How the Ball Brothers Are Changing the Game of Basketball [HD]

31-Dek, 2016
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Lonzo, LaMelo, and LiAngelo are taking the basketball world (and your timeline) over.
From Chino Hills to UCLA, this is a closer look at the Ball brothers, what they are doing to be so dominant, and how it can eventually change the way the game is played forever!
Music by the one and only DKST beats. I've been a fan of theirs for years and they continue to put out the smoothest, soul filled beats.
Special thanks to BallerVisions for some of the clips. Highly recommend you check out their channel for highlights of the nations top prospects!
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  • +TH13beast This is where Chino Hills gets their offense from :) Coach McLendon!!! Best sports documentary ever!!!

    Water Melon Sugar HighWater Melon Sugar High3 yil oldin
  • This coming year, we will see them shine on their own level on their own stage. I believe that LaMelo will become more of a passer and share the ball more than he has. LiAngelo is not only going to pickup where Lonzo left off, but he's going to dominate in his own way. Lonzo is not going to disappoint either. 2017-2018 is going to be 1 hell of a year for the ball brothers. I wish them nothing short of success!!!

    J GambleJ Gamble3 yil oldin
  • Finally first youtuber to be a true fan

    SempaiSempai3 yil oldin
  • the dad is a genius

  • They definitely play fast... very fast. That type of fast play is only gonna work on the high school level. There's no way in hell this style would ever work in the pros... and it definitely doesn't work AS well in college.

    JeenyouxJeenyoux3 yil oldin
  • Is Liangelo the better shooter or is it that his form is more traditional??? LONZO WILL BE BETTER IN THE NBA! Killed it a UCLA though! Made people want to tune in and watch!

    Blake JohnsonBlake Johnson3 yil oldin
    • Yes Lonzo is a talent we haven't seen in some time!

      Blake JohnsonBlake Johnson3 yil oldin
    • +Blake Johnson I was meaning that LiAngelo is more of a pure shooter compared to the other two. Not necessarily better. I could've worded that better. I also agree that Lonzo is a special prospect. If you want a more in-depth breakdown of Lonzo Ball, check out my latest video. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • I have a buddy that i played ball with that had the same shot form as Lonzo, but he didnt score like Lonzo, fair shot.

    Kenneth MurrayKenneth Murray3 yil oldin
  • Lamelo needs to pack on a few pounds like Liangelo...Lonzo will only get better and better. He could challenge MJ for the crown.

    Phillip CPhillip C3 yil oldin
  • Would be great if New Orleans won this lottery. Imagine Ball passing off to Davis and Boogie. In case anyone forgot, right now the Nets have the biggest chance of winning the lottery not the Lakers.

    Dennis JusticeDennis Justice3 yil oldin
  • ok let me get this straight. Lonzo is the best great pointguard. Lemelo wont make the NBA the way he plays defense is trash and will not make nba if he does this. He doesn't even hustle. Liangelo is solid but i think he should have considered football hes strong and phsyical he would be a good tightend

    PinescoolPinescool3 yil oldin
  • Basketball is still a team sport, one player can't win a championship. There are stars and there are role players.. High level basketball takes dedication, maybe these brothers are blessed to be able to make a fortune playing a game. A lot of credit to the parents for involvement to their upbringing.

    William FongWilliam Fong3 yil oldin
  • The ball bros are ballers but I think the rest of their team deserves a little more credit

    Padraig LangPadraig Lang3 yil oldin

    John HardestyJohn Hardesty3 yil oldin
  • I'm curiously eager to see what will happen to em in the NBA. Lonzo could be touted as the next such and such, but he could very well end up just like say, Jimmer Fredette. He was all that in college, but was a nobody in the NBA. He'll have to face up with elite players who can contain him like LeBron, Kawhi, and who can ball with him(pun intended) like Harden, Steph and Kyrie. He also has to match up with the mad skillz of young guns like Giannis, Wiggins, Zach Lavine, Emmanuel Mudiay, Jordan Clarkson. Men like Whiteside, Drummond and Davis will always be glad to meet him at the rim everytime he finishes. Plus guys like Russell will just bully him into submission every chance he gets. This guy will have a tough time transitioning. Unless of course that legendary work ethic's still there and won't be shattered when they get initially intimidated once Lonzo and his bros set foot in the league. His father should've kept his mouth shut because everyone will now have a go at em to prove him wrong. The upside of that is these guys will have the best goin' at 'em on a nightly basis, and this is only gonna make em stronger and better players.

