Derrick Rose- Chicago Bulls Tribute Mix [HD]

22-Iyn, 2016
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Words can't describe how I felt when I saw that Derrick Rose had been traded to the Knicks. This is my way of showing my appreciation to one of my favorite players ever. From game winners to timeless highlights, thank you for all you have done for the Chicago Bulls and the Windy City. You will ALWAYS be our MVP!
Music by Social Club, I thought the song fit the mood of the video well. Nobody seizes the day better than D-Rose.
Song- Social Club- Carpe Diem
I do not own the footage or music in this video. All rights go to their respective owners!
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God bless.

  • This is spectacular. You have reinforced my belief in the human spirit.

    Jay JonesJay JonesYil oldin
  • D Rose! Best player ever, I don’t care what ANYONE says. Just awesome man great mix. Still can’t believe they traded him for nothing, or at all! Hope he goes back, that would be amazing

    MCS ProductionsMCS Productions2 yil oldin
  • ever since I was little I tried to be like rose and I still do he is the best and always be the best

    Alex JamesAlex James3 yil oldin
  • Thank you Derrick Rose!

    Brian SchlafBrian Schlaf4 yil oldin
  • I actually got emotional of watching this video wish he never left

    Gerardo ZunigaGerardo Zuniga4 yil oldin
    • +JrGaming2123 Same here bro. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice4 yil oldin
  • Not gonna lie....I watch this video at least once or twice a week. It's so good. Damn I can't believe he's gone

    BallerSeeBallerBallerSeeBaller4 yil oldin
    • +BallerSeeBaller I'm glad you enjoy it! Thanks for watching.

      TriceTrice4 yil oldin
  • he gave every thing to his home town some people can't respect that

    Maarit LehtovuoriMaarit Lehtovuori4 yil oldin
  • siempre sera del chicago an que se fuera bulls

    Francis PerezFrancis Perez4 yil oldin
  • watch the bulls try to trade for him again and he might go back because of his hometown

    Caleb AlfaroCaleb Alfaro4 yil oldin
  • song?

    Blove01Blove014 yil oldin
    • +Blove01 Carpe Diem by Social Club. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice4 yil oldin
  • this is what's going to happen this season Knicks are gonna win a ring and next season Derrick rose goes back to bulls to win another ring

    Justin persaudJustin persaud4 yil oldin
  • song please?

    James OdulioJames Odulio4 yil oldin
    • +Jamss Odulio Carpe Diem by Social Club. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice4 yil oldin
  • I don't get emotional that often, but every time I watch this mix, I cry

    Supermariohoops24Supermariohoops244 yil oldin
  • Hopefully he pulls a Lebron. Leaves then wins a title then comes home. I hope he retires in Chicago

    Aidan HarringtonAidan Harrington4 yil oldin
  • Song?

    Dr PhilDr Phil4 yil oldin
    • +TH13beast thanks man, and no prob. I get feels everytime😭😢

      Dr PhilDr Phil4 yil oldin
    • +Dr Phil Carpe Diem by Social Club. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice4 yil oldin
  • made me cry

    Abdul Samee KanthAbdul Samee Kanth4 yil oldin
    • same

      Abdul Samee KanthAbdul Samee Kanth4 yil oldin
    • Ikr I'm bulls for life but drose for life

      Dr PhilDr Phil4 yil oldin
  • Maybe it'll be like how Lebron left the Cavs for Miami but then came back. 😔

    TydrippyTydrippy4 yil oldin
  • Through all of the injuries.. He never gave up and would give it his all night in and night out. This is why in my mind he is the greatest bull off all time behind Jordan and Pippen. The things that he was able to do for the organization on and off the court. Being the youngest MVP and being the hometown kid that was able to spark Chicago sports again for the first time since the Jordan era. I know he'll do great things in New York! He'll go off and have an all star year mark my words! For years on end they have told Derrick to rise up to his "former self" and with this season coming up I feel that Derrick Rose.

