Encore: The Story of Michael Jordan's REAL Last Dance

17-May, 2020
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ESPN's The Last Dance has taken the world by storm, reigniting the interest of the basketball world and placing the spotlight back on Michael Jordan, over 22 years after he took his last shot as a Chicago Bull. But what if I told you that the Last Dance isn't the end of the Michael Jordan story? The Encore Documentary is a dive into the real ending to Jordan's career, including his comeback from retirement for a third time, and his last two seasons with the Washington Wizards. These years are often brushed aside as the forgotten ending to MJ's legacy, but by choosing to ignore the final chapter, you might miss out on one of the things that made Jordan so special in the first place...
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  • Well done young man. Great doc to watch after you finish The Last Dance for sure. Can't get enough MJ!!

    Sean FitzgibbonsSean Fitzgibbons14 soat oldin

    Adrix RodriguezAdrix Rodriguez3 kun oldin
  • 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    Zachymol 1Zachymol 13 kun oldin
  • Jordan was on the same level as the biggest stars in his Wizard-period, a borderline super star. People fell in love with him while playing for the Bulls because he was in his own league then, a super super star. That will never be forgotten.

    allanhouston22allanhouston226 kun oldin
  • if u dont like dis u dont play basket ball /haters stop haten

    Donnesplayzz LewisDonnesplayzz Lewis6 kun oldin
  • Blissful solitude of legend competitive mind Jordan

    Pj WilliamsPj Williams7 kun oldin
  • michael jordan is not great at decision making as an owner

    Rivera Junn Arvin JayRivera Junn Arvin Jay7 kun oldin
  • The only thing I didn’t like about the Wizards return was the uniforms. Ugliest ever and even Michael Jordan couldn’t make em look good.

    MJ JumpsMJ Jumps8 kun oldin
  • How many assist did he have b-ball is a team sport

    Seth ClarkSeth Clark9 kun oldin
  • 23 all day 🔥

    Martin GuerecaMartin Guereca10 kun oldin
  • My friend I sub u already hope me too thanks

    Extreme SeanReelExtreme SeanReel10 kun oldin
  • Didn’t even know he was a mvp candidate and a all star on the wizards !? 🤯 GOAT

    yeayea12 kun oldin
  • Great video bro. Subscribed

    Dominique RawlingsDominique Rawlings12 kun oldin
    • I appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed.

      TriceTrice12 kun oldin
  • His teammate wasn’t in a rebound position. Saw MJ make the shot. And still walked up and ran into him. Fucking Idiot.

    Fox_HayesFox_Hayes12 kun oldin
  • Truly a Master of Basketball. Thank you Michael Jordan.

    Howard HillHoward Hill14 kun oldin
  • Well done man

    Brodon MyeBrodon Mye15 kun oldin
  • Great video

    Justin ThurstonJustin Thurston15 kun oldin
  • The wizards chapter is the story of a man who knows he GOD DAMN well still had it and wanted to prove it its honestly beautiful every man will face the day when his time has passed him by and Jordan is no different!

    Alex pietschAlex pietsch17 kun oldin
  • MOBB 👀

    Well WhateverWell Whatever18 kun oldin
  • Homie sounds like Birdman

    Hydrastix 2012Hydrastix 201218 kun oldin
  • Fun fact : my birthday is may 23 get it

    Teddy bear plays Roblox and among usTeddy bear plays Roblox and among us18 kun oldin
  • In my opinion those were the most impressive years due to the age

    Sam WarrenSam Warren18 kun oldin
  • This man LOVED bball with everything he had, the only thing that stopped him was aging! I swear getting old is annoying af

    Juan RochaJuan Rocha19 kun oldin
  • great video man.

    Sham GodSham God20 kun oldin
    • Thank you!

      TriceTrice20 kun oldin
  • GREAT stuff!! FYI... RIP Hamilton won 1 championship ;-)

    David KaplanDavid Kaplan20 kun oldin
    • Appreciate the support!

      TriceTrice20 kun oldin
  • Thanks for the video man, that's a part of his career that a lot of people leave out. It's fun to have a video actually dedicated to it.

