Born to Score: Why Cam Reddish is Built for the NBA

28-Fev, 2019
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In the age of 6'9+ wing/guards who can do a little bit of everything, Cam Reddish out of Duke provides the perfect skill set to develop into an NBA Star. The question is, can he overcome the negatives and reach his potential to become the next big thing?
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  • Mans got serious potential almost like a new all around defensive athletic generational Paul George/Carmelo Anthony/Brandon Roy. He got dat swagger like Brandon Roy. Kinda also reminds me of a 6'9 Allen Iverson but dats jus me lol. Definitely gon play 2k20 & make a Chicago Bulls MyLeague trade my entire team & pick up Cam Reddish. Make him my main scoring best player. The only person i think im gonna end up keeping that was already on the team is Daniel Gafford. Him & Cam Reddish my 2 future stars.

    FastMoneyBGE TheDonFastMoneyBGE TheDon6 oy oldin
  • 31%

    KiefKief10 oy oldin
  • He is 6'7 lol

    Mr BossMr BossYil oldin
  • Totally agree he needs to work work work

    Lawrence TorresLawrence TorresYil oldin
  • Grizzlies trade Conley for Bulls number 7 take cam reddish.. Could happen morant, jjj, & reddish🔥

  • NICE WORK PER USUAL...He has some special traits that should flourish in the NBA..IF he falls to the Bulls, it's hard to pass on him.But is he more well rounded than Coby WHite,,Jarrett Culver, De'Andre Hunter or Roy Hachimure just assuming one team will value him far more than others..IF Garland and White are gone before 7 than Reddish, if there, makes the most sense.A more athletic version of Otto Porter Jr, Reddish can do more than just spot up for three's...He truly has more game to offer and develop, and he could be this years draft steal although he was always considered a top ten pick at worst.He just didn't get the full attention due to some great Duke players..He's ll get get his chance to shine..and maybe with the BUlls..

    deprogrammerdeprogrammerYil oldin
  • John Beilein could be a good first pro coach for Reddish with the Cavs

    Lincoln AdamsLincoln AdamsYil oldin
  • CAVS

    OnlyOne ZayOnlyOne ZayYil oldin
  • Deandre Hunter is better.

    JayJayYil oldin
  • How could he flourish at Duke when you got know flow of offense because everyone had like a set amount of touches it's seemed to me at times he was more set out to just shoot that's it

    Mr DouglasMr DouglasYil oldin
  • He reminds me more of like Carmelo Anthony

    Mr DouglasMr DouglasYil oldin
  • Cam Reddish (89-----3- pointers) fits better with Lebron James because he fits at the 2-spot, whereas DeAndre Hunter (46----3-pointers) is strictly a forward

    DeAndre PageDeAndre PageYil oldin
  • Lebron James needs Reddish. 😀😀😀Made 89-----3-pointers as a 3rd wheel at Duke

    DeAndre PageDeAndre PageYil oldin
  • I hope the bulls get him

    imnotshcwaimnotshcwaYil oldin
  • GO KNICKS!!!!

    P.G. HudsonjrP.G. HudsonjrYil oldin
  • Miami needs to steal this guy

    Giancarlo CorrellGiancarlo CorrellYil oldin
  • LAL should draft him

    Raf CorpuzRaf CorpuzYil oldin
  • 6’8 215lbs 7’1 Wingspan at the 2, one of the best Defenders In the country, and potential to be a “Lights out Shooter”... Everything the Lakers need around Lebron. DEFENSE and SHOOTING. If Pelicans decide they don’t want to deal AD to fellow Western Conf. team this Is an easy choice for Lakers. Young PG 13 In the making! Future Star here, BET! Not to mention he was chillin’ with Lebron In L.A not too long ago 😏

    Adrien Isaac RubalcadoAdrien Isaac RubalcadoYil oldin
  • Cam can’t be 6’9

    Brooklyn ThompsonBrooklyn ThompsonYil oldin
  • dang bro, you made cam reddish, and darius highlights already. i think your views gonna be blowup soon with youtuber scouting team, like me ofc

    Marcel RonaldoMarcel RonaldoYil oldin
  • Welcome to Los Angeles Cam @RobPekinka @JeanieBuss

    Info NotisInfo NotisYil oldin
  • Lakers at #4. Sweet shooting sg along side Zo, BI and LeBron.

    xart23xxart23xYil oldin
  • Might just be the Lakers guy💪🏼🔥

    Omar ZOmar ZYil oldin
    • That what I'm thinking pleas don't let them draft hunter

      Tyrone HolidayTyrone HolidayYil oldin
  • Cam reddish is the most underrated player in the daft Go Lakers

    Tammy Monette-TerrellTammy Monette-TerrellYil oldin
    • More like most overrated. He shoots 35% from the field and 33% from 3. And yet people think he should be a top 10 pick.