    Genic420Genic4203 yil oldin
  • I like em specially Melo wow being so young he's already pretty good not that lon and gel are great in their own ways they have changed it 92 points hi school or not wow

    william mizewilliam mize3 yil oldin
  • Ugly revolution!

    MDubMDub3 yil oldin
  • kareem Abdul jabbar

    Real ReviewsReal Reviews3 yil oldin
  • Right now Lonzo is a potential Steph Curry to the 10th power because he mixes his game with a mirthless German efficiency and consistent execution with zero fluff or glitz.

    Van IykeVan Iyke3 yil oldin
  • these three are my cousins my name is Lamar ball

    Johnitha HoyrdJohnitha Hoyrd3 yil oldin
  • lonzo is a good pg, but so was jason kidd, stockton, maybe jason williams. But such players are not as impactful as players that can score and better their team simultaneously, like bird, magic, curry, irving, isaiah thomas pistons (and maybe celtics too, haven't watched this new guy enough). lonzo could score more (in college) if he wanted but I doubt his current game could score more in the nba. Near the hoop he is a drive only player, his drives will be less effective against elite competition, he makes his threes (sometimes) but it's inconsistent and he doesn't have midrange, hooks, fadeaways, and his ft percentage is embarrassing for a guard. With that weird shot I don't think he can greatly improve his ft shooting. He shoots so low down he might be a candidate to be shot blocked. I think he shoots deep threes because he needs the space to get the shot off with his bad form, and frankly in the nba many of those aren't even deep threes just normal. Curry shoots a bit low but he has a fast release and shoots almost set shots to beat the block (rather than delaying the release by doing a jumpshot). Lonzo jumps and this delay in the shot gives the defender time, PLUS the low release gives the defender an edge to block or alter the shot. Also, If you can't fake a three and then shoot great on pullup jumpers and floaters, they will just concentrate on guarding against your three. And if you're cold they may even let you take it, I've seen him get very cold with his 3 pt shooting. Frankly, I would say he needs to change his shot mechanics to be a good nba scorer. And if he can't score, he's just another Jason Kidd (good on the verge of great) but not a top 10 nba player or all time great or anything like that. ALSO, his dad taught the brothers to play a showtime lakers offense (and at the moment without the defensive intensity). It is not new or revolutionary...there is nothing new under the sun. In fact it might be closer to the denver nuggets style with orlando woolridge...and they was high scorin' loserz

    John CraftenworthJohn Craftenworth3 yil oldin
  • I want to see them play at the Warriors 4 years from now as the ball brothers.

    Kalel IdosKalel Idos3 yil oldin
  • Superb analytical video.

    Dr. MottDr. Mott3 yil oldin
  • nice vid

    Alejandro DominguezAlejandro Dominguez3 yil oldin
  • This is why Stephen Curry should be named in the same breath as Michael Jordan.

    Blair CalawayBlair Calaway3 yil oldin
  • love to watch them. all say they will be 1 and done. they will b fun to watch play 4 the next 15 yrs knock it u want but u cant stop it. ## futureoftheNBA

    Cory DexterCory Dexter3 yil oldin
  • look at all these hotheads hating them 😂😂 they're just kids and they make it work, oh well if they cherry pick, oh well they don't defend, they win and are good at what they do.

    Noah sharpNoah sharp3 yil oldin
  • No NBA talent whatsoever

    GMR9XGMR9X3 yil oldin
  • When Lamelo in the NBA I'm coppin his jumper is 2k

    lmao _devlmao _dev3 yil oldin
  • The person actually changing the game of basketball is the Ball brothers' dad, LaVar. He is the one whose mind envisioned all of this, and implemented it in his coaching of his boys, especially in their AAU team play. But you don't even mention him, nor do any of the comments below. Just as the mind of Press Maravich resulted in the play of his son, Pete Maravich, creating the original ShowTime basketball, so the mind of LaVar Ball and his actions in training his sons and coaching their team play, has created the Ball brothers style of play. It is amazing how LaVar's insights do not even receive a mention in your video comments. Without LaVar Ball, the Ball brothers would not even be unusual.

    David LDavid L3 yil oldin
    • +David Lemmon Very good input! I do mention in the video that their father is the one who has pushed them towards being great. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • I love the way they play and I think they really could change the game of basketball, and nice vid man

    CodersonCoderson3 yil oldin
  • Idk

    sean macmastersean macmaster3 yil oldin
  • why they all got unorthodox jump shots?