    Mooncrest83Mooncrest8320 kun oldin
    • Glad you enjoyed it!

      TriceTrice20 kun oldin
  • Ppl forget tht mj was averaging 25...5...5 before he hurt his knee in 2001. Only other person in the league doing tht was a young Kobe.

    Jeremy KilgoreJeremy Kilgore23 kun oldin
  • I felt sad. But that wizard uniform with him .. He has freedom Just inspiring.. Specialy the future.. Still a monster at 40+ years old.

    sup jonsup jon24 kun oldin
  • They wont win if i keep playing...damn savage but true

    jc jayson ongjc jayson ong24 kun oldin
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Sam YorkSam York24 kun oldin
  • NBA: Continues Showing Basketball After His Retirement. Michael Jordan: “So I took it personally.” Puts on Wizards uniform.

    Chul YeomChul Yeom24 kun oldin
  • That shot over Marion in the 2003 all star game still gives me chills

    Viki GannoeViki Gannoe25 kun oldin
  • Great video! The background music is 🔥 Some classics that brought some nostalgia along with the Jordan memories. Awesome

    SamthemanvisionSamthemanvision25 kun oldin
    • I appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed.

      TriceTrice25 kun oldin
  • If this wasn’t about Jordan I wouldn’t have stuck around for all those adds lol

    J NvusJ Nvus26 kun oldin
  • Wish you had added "The Block" to this video. To me, his most stunning play in the Wizard years. That alone was worth this last last dance. :)

    Mike VlcekMike Vlcek26 kun oldin
    • That block is legendary.🙏🏻

      TriceTrice26 kun oldin
  • Rip won 1 championship with the pistons. Excellent video bro keep em coming

    Blake GriffinBlake Griffin26 kun oldin
    • No doubt! Big things on the way! Thanks for watching.

      TriceTrice26 kun oldin
  • The real last dance

    Joanna MarroquonJoanna Marroquon27 kun oldin
  • He should have joined Lakers with Phil Jackson!!!

    akash murthyakash murthy28 kun oldin
  • Had he had help, he would have been able to contend for a championship at his level. Heck, the only reason he lost a step was just from his time off. Some things with time you can't get back, especially after 3 years. Happens to the best of athletes.

    x64x6428 kun oldin
  • The biggest mistake that is haunting his legacy. Real talk! Bad last dance! Just like everybody is saying. It's all about winning! Imagine if he did not come back as a Wizard!?

    Lanz PinedaLanz Pineda28 kun oldin
    • Naw, the fact that he didn't care about whether it would hurt his legacy or not makes him the GOAT. Did the same thing in baseball. He did what he desired and his personal happiness was more important than our story we wanted of him. Any real man would understand that.

      Cornell GCornell G28 kun oldin
  • great music choices

    natewill15natewill1529 kun oldin
    • Thank you!

      TriceTrice28 kun oldin
  • What happened when he came back after his first retirement? They lost to Shaq because they have no answer to Shaq. So the next season they had Rodman. And the rest is history.

    GeneGene29 kun oldin
  • Loved every second of "floor Jordan" 😂♥️😂 aka "the blueprint"

    Kareem SmithKareem Smith29 kun oldin
  • Correction, RIP Hamilton only won 1 championship with the Pistons not 2. 2004 NBA champ but the following year they lost the Spurs in 7 games.

    Rick Q.Rick Q.29 kun oldin
  • First time seeing this. Perfectly done.

    Christian TuckerChristian Tucker29 kun oldin
    • Glad you enjoyed!

      TriceTrice28 kun oldin
  • I feel like people don't want to expose Mj bad years with the Wizards. He was an international Icon because of the Jordan Brand but his legacy is a hyperbole of what it truly was. With the Wizards he was a good player but he wasn't the same without Phil. Some people are average players without their coaches. And then we have other players that do not need one to carry them to success. Not to mention the many careers he destroyed for his ego.

    Camilo CatanoCamilo CatanoOy oldin
    • Wasn't the same without Phil? You mean on the Wizards team who had the second worst record wasn't the same team as the Bulls team who went 72-10 and it's because of Phil?

