How the Ball Brothers Can Survive Playing Overseas [HD]

11-Dek, 2017
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LaMelo Ball and LiAngelo Ball have both just signed to play professional basketball with Prienu Vytautus in Lithuania. Let's take a look at what it will take for them to not only survive playing overseas, but thrive and continue their journey to the NBA.
Beats: Luke White- Shine On
Luke White- Problems
Luke White- Live Fast
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  • If you are good you good in USA, Africa or Lithuania.On the other hand adjustment.The game is very different in US and Europe. LaMelo just 16 years old and will be playing against man.Don't expect 50 points right away. With the hard work it is possible after 6 months 10-15 points

    intas08intas082 yil oldin
  • There going to dominate.All Euro players start pro 16

    Original OneOriginal One2 yil oldin
    • Nope they didn’t, they start pro at 16 (only those that can ball) but in very weak teams/leagues

      Víctor SamsonovVíctor Samsonov2 yil oldin
  • Just take a look at these highlights last time "Žalgiris" visited "Vytautas" before you judge LKL. Could be hard even for Ball's, don't you think?

    Paulius StankevičiusPaulius Stankevičius2 yil oldin
  • funny.

    NurseRatchetHoNurseRatchetHo2 yil oldin
  • Because they are garbage and horrible people atleast they are far away from this country. Keep the whole douche bag little balls family. Take the kursed dashians with ya please

    Scott FireScott Fire2 yil oldin
  • Id say that even if they dont make it straight into the NBA straight from the euro team, they will still be leagues ahead of where they were. Besides Leangelo who wont be graduating from college, lamelo will still be able to go to UCLA if he wants to. Regarding the branding problem between the NCAA and BBBrand, if they NCAA doesnt start changing their methods of milking athletes, they will have to lose out on millions of dollars by not allowing lamelo to play college basketball.

    Leonel OrtizLeonel Ortiz2 yil oldin
  • There's a difference between a drop out and your father pulling u at 16yrs.old, out of school when u had 2 more yrs. of high school. This bullshit isn't about 3 boys, this is all about their father. Its every parents goal to see their child go through high school and graduate, go to college and graduate, if offered a scholarship that means your EDUCATION is free. This pathetic father of theirs pulls them out of school, their not finished school, what the fuck r ya thinking. Know how many parents in this world dream about being able to send their kids to college and they can't, and this pathetic father is pulling his boys out of school before they can finish. My two daughter, graduated from college and into their careers. I didn't do anything different, i did what a parent is suppose to do. Made sure they got their EDUCATION period. I know what i experienced in high school and college, and being a FB player high school and college. They will never ever have the chance to live those days. Very unfortunate for those boys u can't get these yes. back

    FSUSeminoles SeminoleNationFSUSeminoles SeminoleNation2 yil oldin
  • I'm not trynna diss or anything but basketball over there in Europe look boring as hell and seems slow paced

    Trigger WarningTrigger Warning2 yil oldin
  • Very good, very even commentary.

    Cortez FernandezCortez Fernandez2 yil oldin
    • +Cortez Fernandez I appreciate it. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
  • What if they're the bridge to finally bring certain euro teams into normal NBA seasons!????

    PLR 88PLR 882 yil oldin
  • They both gone be in Live/NBA 19 but on Lithuania team, but you can trade them over to the Lakers! Lol Ayyyyyeee 💜💛

    PLR 88PLR 882 yil oldin
  • One more thing some of them act like NBA player for professional

    ItsJxyden2kItsJxyden2k2 yil oldin
  • If the team they are gonna play for is smart they'd start a UZworld channel and post highlights for the ball brothers they'd gain a ton of subs and views

    JJ KinJJ Kin2 yil oldin
  • Balls are losers with low SAT scores

    Jason LongJason Long2 yil oldin
  • bruh, they wont be there more than a month. once they see how shit lithananana is they out.

    Jennifer RuanJennifer Ruan2 yil oldin
  • When they play?

