home again. Warriors are fucked.

    Josh CookJosh Cook3 yil oldin
    • Josh Cook Yeah they sure look like it lol

      Savior SimonSavior Simon2 yil oldin
  • D rose is my favorite player but he can't be mvp again. He's not fast as he was before and without his fast he is nothing...

    LiudvikOfficialLiudvikOfficial3 yil oldin
  • Is there a chance they can get tom thibodeau?

    anrieanrie3 yil oldin
  • Fuck you're right

    WindowsWindows3 yil oldin
  • Fart itz OVA 4 drose.

    YaBoyCurtis 1YaBoyCurtis 13 yil oldin
  • Derrick rose Will rise again i can't wait

    Trey GarrettTrey Garrett3 yil oldin
  • Curry is gonna have big problems holding Rose. I don't think Curry can hold him. Rose is gonna breakdown the Warriors defense attacking the basket.

    OldschoolhiphopOldschoolhiphop3 yil oldin

    Answer FabianAnswer Fabian3 yil oldin
  • He done well at the Knicks , he gonna be better at Cavs.

    J EnJ En3 yil oldin
  • 1 Rose // Thomas /// Korver 2 Wade // Smith /// Shumpert 3 James // Jefferson /// Crowder 4 Love // Frye /// Green 5 Thompson /// Tavares The Cavs only have 1 weak position and that's the 5. TT can't play all 48, and moving love to the 5 is way too much for him to handle all the time. Other than the 5, The Cavs have a beautiful 2018 season ahead. I can see them going back to the finals with this team. 1: Rose (like the video said) is making a big improvement in his game; IT is small but he can lead a team. Korver can be 1 or 2, probably more likely to be in the 2, but that position is stacked. 2: Wade is a legend (fight me). We're about to see le heat reunion spark like old times. It's gonna be lit. Swish already proved he can be great, and shump just needs to focus a bit more and the 2 is secure, no flaws. 3: James is the king. GOAT. Jefferson wouldn't need to play often, the way bron has been training this summer, but of course everyone needs their rest. Crowder is going to be exciting to see this year. I think his dynamic from the celtics will prove to be a good fit in the 3. 4: Love has got the experience and does great, although i will say he wasn't too aggressive this past season, so i hope he shows it this season. Frye is a great spot shooter and great fill in. Green is going to be exciting as well, watch some highlights on this guy. He's gonna make the Cavs explode more in the paint. 5: TT needa drop the kardashian, and we good. lol

    J GJ G3 yil oldin
    • J G - *W*

      DaathDaath3 yil oldin
  • it's time for cavs with derrick rose

    Marvin OrindayMarvin Orinday3 yil oldin
  • Believe in your self even when others stop believing in you 💯

    Fidel KhanFidel Khan3 yil oldin
  • d🌹 forever 💙💙💙💙

    Choco CookieChoco Cookie3 yil oldin
  • drose is on the cavs now

    Thierry EstiverneThierry Estiverne3 yil oldin
  • Return of the Mack!!

    Hazel EyesHazel Eyes3 yil oldin
  • Thomas And Rose combo I don't know, if they healthy and in top form maybe they could do it against the Raptors o i mean OKC o shit my bad I really meant Boston o fawk the teams a hack without Lebron.

    El DiabloEl Diablo3 yil oldin
  • Im excited for this season for Rose! im a fan and happy that he's playing basketball and hope he stays healthy! :)

    Jeffrey IgañaJeffrey Igaña3 yil oldin

    Mark SulapasMark Sulapas3 yil oldin
  • Rose is my favorite PG

    KING KHANKING KHAN3 yil oldin
  • very nice video

    Zeke ZepedaZeke Zepeda3 yil oldin
  • one of my favor player, stay health stay strong !!!

    Xiao ShiWangXiao ShiWang3 yil oldin
  • No

    S.C.B.MS.C.B.M3 yil oldin
  • Rose is regaining confidence, which is the most important thing when it comes to recovering from a sports injury. Also watching this video, Rose has worked on the way he lands after driving to the basket.

    CanuckGuyEhCanuckGuyEh3 yil oldin
  • The clips!!!!man

    Winston WilliamsWinston Williams3 yil oldin
  • It's not going to happen... Watch his 2011 season highlights and then immediately watch last years. You'll notice how drastically his body has slowed and tightened. He's not going to ever return to his MVP self... Ever.

    Tony HutchinsTony Hutchins3 yil oldin
  • D-ROSE is gonna start for IT, until Thomas is fully healed.(U should remake this video now that the Cavs have IT and Jae Crowder.)