    James KattatoJames Kattato4 yil oldin
  • Haters can hate but Derrick Rose belonged in Chicago and Chicago's owner is on crack to trade Derrick for a bunch of garbage that I can beat 1v1 even Justin Holiday was us better than those Knick's players

    Kayden SablanKayden Sablan4 yil oldin
  • if d rose traded in cavs what happen??

    Lean SenarillosLean Senarillos4 yil oldin
  • As an NBA fan the Bulls front office can go fuck themselfs for tradin d rose, as a knick fan couldn't be more happier to have a pg that has more potential than curry!

    makomaromakomaro4 yil oldin
  • Nj

  • Thank you Derrick we will certainly miss you

    Benjamin SpitlerBenjamin Spitler4 yil oldin
  • Bruh, just knowing what DRose has been through and still go on is so damn respectful. #godblessrose

    ANTI THOTANTI THOT4 yil oldin
  • Gonna miss Derrick rose man. Been my favorite player since day 1 love you man

    RavePennyYT GamingRavePennyYT Gaming4 yil oldin
    • he was the loyal player to our team but they had to trade him. Mostly everyone admired him in ChiTown.

      Luis C.Luis C.4 yil oldin
  • Fuck man.. Can't believe this shit. This video hit home hard.

    Jonathan GleasonJonathan Gleason4 yil oldin
  • song name?

    Felbera RalteFelbera Ralte4 yil oldin
    • +Felbera Ralte Carpe Diem by Social Club. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice4 yil oldin
  • great positive mix bro! D-Rose was one of the most talented players of this era before he got injured and gave everything that he had to the Bulls. This was a heart wrenching move from the front office, but a truly understandable financial one. The Bulls weren't going to keep him after his contract next year and wasn't going to pay him what he wanted so the Bulls went with their heads and not their hearts. Chicagoans have not felt this connected to a player arguably since Walter Payton: we truly admired Jordan, but we connected to D. Rose more because he was homegrown-he was Chicago.

    Rodrick WimberlyRodrick Wimberly4 yil oldin
  • Great player! I wish him Good Luck! Be healthy!

    Basketball FansBasketball Fans4 yil oldin
  • Derrick Rose will always be the MvP. the kid who couldn't be stopped by man. the kid who wasn't afraid to fly. Following u everywhere till ☠

    Indreees moIndreees mo4 yil oldin
  • Good luck in Ny derrick rose ..really want to see him do well , So unfair how be got plagued with injuries I'm hoping it will be different this time around for him .🌹

    Jessy GarciJessy Garci4 yil oldin
  • guess I'll be watching the Knicks now

    Eden CEden C4 yil oldin
  • I don't understand the people in the comments will now support the Knicks. Surely you follow the team not a player. I'm from England where you support the team of the city you come from.

    westie420ukwestie420uk4 yil oldin
    • Exactly dude I'm supporting my home team no matter what these guys jumping on the Knicks bandwagon lol

      X Y ZX Y Z4 yil oldin
    • @Typhlosionation What exactly did I say that was delusional? All I did was explain how people can support him on a new team and why they appreciate him. I never said they shouldn't have traded him. The run ended last year and I thought they should've began the rebuild then including trading Rose. If you're referring to me insulting the front office, do I need to send you a list of all of their dumb decisions since 98? They draft well, I'll give them that. But they aren't at the top of that list either.

      boyde17boyde174 yil oldin
    • +boyde17 it's for the better of the team. stop being delusional. I appreciate what Rose has done but when he's not doing much productivity for years and saying questionable things in the media then that's where it should be understood from that standpoint.

      Bryan JamesBryan James4 yil oldin
    • When your team is run by idiots and you get a player who changes the culture for the better, and brings hope to your team in spite of the idiot front office you may feel differently.

      boyde17boyde174 yil oldin
  • I am a Knicks fan no.25

    Kessian GeorgeKessian George4 yil oldin
  • Mcgrady...