    Drizzy DaniellDrizzy Daniell2 yil oldin
    • +Kylie Sidee I read somewhere that they will report to the team on January 9th. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
  • Nigga they not gone play

    KLONIEZKLONIEZ2 yil oldin
  • Bro!! Your analysis is spot on man 🔥🔥

    Emediong UmohEmediong Umoh2 yil oldin
    • +Emediong Umoh Appreciate it bro. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
  • Is going to be hard for them cause is profesional basketball and with other totally diferent style ,even is hard for some college players...

    comhayor kskdkcomhayor kskdk2 yil oldin
  • Lithuania bought the Lavar's Hype not player talent. LOL

    Peter FotoPeter Foto2 yil oldin
    • Peter Foto facts

      Surprise623erSurprise623er2 yil oldin
  • These are some soft ass mommas boys. Why they gotta keep playing together on the same team? Man up. Grow up. You can’t play with your brothers for the rest of your life. It’s ridiculous.

    •allstopblue ••allstopblue •2 yil oldin
  • I think WHO CARES!!!!

    Danny NoonanDanny Noonan2 yil oldin
  • In europe is so hard the defense is good some rules are diffrent you have to drop the ball before u drop the step

    Ardiana KrasniqiArdiana Krasniqi2 yil oldin
  • In europe is so hard the defense is good some rules are diffrent you have to drop the ball before u drop the step

    Ardiana KrasniqiArdiana Krasniqi2 yil oldin
  • Im fucking excited to see them play #BBB

    Leonar MaglayaLeonar Maglaya2 yil oldin
    • Leonar Maglaya that's sad. That's like saying I'm excited to see Danny green play.

      Surprise623erSurprise623er2 yil oldin
  • First beat , name please

    Mehran YousefianMehran Yousefian2 yil oldin
    • +Mehran Yousefian Shine On by Luke White. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
  • Melo is gonna be a monster when he's 19

    Infinity MixtapesInfinity Mixtapes2 yil oldin
  • Wait until they get in the "A" league. I can assure you they will be dominated. That's not to say when they get older maybe. But the idiot dad put them in a terrible position. These European clubs are no slouches, and they are grown men, many NBA prospect types. At first they will have it pretty easy in the lower league.

    vin russovin russo2 yil oldin
  • Athletic black guys vs Unathletic European players. Not going to be hard for them

    Davoin Shower-HandleDavoin Shower-Handle2 yil oldin
    • Lol lamelo and liangelo didn’t do anything impressive in a mediocre league and playing for a bad pro team

      Víctor SamsonovVíctor Samsonov2 yil oldin
    • W

      Vijay SubramanianVijay Subramanian2 yil oldin
    • Yo european players are 10 times stronger

      Ardiana KrasniqiArdiana Krasniqi2 yil oldin
    • Gregosz Zelinski lol sorry players and Tim was still developing

      Davoin Shower-HandleDavoin Shower-Handle2 yil oldin
    • If you think european players dont play 9 times as physical you dont know much about basketball

      isah bouassaisah bouassa2 yil oldin
  • I Nice vid

    Pranas StankeviciusPranas Stankevicius2 yil oldin
  • Ur still considered a "drop out" if ur being Home Schooled?? I wish them nothing but the best!

    Rich_RecluseRich_Recluse2 yil oldin
  • I think, they will both dominate.

    SuperRay105SuperRay1052 yil oldin
    • They weren’t close to dominate, only liangelo did okay

      Víctor SamsonovVíctor Samsonov2 yil oldin
    • It's official, they will play youngsters and second division teams (NKL), not LKL or BBL teams.

      Mr. Putler GollumMr. Putler Gollum2 yil oldin
    • Your crazy! Maybe in the lowest league, but when they get with the big boys they have a big surprise. High school to playing professional grown men is a big difference, Lemelo is too skinny and leAngelo too slow.Maybe when they have been over there a few years, but daddy is going to kill they're confidence if they play bad.

      vin russovin russo2 yil oldin
    • Haha don't fall for the 12 year old kids hype. Lamelo never ran a real play or any kind of action. He won't play a meaningless minute during the one month contract they signed.