    Renato LopezRenato Lopez3 yil oldin
  • word for word, everything you said is exactly how I feel! I really hope that the ball brothers's influence will change the game on a college and professional level in that it will encourage others to build a great chemistry without fear of playing at full intensity.

    Thalid98Thalid983 yil oldin
  • well i never been a basketball fan and i have one question in my head since a long time i know how far the basket from the center and i always wondered why there's no good enough player to master that shot i mean come on that's not an far distance to score from. i know somebody will say they play under pressure and stuff like that. and still my question is why no one good enough to begin that good? even your legend mj and all that NBA players. if you can't do that under pressure then What the difference between you and the amateur players? I still believe that basketball can be very easy to that man who can always score from the center line.

    Yusuf SanadYusuf Sanad3 yil oldin
  • I like these cats. Someone commented earlier about turnovers and that's the style they play. It's Hugh risk, high reward...Its not a revolutionary system. it is obviously that Loyola Marymount from the Hank Gathers era system. It's a fun system if you're in shape enough to execute in it. Either way, when Melo gets to college he'll adjust but push it up with speed and be very successful. I'm looking forward to him in Westwood

  • Really good vid

    Colin PenningtonColin Pennington3 yil oldin
    • +Colin Pennington Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • these guys r playing like they playing rookie on NBA 2k lol

    Yoboii ZayYoboii Zay3 yil oldin
  • Ball/ Splash brothers 👌💯

    RanDumbRanDumb3 yil oldin
  • great video thanks

    jeffjeff3 yil oldin
    • +jeff Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • lamelo is the only one I think won't succeed because he needs a really good team to make him good. point are good but he needs bords assisists steals to be a great player.he can shoot but can't to the position to shoot on his own

    CJPlaysCJPlays3 yil oldin
  • lamelo is so ugly I can't take it

    Joey GzemskiJoey Gzemski3 yil oldin
    • MrPlex I mean he's a good baller but it looks like Melo and odell had a deformed baby

      Joey GzemskiJoey Gzemski3 yil oldin
  • TH1beast u are right who cares about how much hate they have they can make it in the NBA

    Evan NasabEvan Nasab3 yil oldin
  • If anything Lonzo has the best chance oout of the 3 to become a great player in the NBA. One of those point guard that does it all.

    Rain NguyenRain Nguyen3 yil oldin
  • Those parents need to keep having kids, winning that genetic lottery! haha...Ducks BB fan but really like the Ball brothers even though my team will need to eventually face all 3😑

    Chris TeschChris Tesch3 yil oldin
  • Lonzo actually shoots the nest he had the most 3$

    Alexey the BossAlexey the Boss3 yil oldin
  • yes they are going to change the game

    Sumarion HansonSumarion Hanson3 yil oldin
  • Ruining basketball

    Logan ZellmanLogan Zellman3 yil oldin
  • At the end of the day, everyone said Lonzo wouldn't do shit in college and now he's killing it. Because of his supreme confidence, they all have that what makes you think The other TWO won't be able to adjust to the style of game in college basketball. They are getting better each day, you people think they reached their maximum potential LOL? It's called improvement. They have all the right potential in the world

    Abdul AmraAbdul Amra3 yil oldin
  • this is the best family

    Brandon Shilling-FordBrandon Shilling-Ford3 yil oldin
  • Lamelo Ball vs Zion Williamson 2024 NBA Finals

    Jake CJake C3 yil oldin
  • I just feel like it's way too much attention all too soon. What if it all doesn't go to plan and it doesn't work out. They will grow up and feel like failures and get bad press when they are actually a huge success. Attention this early doesn't end well, ever

    Harrison LennonHarrison Lennon3 yil oldin
  • All these liars saying they go to UCLA and Chino Hills in the comments 😂😂😂😂😂

    Yo5hiYo5hi3 yil oldin
    • Stfu ignorant ass. I didn't follow his comment the way it was worded. He could've said "all these people claiming they go to UCLA and Chino Hills are liars."