    BOSCO HOBOSCO HO4 yil oldin
  • D-Rose is the my favorite Player.

    Jabez OnTheSpotJabez OnTheSpot4 yil oldin
  • I'm a Knicks fan and I can really appreciate the mix you made and how thoughtful your words are on Derrick Rose. He will always be a part of Chicago and the Bulls franchise. I definitely know how painful that feeling is, I was crushed when the Knicks finally traded Patrick Ewing when I was growing up. But we can root for them as players always (as I will for the guys we gave up to you, I think Jerian Grant has a lot of talent and wish him nothing but the best). Sports needs more thoughtful and positive fans like you

    ripyinkadareripyinkadare4 yil oldin
    • Hey show some love for Jimmy G, man works TIRELESSLY too, Still no matter what D Rose is my fav, love Jimmy too

      MCS ProductionsMCS Productions2 yil oldin
    • +Bairom06 exactly

      Gift BoxGift Box4 yil oldin
    • I'm hoping on that bandwagon I can't stand to watch butler chuck up 30 shots this season Id rather see Rose ball out along with melo

      Kcchiefs081Kcchiefs0814 yil oldin
    • it hurts the whole city, derrick WAS Chicago. the most known Chicago athlete since MJ. he always got so much hate for no reason, most humble and down to earth guy you can meet. he truly was the rose that grew from the concrete and hopefully he can regrow in the garden. I will always love the bulls but a piece of me is also a Knicks fan now because of derrick

      Gift BoxGift Box4 yil oldin
    • +ripyinkadare Thanks man. Glad you enjoyed it!

      TriceTrice4 yil oldin
  • man.. this sucks.. i like rose being with the team he has with bulls.. now he is being traded. I hope, the MVP rose will come back.

    fred betanfred betan4 yil oldin
  • It's amazing to see how many people go to the Knicks just because of d rose, if you were a true fan of Chicago you would stay with Chicago and I believe the Bulls will rise again

    Devon ThomasDevon Thomas4 yil oldin
  • Very heart broken about Derrick roses trade, I remember everyone saying that Derrick rose will stay in Chicago and retire there, his legacy with Chicago was destroyed. But now it's his time to shine in New York, but I don't think he will feel the same in New York because Chicago is his birth place and he always had family behind him, it's just like "Damn" when you realize he was one of the best players to play with the Bulls

    Devon ThomasDevon Thomas4 yil oldin
  • Good work bro!

    AyoTruthAyoTruth4 yil oldin
  • thank u Drose

    nikesh sarkinikesh sarki4 yil oldin
  • The Knicks might get Noah now too. If that happens the whole bulls fan base will switch over to the Knicks lol

    Tim HollowayTim Holloway4 yil oldin
    • Lol, Wow that would be a switch oh boy 😏

      Jessy GarciJessy Garci4 yil oldin
  • uhhh uhhh wrong move,not a bulls fan anymore,lmao

    0912861000912861004 yil oldin
  • I think I'm gonna cry about how bad they fucked him over........

    Blah 221Blah 2214 yil oldin
  • could i possibly use the 1st minute for my instagram as long as I give your channel name

    John KhanJohn Khan4 yil oldin
    • +TH13beast Thanks will do. The video will be posted on my instagram jimmybutler_drose

      John KhanJohn Khan4 yil oldin
    • +TheGamingDoctor Yes, as long as you give me credit! Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice4 yil oldin
  • Sad

    Elliot TomkoElliot Tomko4 yil oldin
  • Thank u Chicago for the trade

    HadjiHadji4 yil oldin
  • It's ad how he's leaving Chicago

    Elliot TomkoElliot Tomko4 yil oldin
  • Damn he used to be on the top of the world, not even a bulls or rose fan im a heat fan but man I wish he could be the mvp rose it was always fun seeing D wade go against rose and battle it out at the highest level.

    Ricardo VivasRicardo Vivas4 yil oldin
  • why would they trade him

    Jermaine JacobsJermaine Jacobs4 yil oldin
  • ((Bulls wtf 😵)) stupid!!