      Eastwood VidsEastwood Vids2 yil oldin
    • True

      Almighty V ////Almighty V ////2 yil oldin
  • Why they don’t go to Cba or Hong Kong basketball league?

    HighFunYTHighFunYT2 yil oldin
    • Mr. Eagle715 because those leagues weren't interested.

      Surprise623erSurprise623er2 yil oldin
  • I wish they went to Australia

    RYFITZ22RYFITZ222 yil oldin
  • If gelo’s dumbass didn’t steal in China they could have gotten a bag out there instead they have to settle for a low low level team in Lithuania. I was pro LaVar until he just ruined his younger sons career(LaMelo). This idiot should have let him finish high school go to UCLA and if he didn’t qualify fuck it let him go one and done. He would still get looks from scouts at practice and would be a “mystery” player like enes kanter, Ricky Ledo.

    Kobe FanforeverKobe Fanforever2 yil oldin
  • Europe is very physical any 16 will get crushed playing there but top leagues in europe it is a way higher level than college to be playing in.

    David S PumpkinsDavid S Pumpkins2 yil oldin
    • *any*

      Sam from 1999Sam from 19992 yil oldin
    • I know dude I try to tell these people the European league would destroy these kids. The lower league is much easier, and smarter move.. The confidence would be shattered with both of them if playing with the big boys.

      vin russovin russo2 yil oldin
  • Weather or not they can perform is truly irrelevant believe it or not. Lavar will find a way to take the spot light off of the boy's and screw it up. I say that because as a 22 year Army veteran I spent 6 years in Europe. life there is completely different than here in the states. They don't put up with a mouth like lavar has, and will not tolerate him acting like he run's the team like Chino hill's. HE will be the down fall. And if those boy's run around town acting like arrogant American's they will have a rudeeee awakening. Personally I don't given them 6 month's.

    Kevin BoutteKevin Boutte2 yil oldin
  • The vets will be coming for them... it will be a grind. Good! This will help them get ready for the nba. Hockey players go pro at a young age, and so do female golf/tennis players. This is great for Melo. It's better than playing the high school scrubs that should not even be on the floor.

    Marcus WittMarcus Witt2 yil oldin
  • all I can say their dad is a genius don't listen to some of these Black sport casters like Stephen A Smith and the rest if it was a white person it'll be all good but as soon as a black person trying to do something these crab in a barrel trying to bring them down Old Dirty Bastard

    Steve WatsonSteve Watson2 yil oldin
    • THE 3PT ZONE an opinion is not telling someone how to raise their kids, it's just an opinion. Wtf

      Surprise623erSurprise623er2 yil oldin
    • The man is not a genius lol are you insane? People really think Lavar is some kind of mastermind sitting around planning all these moves? Cmon now. He is flying by the seat of his pants just taking any opportunity that comes his way to make a buck. He is not any kind of genius. He is just as shocked as the rest of us at what is happening to his family. He has not planned any of this shit out no matter what he may try to convince you of.

      •allstopblue ••allstopblue •2 yil oldin
    • Steve Watson i dont think the right word to use was "black sports casters" i think just sports casters wouldve been good enough because its not just us blacks there are whites and at the end of the day its just abuch of people telling some one how to parent which isnt right and i do agree with you that the world or just a vast majority does tend to point a finger and critisize a minority when we do some thing but when a white does it its ok which its not so i agree but different wording could've been used

      ZordgyZordgy2 yil oldin
    • Steve Watson max Also said this wouldn’t work

      Goatin ArounGoatin Aroun2 yil oldin
  • I'm lithuanian and I'm happy that they will be here . But they choosed really weak professional team , here is a lot of better teams . They will live in tottaly village . It is like 8k people in that city . And then they will come here from Los Angeles I don't know how these young bloods will feel . If they will just work here , then fine , but i don't think so . They still will need some entertainment and in that city is none . So I hope Ball family won't make my country tottaly shit by their comments how bad is here . Anyway it's nice that they will be here and I definetly will come to see them sometimes . Or even play agnaist them :)