      Cornell GCornell G28 kun oldin
  • Great video... but Rip only won one ring with Detroit.

    TEE LyttleTEE LyttleOy oldin
    • Glad you enjoyed!

      TriceTrice28 kun oldin
  • this is really well done, great video thank you

    Mico DanielsMico DanielsOy oldin
    • Thank you!

      TriceTrice28 kun oldin
  • Love that smile

    RM playsRM playsOy oldin
  • Awesome tribute. #MJ23

    Derek JohnsonDerek JohnsonOy oldin
  • I'll never forget my stepdad took me and my little brother to the Wizards game where Michael Jordan dropped 51 points. Ill never forget. Thanks Eric Pledger!

    MisterSpaceLeeMisterSpaceLeeOy oldin
  • Great work on the video

    africaRBGafricaRBGOy oldin
    • Thank you!

      TriceTriceOy oldin
  • Anyone know the last song playing in vid?

    [MMT*]™ Crazy-nice™[MMT*]™ Crazy-nice™Oy oldin
    • Real Friends by Kanye.

      TriceTrice28 kun oldin
  • He actually got up and walked with a torn knee.

    Rile StreamRile StreamOy oldin
  • The Last Dance Epilogue

    Ryan VoRyan VoOy oldin
  • Rip only won one ring

    Austin ToliverAustin ToliverOy oldin
  • MJ vs Lebron footage uzworld.info/player/video/sG3Oe8-wd9qsk6I

    Benny RecklezzBenny RecklezzOy oldin
  • Awesome video! 30 for 30-level good.👍🏾 Wizards MJ was pretty darn good. I'm glad him and Kobe got to compete against each other, a few more times.

    • I appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed.

      TriceTriceOy oldin
  • One and only GOAT

    Arjay HidalgoArjay HidalgoOy oldin
  • The most loved player of all time!

    Fearless BLaZFearless BLaZOy oldin
  • Michael Jordan honestly still could play he didn't let time slow him down. Great video even to include the music nice touch.

    H-Way TwanH-Way TwanOy oldin
  • that allstar game...

    itchin4scratchesitchin4scratchesOy oldin
  • If I see one other ''that's when I took it personnal'' comment Im gonna .... take it personal !

    Amor fatiAmor fatiOy oldin
  • Excellant vid

    Heheheheheh HerhheHeheheheheh HerhheOy oldin
    • Thank you!

      TriceTriceOy oldin
  • Thanks man.. For very nice video..👍👍👍 MJ the Goat... GOD BLESS....

    Bon SantosBon SantosOy oldin
    • I appreciate it!

      TriceTriceOy oldin
  • Man this was awesome

    JP PropheteJP PropheteOy oldin
    • Thank you!

      TriceTriceOy oldin
  • Lol you mean Jordan played more the. 6 perfect seasons? Lol

    Cracc 216Cracc 216Oy oldin
  • Perfect Ending for an amazing career.,..

    manuel rodriquezmanuel rodriquezOy oldin
  • michael jordan 23..GOAT

  • Couldn't watch it past 7min mark.... that horrible draft pick and hiring Collins to coach were "turrible" decisions. I remember Jordan playing well but his involvement on the floor (and Collins poor coaching) stunted the growth of the young players on that team. One sniper in particular (Hamilton) went on to make a name for himself with the Pistons. But yeah, he's second year definitely was better than the first from what I recall...

    18t4motion18t4motionOy oldin
  • Excellent video!!! Appreciate this!!!

    Taray PhillipsTaray PhillipsOy oldin
    • Glad you enjoyed it!

      TriceTriceOy oldin
  • Michael Jordan greatest of all TIME 🐐

    Arte DelintArte DelintOy oldin
  • Realest Thing Ever Said In Sports at 3:24!!!!

    Jermaine MappJermaine MappOy oldin
  • Thanks for making this!

    Shaking PaperShaking PaperOy oldin
  • Great video young man.. Fuck the 761 haters who thumbed down this video!!!