    K KijinerK Kijiner4 yil oldin
  • Good mix tape bro. Keep it up. Keep using the kingdom music too.

    Isaac ElizaldeIsaac Elizalde4 yil oldin
  • Dope video. Check out my DRose Tribute too!

    RemixN007RemixN0074 yil oldin
  • Personally I'm pumped because...............WE GOT D ROSE. but I kinda feel bad for bulls fans even though knicks and bulls are huuuuge rivals.

    Lance MasonLance Mason4 yil oldin
  • Thank you for the rings rose my home town will miss you ! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭And not the towel boy you was traded for 😡😡😡😡😡

    Jamari BrownJamari Brown4 yil oldin
  • Anyone else cry watching this?

    Stephan SStephan S4 yil oldin
  • whats the name of the song

    Tavaresmonas ___Tavaresmonas ___4 yil oldin
    • +Tavaresmonas ___ Carpe Diem by Social Club. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice4 yil oldin
  • song? pls

    Progressive newsProgressive news4 yil oldin
    • +Progressive news Carpe Diem by Social Club. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice4 yil oldin
  • I will give away a first round pick to trade away garpax..

    NeoNeo4 yil oldin
  • derrick WAS Chicago.. walking around downtown all you saw was drose and MJ jerseys, he was loved by the city and they were loved by him. so sad to see him go and honestly fuck the front office for this, I'm sorry to say I'm a Knicks fan now. I'll go wherever derrick goes.

    Gift BoxGift Box4 yil oldin
    • rose fans are people who are not necessarily from chicago but simply cheered for bulls cuz they loved rose's game, trading rose is like saying if mj, kobe, lebron got injured and bulls, lakers, cavs traded them obviously majority of the fan base of that player is going to move to whatever city they go to, similarly to lebron leaving for heat and lebron fans that weren't from cleveland left cavs however this is a bit different cuz rose didn't leave rather the team traded him

      Nemesis zNemesis z4 yil oldin
    • +Carlos M you got me

      Gift BoxGift Box4 yil oldin
  • Being a diehard Bulls and Rose fan, this made me sad. He is a free agent after this season, and hopefully the Bulls will get him back

    SmazingSmazing4 yil oldin
    • Hey you seen Denzel Valentine's highlights? He may be good on the bulls.

      Dez GuevaraDez Guevara4 yil oldin
    • he won't come back, they treated him like dirt. trading him after the good 2nd half of the year he had last year, the front office ripped that team apart.

      Gift BoxGift Box4 yil oldin
  • please do more comparisons to different players

    Osyrus JohnsonOsyrus Johnson4 yil oldin
  • yo i love the songs and titles for your vids

    Osyrus JohnsonOsyrus Johnson4 yil oldin
  • Man I'm gonna miss him... I hate the Bulls front office how do u do that to someone that means so much not only to the team but the city? Smh man I hope d rose only gets better and better

    TrevTrev4 yil oldin
  • well now Chicago will not going to the playoffs for a while. and even though the front office has L's D Rose will finally get a ring.

    Danger2 GaAmerDanger2 GaAmer4 yil oldin
  • man imma miss drose always favorite player #bestpgintheleague

    LarrooLarroo4 yil oldin
  • ima miss drose

    Japanese DreamzJapanese Dreamz4 yil oldin
  • ❤❤

    Gonçalo SilvaGonçalo Silva4 yil oldin
  • after hearin what the bulls did. who else felt empty inside?😢 #chicago4D🌹

    ninja bmoninja bmo4 yil oldin
  • D. Rose will bring a championship to Chicago. He will be back. I believe

    Legendary LoserLegendary Loser4 yil oldin
    • day we all are gonna witness that...And die peacefully

      Neeraj LambaNeeraj Lamba16 kun oldin
  • Such a shame he had to go through those injuries, his level when he got the MVP was insane, the sky was the limit for him.