    N0S NOSN0S NOS2 yil oldin
    • World As War ne apie ju zaidimo lygi kalbejau :D

      N0S NOSN0S NOS2 yil oldin
    • blet jie ir vytautui per prastai lošia.matei lamelo metimą šitam video :D:D:Dgrauduma kaip ir lonzo ir gelo. supranti kad su tokiu metimu jis neturės šansų prieš vyrus žaist??? prieš savo amžiaus gali taip mėtyt bet ne prieš neptūną lietkabelį kokį, šiaulius. nekalbu jau apie Rytą su Žalgiriu.

      World As WarWorld As War2 yil oldin
    • Jie per prastai zaidzia zalgiriui jie paprastai nepazaistu

      snuberman nsnuberman n2 yil oldin
    • They are going to live in Kaunas

      Vijay SubramanianVijay Subramanian2 yil oldin
    • John Calfan, I don't think these teenage boys need anymore entertainment other than the internet and their phones. They are there to do a job, not party. All they need is a gym.

      Keith OptimoKeith Optimo2 yil oldin
  • If they do go we will find out if it's about basketball and being great our is just their Dad's Circus and Ego. If you look at any European Players that have made a Roster in the NBA,you will know why they are there. FUNDAMENTALS FUNDAMENTALS FUNDAMENTALS. These Kids actually have a chance to be ahead of American competition simply because there is no AAU that takes away from Gym hrs learning Basketball. It will take two or three years to be Starters if they work. And their Dad shouldn't in no way think that his loud personality will be accepted in European or Asian Societies. Their cultures are older than ours and more polite. This is it tho. If they go and don't bend to the stick,Lavar Ball will have made his Kids " Wondering Jews," looking for a place to pitch their Circus Act with their Dad's Big Yellow Teeth. If they go a excel both Kids will be Fundamentally mature Players the NBA would love to have.

    Gypse GueraGypse Guera2 yil oldin
  • Don’t matter will melo plays he will dominate

    DanDan2 yil oldin
    • Melo gona be shit in this team xdd lol

      Banditų BanditasBanditų Banditas2 yil oldin
  • MELO bouta dominate ‼️🅱🅱🅱

    De’Aaron RoseDe’Aaron Rose2 yil oldin
  • So they are taking the same route as ALL the other europeans took to get to the NBA?

    Water Melon Sugar HighWater Melon Sugar High2 yil oldin
    • Like LT players: Ilgauskas (BIG Z), Valanciunas (JV)...

      Mr. Putler GollumMr. Putler Gollum2 yil oldin
    • They went when they were 18 yes, and Jeremy Tyler was Boogie Cousins before Boogie Cousins (Without the skills). LaMelo is 16, it will be good for them.

      Water Melon Sugar HighWater Melon Sugar High2 yil oldin
    • Brandon Jennings, Emanuel Mudiay, Terrence Ferguson if we want to talk about players from the US that did the exact same thing these last years.

      Water Melon Sugar HighWater Melon Sugar High2 yil oldin
    • OnceYouPop YouCantStop Like tony Parker and manu ginoboli

      Almighty V ////Almighty V ////2 yil oldin
  • It's like a Japanese cartoon.

    Marty Collins, Esq.Marty Collins, Esq.2 yil oldin
  • Love you videos and channel very much. Keep up the good work, can't imagine what your channel will be in a couple of years

    Karabo MuhammadKarabo Muhammad2 yil oldin
    • +Karabo Muhammad I really appreciate that. Glad you enjoy it. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin
  • Was good today rocky

    Captain ZedCaptain Zed2 yil oldin
  • keep up the videos people may not respond but i sure do enjoy your videos, i think that the ball brothers should play overseas

    LandenLanden2 yil oldin
    • +Landen I appreciate that bro and they officially signed a deal with a club in Lithuania today. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice2 yil oldin