    Way2ruf Way2rufWay2ruf Way2rufOy oldin
    • It's all good bro! If only 761 people wanna hate on the project out of 1.4 million then I must be doing something right. Glad you enjoyed it!🙏🏻

      TriceTriceOy oldin
  • I remember this well. The wizard sucked really bad and they thought that changing from the bullets to the wizards would change things, but they were still just as bad. Jordan came in to show them how to play the game and win.

    Kevin SmithKevin SmithOy oldin
  • Awesome video. Loved your story telling.

    LAkingsfanrnLAkingsfanrnOy oldin
    • I appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed.

      TriceTriceOy oldin
  • Only thing I’d correct is Rip won one championship with Detroit, not two. In 04 they what The Lakers in 5 games, the next year they lost in 7 to The Spurs, many eastern conference appearances but those were his only Finals appearances

    T ParodyT ParodyOy oldin
  • But they did not win anything. Michael shot everything.

    Lawrence WilliamsLawrence WilliamsOy oldin
  • This is such a good video , thank you

    Raven RudolphRaven RudolphOy oldin
  • What if he never injured his knee that year with the Wizards

    Justin WaltowerJustin WaltowerOy oldin
  • There’s Michael Jordan, and then there’s the rest of us. - Magic Johnson

    AnkleBullyChrisAnkleBullyChrisOy oldin
  • Great video man!!

    Mauricio RojasMauricio RojasOy oldin
    • Thank you!

      TriceTriceOy oldin
  • Wow man! Amazing work and I enjoyed every second of it! Respect

    Totobobiasos WestlingTotobobiasos WestlingOy oldin
    • I appreciate the support! Glad you enjoyed.

      TriceTriceOy oldin
  • I saw Jordan play twice, a pre season game in 91-92 against the Cavs in Hamilton Ontario, nose bleeds but I was there, still have the program. Then his last game against the Raptors vs Wizards. He was one of a kind, people want to compare him to LeBron and debate the Goat, I think statically LeBron will surpass him, but Jordan was a better basketball player LeBron is a machine athlete but he takes plays off, doesn't try on defence during the regular season and flops like no man his size should, can't shoot free throws, and is inconsistent at the 3. 4 of 10 in the finals, if he gets 2 more in a row I will consider it. Until then MJ has it.

    melian9999melian9999Oy oldin
  • Chills man. Amazing video. But what’s the song in the background towards the end? Not neighbours by jcole, but the one just before.

    Kyle GoughKyle GoughOy oldin
    • @Trice preciate you

      Kyle GoughKyle GoughOy oldin
    • Glad you enjoyed! The closing track is Real Friends by Kanye.

      TriceTriceOy oldin
  • I got to see this Jordan versus Cleveland in 2002 I believe,and then was blessed to see him later that night in a club and I could not believe it! even got to touch his shoulder, only for him to say no autographs fellas, but I was very excited anyway I didn't care! 👍

    antonio wyckoffantonio wyckoffOy oldin
  • Notice ilgauskas was an allstar

    Lance HoodLance HoodOy oldin
  • How many times did this man retire? 🤣🤣

    Jose CruzzJose CruzzOy oldin
  • Amazing video man

    Big CrunchyBig CrunchyOy oldin
    • Thank you!

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  • Such a great video man

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  • Don’t confuse The Last Dance of the greatest Chicago Bulls Team with the person MJ

    The offsetThe offsetOy oldin
  • @Trice Whats the background song at 9:19 ?

    Ellis RugazooraEllis RugazooraOy oldin
  • nicely done

    Michael SMichael SOy oldin
    • Thanks!

      TriceTriceOy oldin
  • That’s not fair man I wish he could’ve played the whole season out instead of getting injured

    owen dabossowen dabossOy oldin
  • And this is why MJ is the GOAT

    Damarqus HardenDamarqus HardenOy oldin
  • MJ THE GOAT. uzworld.info/player/video/jKybgLB4o7m7ap4

    JazJazOy oldin
  • Last Dance was the name for the last season of Phil Jackson with the bulls. Not for the last season of MJ.

    AbelPlaysAbelPlaysOy oldin
  • This is an excellent job done. Nice follow-up to the original last dance!

    • Thank you!

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  • This was well done man!

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