    Federico Álvarez GarcíaFederico Álvarez García4 yil oldin
  • Damn good mix. Added to my favs

    nikeairjordanflynikeairjordanfly4 yil oldin
  • Bulls front office sucks bigtime!

    Goody16Goody164 yil oldin
  • Drose will never lose bull fans because hes done so much. Now hes a Knick. Knicks got a lottery steal considering Dorse is injury free and has the whole summer to improve. Plus never underestimate a former mvp. He can kick up anytime

    Rawjustice2Rawjustice24 yil oldin
    • very true

      Austin GarzaAustin Garza4 yil oldin
  • 🌹💔😭😭😭

    Tremayne MasonTremayne Mason4 yil oldin
  • What a great mix bro'! Keep up the good work with those Christian songs, we really need that. Derrick rose will be back to an mvp level. God bless man!

    Jon RakJon Rak4 yil oldin
    • +Jon Rak Appreciate it bro. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice4 yil oldin
  • d rose my favorite player ever so I guess im a Knicks now

    TheCrazyMan510 .TheCrazyMan510 .4 yil oldin
    • +Carlos M players make the team, the "bulls" is just a name.

      O KO K4 yil oldin
    • The sport isn't called NBA, it's basketball. NBA is a professional sports league.

      Fastbreaker117Fastbreaker1174 yil oldin
    • +Carlos M u probably say your a Bulls fan but u not even gonna watch any games u probably only watched them because of d rose just like everyone else who said they are a Bulls fan

      TheCrazyMan510 .TheCrazyMan510 .4 yil oldin
    • +Carlos M that may be so but I'm not a certain team fan I like all teams I don't have a favorite when I said I'm a Knicks fan it's called sarcasm I like watching d rose so yeah I'm gonna watch Knicks games but that doesn't mean I'm a Knicks fan

      TheCrazyMan510 .TheCrazyMan510 .4 yil oldin
    • +Carlos M and yeah it's a team sport but what is the team made of individuals.. and I sound 10 u probably a 30 year pervert stocking kids

      TheCrazyMan510 .TheCrazyMan510 .4 yil oldin
  • I will never support Chicago Bulls ever again this man a hometown kid from the mud gave everything and he gone wish Rose the best

    Educate YourselfEducate Yourself4 yil oldin
  • Omg

    isaiah gamer12isaiah gamer124 yil oldin
  • 2 of my favorite players of all time played for the bulls the goat himself and Rose both gone now I'll miss u love forever😭😭.

    Anonymous UserAnonymous User4 yil oldin
  • It sucks seeing him leave. But at least I can watch him play w my 2nd favorite player behind him in Melo. Im hoping they make a few playoff runs, maybe even a ring. Cause he of all players on that Bulls team deserves it. Then eventually comes back for one or two years to live on as a bull.

    dylyn dahldylyn dahl4 yil oldin
  • Damn Damn Damn it all 😠😠😠 that stupid front office killed all my hopes and dreams I loved rose and looked up to him as a role model I went to Chicago before and met him a year ago and admired him every since I'm so crushed Im literally crying right now😭😭😭 Rose till the end I'll always love you😭😭😭.

    Anonymous UserAnonymous User4 yil oldin
    • I feel the same

      Shadee WalkerShadee Walker4 yil oldin
  • im going to miss rose :.(

    Chris GuzmanChris Guzman4 yil oldin
  • Noah is gone for sure now this team is finshed lets go Knicks from now on

    Kcchiefs081Kcchiefs0814 yil oldin
    • Fr

      Zynkxx PlaysZynkxx Plays4 yil oldin
  • I am going to miss d rose

    Jake KellermannJake Kellermann4 yil oldin
  • RIP Rose

    Thunder Prod.Thunder Prod.4 yil oldin

    MVPCurry30MVPCurry304 yil oldin
  • I still can't believe it....he was nothing but loyal and loving to the fans/city and they( frnt office) treat him like shit and trade him for garbage...