    Crawford HamillCrawford Hamill3 yil oldin
  • just saw this video. i really think the major problem ALL OF US FANS HAVE is ALWAYS claiming that "THIS IS GOING TO BE HIS YEAR" isnt going back to the court and contributing good enough? the dude has faced a lot of adversities in his career. physical mental and emotional. so yeah lets not expect he will ever be back to his mvp self(that would be great though) and just appreciate that a dude thats been raised up by everyone so fast got knocked up even faster yet still came back and is contributing :) sorry for the long comment

    TodroTodro3 yil oldin
  • Can't believe ppl sleeping on him avg 18 on a bum ass team

    ezetramezetram3 yil oldin
  • I think rose can win an MVP again if he's not bothered by that injury..Rose and James what ah great combination 2MVP on Cavs men..

    DenDenDenDen3 yil oldin
  • sixth man of the year, if he embraces coming off the bench and cavs save him for the playoffs , contenders would love a former MVP on their bench

    Walter OliveraWalter Olivera3 yil oldin
  • Good Video, keep em up

    Robert LadaoRobert Ladao3 yil oldin
  • I cry ever time I hear d Rose he my man

    PS&Q BAMPS&Q BAM3 yil oldin
  • All he needs in order to come back is learn to land and avoid injuries

    LoaderLoader3 yil oldin
  • Isaiah Thomas > Derrick Rose

    Yeahan KimYeahan Kim3 yil oldin
  • i'm not a drose fan , but ,i want to see that mvp come back baddly

    uan rubyuan ruby3 yil oldin
  • even though i would like to see rose rise to the top again, i don't see it happening if IT is healthy and starting.

    Zagor24Zagor243 yil oldin
  • FINALLY someone who doesnt just think its over for him, with all those injuries he is still a very explosive player who can still do a lot. Rose aint dead yet.

    Double ODouble O3 yil oldin
  • Still # 1 best pg for me..

    EugeneEugene3 yil oldin
  • I imagine Playoff D Rose (better than Hoodie Melo) and Playoff Lebron together and i get chills down my spine

    McFuckin AnotherAccountMcFuckin AnotherAccount3 yil oldin
  • Having Rose for that 1 yr in NY was like a DREAM come TRUE that was TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Wish you would have been still in NY

    The Corvette Experience !!The Corvette Experience !!3 yil oldin
  • DR even atm he is one of my fav of all time

    nath cascennath cascen3 yil oldin
  • I hope so

    quan Brooklyn kidquan Brooklyn kid3 yil oldin
  • D ROSE will be Beast Mode this season🤞 1. Shooters 2. No IT4 to start the season 3. Does not have to rebound or playmake 4. Pick and roll team mate for LbJ 5. Less workload + more points with kyrie gone and IT4 comeback from the injury.

    nahid ahmednahid ahmed3 yil oldin
  • He was a MVP & still play LIKE A MVP. HE play Physical, He's strong, Fast, Aggressive & don't 4get the CLUTCH TIME is DRose time, finishes strong. We all know Kyrie has a sick handle but Rose has it ALL. Rose is similar to Allen Iverson GAME. Cavs Are Heading to NBA FINAL AGAIN! Mark my word y'all. Return of the MVP

    TRJ KwajLuitTRJ KwajLuit3 yil oldin
  • my wild speculation for drose to fit in the team (how he ended up in the cavs in the first place) is to play 50% of the time for JR and now IT, then eventually replace JR. The Cavs has way many wing options now. He'll be the next go-to attack option after Bron. It's how I see it. I'm more concerned on how IT will be fitting in since he was the first option in Celtics in many scenarios.

    Alan KSAlan KS3 yil oldin
  • i think rose fake injured himsel to lower his trade value to have an assured trip to the finals, and then he'll drop like 40

    Jasper guyJasper guy3 yil oldin
  • I agree with you!

    Dominic LadagaDominic Ladaga3 yil oldin
  • Dam I thought I was watching espn the way u broke everything down. Great video thanks

    215 Cj215 Cj3 yil oldin
    • +215 Cj Appreciate it bro! Thanks for watching.

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • Rose was doing work but .... what much can you do playing for such a shitty offense and team and organization

    Tohin ShackTohin Shack3 yil oldin
  • Rose played good offensively in New York, defensively he was just lacking and of course unmotivated cause it’s the Knicks 😅 lol

    Isreal PerezIsreal Perez3 yil oldin
  • Rose been a top talent only weakness in his game is his 3pt shot

    Ant GelatoAnt Gelato3 yil oldin
  • Drose is gonna come back

    Kai RichardsonKai Richardson3 yil oldin
  • He's making facts bro

    David James23David James233 yil oldin
  • Even if it wasnt the cavs i wouldve still watch wateva team rose played with this year he the goat him an melo