      Will CrainWill Crain3 yil oldin
    • Will Crain headass. He's talking about people commenting, not the actual Ball brothers lmfao

      Adam BoseAdam Bose3 yil oldin
    • They do though? LiAngelo and LaMelo are at Chino, Lonzo is at UCLA

      Will CrainWill Crain3 yil oldin
  • People always hate greatness in the moment

    marcus holtzheimermarcus holtzheimer3 yil oldin
  • Shit isn't gonna fly anywhere but high school. No defense that's BS

    BankRoll .MaFiaBankRoll .MaFia3 yil oldin
  • superior offense.

    Tedted SalvadorTedted Salvador3 yil oldin
  • All I'm saying is stop hating for real cause Lonzo is playing at the college level and doing the same think he is dominating look at UCLA's record and his contribution to that record so stop saying it can't be done at the next level "anything is possible"

    iCookOnSightiCookOnSight3 yil oldin
  • Bro Nice explanation and details I only had 1 problem LaMelo is a special guy like his bros but with all due respect what he did by pointing at the half court then shooting it that far it was disrespectful :/ I love the guys but that's my only prob with it :/ Sure the coach had trust but seriously bruh why he do them like that ?

    Max JMax J3 yil oldin
  • Honestly I think they all gonna reach the NBA but they not gonna be that opinion tho

    DJANGO 09DJANGO 093 yil oldin
  • I was good friends with lamelo in middle school then we went to different high schools

    Skux riSkux ri3 yil oldin
  • im a fan...west coast style baby!

    Dj OzoneDj Ozone3 yil oldin
  • Liangelo is possibly not the best shooter out of all 3 Lamelo is the best hands down

    Shaquana OwensShaquana Owens3 yil oldin
  • They are good. But i still think that number 21 and 0 in Chino Hills are the one picking their slack.

    PaulPaul3 yil oldin
  • lonzo got talent

    Gangsta ClownGangsta Clown3 yil oldin
  • Lamelo is def the best shooter of all 3😈

    YRHA VIDSYRHA VIDS3 yil oldin
  • I believe they are changing the way of the game little by little, they're so great in the ball movement

    Alejandro CruzAlejandro Cruz3 yil oldin
  • I know these boys get a lot of unjust hate. But on a positive note Lonzo and Melo bball IQ is what stands out to me and often overlooked. They both so young still , especially Melo. He makes it look effortless, even against other talent. Lonzo gonna get bigger and stronger and dominate at the pro level, only if he continues to progress his game.

    YnotMeYnotMe3 yil oldin
  • Alonzo Ball

    YnotMeYnotMe3 yil oldin
  • Nice video mate

    HeizmanHeizman3 yil oldin
    • Heizman Appreciate it bro. Thanks for watching.

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
    • Heizman is that really you Heiz??????

      FuSeD PanDaFuSeD PanDa3 yil oldin
  • Theyre changing it to a disrespectful Game . Thats it .

    Kareem♚ | DesignsKareem♚ | Designs3 yil oldin
  • I like this videos

    JC22prJC22pr3 yil oldin
  • Maann ther are freaking beast!

    JC22prJC22pr3 yil oldin
  • the way lonzo handles the ball man.. that jumper esp

    SpSp3 yil oldin
  • Lonzo and Lámelo are the hype duo players but Lamelo plays no d and Lonzo is overhyped but L'Angelo will go down as the bets Ball brother

    Sami ZaynSami Zayn3 yil oldin
  • the youger might change the game of Basketball, when they are all in one team their beast.

    Du Calvin K TVDu Calvin K TV3 yil oldin
  • Bro, I love how you said about their freedom and confidence. Because on my opnion thats what NBA is missing, someone with confidence for e.g. LaMelo calling a half-court. No one on NBA does that and that's whats missing in the game.

    Thalles EinsteinThalles Einstein3 yil oldin
    • Thalles Einstein I try to respond to every comment that I can. It's the least I could do!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
    • TH13beast omg i cant believe you answered! No youtubers do that! You the first youtuber i see that reads the comments. I love your videos man! Keep the good work.