    Gift BoxGift Box4 yil oldin
    • Gift Box Robin Lopez not garbage

      Kylan_supremeKylan_supreme3 yil oldin
    • Exactly. 😡😢

      TydrippyTydrippy4 yil oldin
  • Dam dam DAM

    Jay WillJay Will4 yil oldin
  • tnx for rippin :(

    funkznotdead 14funkznotdead 144 yil oldin
  • Sick mix. Makes you appreciate what he did for basketball and the city of Chicago a little more.

    Seth HSeth H4 yil oldin
  • man this is sad af i grew up in chicago and hes like more than a basketball player to us he was a kid that made it out the hood which all of us r trying 2 do

    Ikey JIkey J4 yil oldin
    • i 100% agree with you @ikeytvsquad i grew up in chicago in the back of the yards, and growing up was all about gangbanging. i really didnt like sports, not sure why didnt interested me. started to watch bb because of rose, guy inspired me and im fucking 24 just wish he was in the nba at my childhood to have a role model around instead of gang members u no.

      Chris GuzmanChris Guzman4 yil oldin
    • Ikr he gave hope ik so many niggas of mine that's gangbanggin and getting trapped by the system because they didn't know what to do. Rose is FAM💯😭😭😭😭

      Anonymous UserAnonymous User4 yil oldin
    • +TH13beast right D ROSE was the spark bro he showed people u dont need 2 gang bang 2 get out chiraq

      Ikey JIkey J4 yil oldin
    • +IkeyTvSquad Exactly bro. D-Rose gave the youth in Chi-Town hope! However just because he is gone doesn't mean that isn't still true.

      TriceTrice4 yil oldin
  • What's up TH13beast... this is a really sad day for me as D. Rose is my favorite player and the Bulls is/were my favorite team?!? Right now I'm so confused by this move and want to know what you think? Thanks for this D. Rose montage!

    Anthony MarshallAnthony Marshall4 yil oldin
    • +TH13beast yes I will definitely keep watching him... and I understand it's a business, it just seems like they gave him away like every other player that played with him before

      Anthony MarshallAnthony Marshall4 yil oldin
    • +Anthony Marshall I am hurting as a Bulls fan and as a Rose fan, but I know this is a business and careers don't last forever. While I still believe Rose can return to an MVP level, I can see where our front office is coming from. It's time for the next chapter in Bulls' history and I can only wish the best for D-Rose. I'll support him no matter what. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTrice4 yil oldin
  • Fuck Gar/Pax

    Derrick RoseDerrick Rose4 yil oldin
    • I'm saying... fired Thibs, now Rose gone? SMH

      El NicheEl Niche4 yil oldin
  • Rose till the death of me

    HeavyHeavy4 yil oldin
  • fuck the front office

    Kendal ElbeyKendal Elbey4 yil oldin
  • nice vid and goodbye Rose

    WutRThosE ShameWutRThosE Shame4 yil oldin
  • so sad man this tears my heart apart

  • Kinda sad to see his career in Chicago end... Hope someday he comes back to retire as a Bull

    ThatsThatBullThatsThatBull4 yil oldin
    • Yeah pretty much he really is an inspiration for alot of kids here in Chicago

      X Y ZX Y Z4 yil oldin
    • why would Rose go back to Chicago? they traded him that obviously means that don't want him. and in the press conference he said "i dont know why i was traded, but i would like to say thank you". hes in a better situation here, the new york doctors will keep him fresh. thanks for giving us d rose for a bag of chips 🙌🏽

      Isaiah RyanIsaiah Ryan4 yil oldin
    • +Calm Eraa I am now a Knicks fan the Bulls literally took a shit on us Bulls fans fuck Chicago plus this is the worst trade of all time like seriously

      Zynkxx PlaysZynkxx Plays4 yil oldin
    • I hope he comes back to Chicago fast

      Wesley TengWesley Teng4 yil oldin

      Calm EraaCalm Eraa4 yil oldin