    Shun WilliamsShun Williams3 yil oldin
  • last season was a good season for Rose. Hope this season is better

    Tonem28 !Tonem28 !3 yil oldin
  • All that he needs to do now is get that 1 buzzcut again

    EpilepticRabbitEpilepticRabbit3 yil oldin
  • Good content good luck getting to 100k subscribers in due time you'll make above and beyond

    mgt987mgt9873 yil oldin
    • +mgt987 Appreciate the love bro. Thanksfor watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • let's do this drose learn from your mistakes make good decisions I can see that you can reach your dream to have a ring let's pop it and prove your haters wrong

  • Rosa is still top 10 point guard to me

    Bobby BlankenshipBobby Blankenship3 yil oldin
  • The only way for d rose to stay healthy all throughout the season is to do more perimeter shots than attacking the rim .

    roy delacruzroy delacruz3 yil oldin
  • much better if the SAS got rose. with MG is out of the team now, they need a reliable replacement. drose kawhi parker will be a good team

    Jomar Ramz BautistaJomar Ramz Bautista3 yil oldin
  • D rose is a perfect fit. Use kyrie to get more bench players. get rid of TT, and get someone better. keep Jr and love at the starting lineup

    Anthony BonifasAnthony Bonifas3 yil oldin
  • Love rose but they can't revive shit if he can't stay healthy . He still balls when he's on the court .

    Mizzoumike000Mizzoumike0003 yil oldin
  • Derrick Rose was good last year!

    Stephen DowdyeStephen Dowdye3 yil oldin
  • Your on point,I think rose is da best point guard in da NBA.I know you all think that's stupid.I tell you every point guard in the league sweat at that night when they have to face that man da next day.

    Thomas GarretThomas Garret3 yil oldin
  • Your on point,he was to me is da best point guard in the NBA.You all look that stupid,but I tell you evee

    Thomas GarretThomas Garret3 yil oldin
  • tbh it's over for d rose ,his knees are messed up

    Xo_LennyXo_Lenny3 yil oldin
  • Good video bro. Mixed facts and emotion so DRose fans like myself can relate. 🖒

    Mr. OBKMr. OBK3 yil oldin
  • My favorite player !

    Alain LusattiAlain Lusatti3 yil oldin
  • His defense was very weak with the Knicks, but within the right scheme, it is reasonable to see him perform adequately on the defensive end.

    surah16surah163 yil oldin
  • Good Job!!!

    surah16surah163 yil oldin
  • Have they a magic cure for his legs, like stemcells or something similar?? Lebron should teach DR how to land after jumps.

    LoveSalsaLoveSalsa3 yil oldin
  • Derrick Rose needs to win a championship with the Cavs next season then return to Chicago where he rightfully belongs. Rose is 6'3" and a scoring point guard - he's 10 times better than Westbrook in every way. Chicago take him back and let him retire there.

    Kevin MastersKevin Masters3 yil oldin
    • I sure hope you're wrong for Rose's sake. If he doesn't start winning I dare say D-Rose's career is on the nose dive.

      Kevin MastersKevin Masters3 yil oldin
    • I hope you'll be wrong as Rose's legacy is going to go down the toilet if he doesn't start winning something at this age.

      Kevin MastersKevin Masters3 yil oldin
  • They still need to stick d at the end

    Jeremy RobinsonJeremy Robinson3 yil oldin
  • from MVP to Sidekick.. thats sad.. so sad that cavs only give him 2.1 million contract.

    Jafalks1985Jafalks19853 yil oldin
  • Love this fucking video

    Jonathan TurkovichJonathan Turkovich3 yil oldin
  • I love D Rose , that was a great pickup for the Cavs Nation, now we have to get Carmelo and a big man.

    Roman BeaversRoman Beavers3 yil oldin
  • nice bro and well said!

    Kick-Hop InternationalKick-Hop International3 yil oldin
  • I think rose is better then kyrie

    Mani KeyMani Key3 yil oldin

    David Scott JrDavid Scott Jr3 yil oldin
  • that game winning 3 at the beggining was after injuries and the game before his last game with the bulls 😴

    Ghjah MsksjGhjah Msksj3 yil oldin
  • D. Rose deserves a ring... will always be my favorite player. I think he gone bounce back strong this season.

    Star ProjectorsStar Projectors3 yil oldin
  • Hope he can stay healthy

    file interrupted !file interrupted !3 yil oldin
  • He was a monster

    file interrupted !file interrupted !3 yil oldin
  • My 2 favourite NBA players on the same team bruh!!

    Clutch ENTClutch ENT3 yil oldin