      Thalles EinsteinThalles Einstein3 yil oldin
    • Thalles Einstein Glad you enjoyed the video. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
    • +1 subscriber bro

      Thalles EinsteinThalles Einstein3 yil oldin
  • The ball brothers are the future of the nba

    Alexander AngelicoAlexander Angelico3 yil oldin
  • They're changing the game cherry-picking and taking bad shots. This style of play would get eaten up in the NBA. Their hype will only last through high school unless they play smarter.

    wolf_6wolf_63 yil oldin
  • Y O U! noticing if 'your the one that first noticed this analogy of these brothers are amazing in itself TH13beast great analyzing

    Achote671Achote6713 yil oldin
  • So are they just a trip of steph curry's or do they have some Shaq defense too(

    Its MeIts Me3 yil oldin
  • yes they have the potential to change the game, they are doing along with Stephan Curry

    Moises LugoMoises Lugo3 yil oldin
  • they could be really good receivers catching those full court passes

    HighrollerHighroller3 yil oldin
  • I think the one thing they change about the game is that a person can play the game in any way they feel and still find success. They are proving that basketball is not a closed and figured out book, that there is room for anything in the game still. Now, do I like their style of play, na lol

    SirKnightWLGamingSirKnightWLGaming3 yil oldin
    • +YuGiOhDuelChannel Great feedback bro. I believe this is one of the biggest things they bring to the table... Proving basketball is a creator's game, that is meant to be fun. Too often we get caught up in the players not fitting a certain mold. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • All they doing having fun and winning,i fucks with it

    Everyday 3JEveryday 3J3 yil oldin
  • the ball bothers are cool they are good players

    harelowins simonharelowins simon3 yil oldin
  • Im from spain, wish basketball here was at any similar to the us one. Its actully a different game, and seeing these guys makes me laugh and wonder how cool it would be here if somebody with that confidence would win everything and defying all odds and shutting a lot of mouths

    Piolin WindsurfistaPiolin Windsurfista3 yil oldin
  • they are not changing basketball however they are a wonderful family with the most unorthodox jump shot never seen it before my life not that might be different but it's not they're not changing basketball

    adad3 yil oldin
  • Yh they changing it to shitiest basketball in the history no d no offence no effort no competitivness nothing just a show this is bullshit

    Marius KaftaniukasMarius Kaftaniukas3 yil oldin
  • No one will change the game of ball like Jordan did

    RazorRazor3 yil oldin
  • Awsome vid I think that lamelo has the most potential cuz his play style is so flashy and attention grabbing and that seems that's all anyone wants to do

    Brad SimmonsBrad Simmons3 yil oldin
  • Only lonzo will make the nba and lamelo has a slight chance, but liangelo sucks, just search him up on espn, not even ranked top 10 in his own state

    MrWill9668MrWill96683 yil oldin
    • MrWill1729 Steph Curry only had 1 D1 offer and look at him now

      Andrew HermesAndrew Hermes3 yil oldin
  • I respect your opinion but I disagree, Lonzo will be the only one of those 3 that will be an NBA star... the other two play no defense and for every half court shot made there's 10 missed and those aren't good shot selection... it's selfish basketball. Lamelo is still young so hopefully he attempts to play defense at some point and doesn't get frustrated when he gets a great defender who doesn't let him have open 3's all game..... once again I have hope for these 3 but there's my honest opinion

    reycon78reycon783 yil oldin
  • They all going to the NBA

    Donyea rockoutDonyea rockout3 yil oldin
  • please get drafted by the Hawks

    MyDaddySteveMyDaddySteve3 yil oldin
  • They are not ready. High school is different for college.

    AndrewAndrew3 yil oldin
  • Theres too much flashy stuff there style will never work in the NBA those full court passed will lead to straight turnovers Curry changed the game with fundamentals the building off them these guys are gonna have other players chucking full court passes causing turnovers and airballing half court shots

    CodeCode3 yil oldin
  • Never mind the Ball brothers... This is a well done analysis and a fine video. I enjoyed the commentary just as much as the highlights. Get yourself into broadcasting!

    goran2324goran23243 yil oldin
    • +goran2324 Appreciate it bro. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • I don't think LiAngelo gets enough credit. I honestly think he's the better overall player of the three Ball brothers.

    StarOscaritoStarOscarito3 yil oldin
    • Star Oscarito hell no

      Knicks 4 LifeKnicks 4 Life3 yil oldin
    • Stop

      Nuns Wit GunzNuns Wit Gunz3 yil oldin
  • ball

    Landon EwartLandon Ewart3 yil oldin
  • I think the fat one of the brothers is not that great

    Heart of the PackHeart of the Pack3 yil oldin
  • Ugh.... I honestly don't see what so special about the ball brothers. I'm not into college ball so I don't see the stats lonzo put up but so far his highlights doesn't impress me. His shot mechanic won't last, it's very unconventional. But good for them to be changing the game!

    Joey ChowJoey Chow3 yil oldin