Gordon Hayward- Prayers Up- 2018 Boston Celtics Tribute Mix [HD]

4-Iyl, 2017
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Sad to say that Gordon Hayward will likely miss the entire 2017-18 NBA Season due to an injury in his first game with the Celtics. Prayers up to him and his family.
Gordon Hayward has decided to join the Boston Celtics. He not only has a chance to recreate his own legacy, but resurrect the Boston Celtics winning tradition.
Song: Kaleb Mitchell- All Black
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God bless!

  • Prayers up for Gordon Hayward. The injury was hard to watch... I know he'll come back as strong as ever.✊

    TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • this is so sad! all prayers to hayward

    su yisu yi2 yil oldin
  • wish you the best luck, Gordon hayward

    su yisu yi3 yil oldin
  • pray for gordon

    Gaston KabandaGaston Kabanda3 yil oldin
  • Whhyyy gordon hayward this is so sad

    elyvloneelyvlone3 yil oldin
  • Watched this cuz of Hayward's injury sad to see him go down. #PrayForGordonHayward

    King CoKing Co3 yil oldin
  • Lmao yeet

    Elijah PElijah P3 yil oldin
  • We need a Kyrie one now brother

    renerene3 yil oldin
  • Excellent production.

    Daniel RyanDaniel Ryan3 yil oldin
  • you should do a mix of lillard and cj mcollum

    Premium DreamsPremium Dreams3 yil oldin
  • I’m hyped for next season

    bL33d77bL33d773 yil oldin
  • The white Lebron James.

    kozinokozino3 yil oldin
  • nice bro 🏀👌

    kevin saballethkevin saballeth3 yil oldin
  • Great content! Just subbed and would appreciate if you would sub back! I make NBA content as well!

    Polish BoyPolish Boy3 yil oldin
  • Good stuff Kaleb Mitchell too! This is legendary

    Gedeon MusabyimanaGedeon Musabyimana3 yil oldin
  • Use hammer time by lecrae and 1kphew on your next mixtape video 🔥

    OfficialandcalOfficialandcal3 yil oldin
  • Gordon Hayward was granted God-given talent that Utah Jazz saw & helped developed. And let's not kid our selves here. Back on April 16, 2012 the Jazz with Gordon were making a statement that day that Hayward was a talent to be reckoned with in the league. But Delonte West, sent an NBA-laden message to Gordon that he was nothing more than a "wet willie" player in the league and to not get any stupid ideas about being anything else. Remember? In the long run, "Willie" Gordon....how fitting.....Boston is nothing more than advanced retirement planning for "Butler's" star player. The fan base there will have plenty of wet willie's for Gordon Hayward. In Utah, he was the go-to guy on the team. Over there, he's just a "go-to option".....big difference, my friend.

    Wiki SeekerWiki Seeker3 yil oldin
  • Nice, I would say I'm Shipping up to boston would be more great.

    saucy Liam - NBA2k, Madden and many more!saucy Liam - NBA2k, Madden and many more!3 yil oldin
  • This is straight flames bro 🔥🔥🔥

    Jsmoove979 #TEGJsmoove979 #TEG3 yil oldin
    • TH13beast Np man keep up the good work

      Jsmoove979 #TEGJsmoove979 #TEG3 yil oldin
    • +Jsmoove979 #TEG Appreciate it. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • Good work bro! Keep it up with the good work from mixing to analyzing.

    nikewarrior24nikewarrior243 yil oldin
    • TH13beast Always.

      nikewarrior24nikewarrior243 yil oldin
    • +nikewarrior24 Appreciate it bro! Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice3 yil oldin
  • Losing to LeBron in the ECF never looked so good... I guess

    demhademha3 yil oldin
    • Ha we took their key player tho dick head

    • Well, still believe that now that Kyrie is almost gone and the Cavs are breaking apart?

      showman40showman403 yil oldin
    • Even if they lose next season, they've positioned themselves as a more attractive destination for free agents, they have a stockpile of assets, and if the Cavaliers trip or break up, they will be in the best position to take the Eastern crown. Golden State is a whole other monster though...

      PuckPuck3 yil oldin
  • This shit lit bro. Keep up the good work🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Zack LaVine#8 Chicago BullsZack LaVine#8 Chicago Bulls3 yil oldin
    • Yuh

      Gedeon MusabyimanaGedeon Musabyimana3 yil oldin