      Geo RockmannGeo RockmannYil oldin
  • Rooting for the kid. Hoping he can get to Caris Levert level

    mrhoopfanmrhoopfanYil oldin
  • That jcole beat background 😍

    Prudencio LanuzaPrudencio LanuzaYil oldin
  • Cam obviously has raw talent but he also has elite finesse which most rookies struggle to develop early

    Kai BalfourKai BalfourYil oldin
  • Not gonna be a instant impact, will be a all star though. His body and game fit the NBA perfect, he just gotta stay consistent which he struggled with while playing for us. I will miss all 4 of them, we had a great season without the championship. Would've went undefeated if the whole roster was healthy every game, in our loses either Tre or Zion was out until we got knocked out the tournament, they just played better

    N.S.E StoneyiLLwiLLN.S.E StoneyiLLwiLLYil oldin
  • The suns need him Booker needs help

    ImValid TFImValid TFYil oldin
  • All I’m saying is he has the potential to be the next young star comparisons to Paul George AND... KEVIN DURANT

    ImValid TFImValid TFYil oldin
    • Nick From Wii Sports Resort more kd imo

      SurajSurajYil oldin
  • Imagine if Cam Reddish was one the warriors they would be unstoppable maybe even score 200 a game

    ISO YTISO YTYil oldin
  • The 4 rebounds not there cause Zion 😂 u can quote me

    yeayeaYil oldin
  • I can see Cam Reddish being a Maverick. playing the SG or SF position with luka's playmaking can be nasty, and also with Kristaps' ability to spread the floor, Cam can have a field day from the arc. The mavericks would just have to go out and find a good center in FA.

  • they be sleppin on Tre Jones

    Spectro JrSpectro JrYil oldin
  • factz

    LB VisionLB VisionYil oldin
  • I ate a rat

    Diego MartinezDiego MartinezYil oldin
  • Holy shit i thought paul george was 6'9

    Anime Is dopeAnime Is dopeYil oldin
  • He’s gone be a better NBA player than college player

    Average JoeAverage JoeYil oldin
  • He gonna be a Chicago Bull

    Tsunami PapiTsunami PapiYil oldin
  • He look like PG out there

    2lowwkey _2lowwkey _Yil oldin
  • Cam is smooth just like PG.

    KingOwens 3KingOwens 3Yil oldin
  • hopefully the hawks get him

    Manu Ginobili's HairManu Ginobili's HairYil oldin
  • RJ is more PG like Cam is Latrell Sprewell mutated

    Ultimate WarriorUltimate WarriorYil oldin
  • I met cam at his high school

    Josh Joy TravelsJosh Joy TravelsYil oldin
  • Tre Jones???

    Youngsweezy2 1Youngsweezy2 1Yil oldin
  • Bulls would be a great fit. Could learn from Porter for a year before having to be forced into the lineup. Lavine, Markanan, Reddish and Carter is a pretty solid core.

    Steve HicksSteve HicksYil oldin
  • No caap

  • I hope Lakers can draft this young man. Kyrie, KCP, Reddish, LBJ and AD. It's over.

    Rizzalyn YusopRizzalyn YusopYil oldin
  • Hes playing style looks like PG

    MetdzQLifeMetdzQLifeYil oldin
  • Cam reddish will be the best among the 3... you heard it here first...

    clipsideclipsideYil oldin
    • 1/2 savage kawhi Leonard shot like 29% from three in college. It’s not completely out of the question he can break out. And I know this is late

      Admirable AdmiralAdmirable AdmiralYil oldin
    • Agreed he took a back seat to two players that are not more offensively gifted then him. He finished well great shot mechanics and has a mid range when you are the third option your percentages won’t be high because you are offer out of rythm. Sounds crazy but Cam would be a great 2 guard for the lakers.

    • he gonna need to put in MORE work and get some FIRE in him ... Barrett (&) Zion both have that already!

      Sean HamletSean HamletYil oldin
    • @1/2 savage because you can not see the bigger picture. It's really not that hard. Plenty of elite shooters have had their bad periods. Still reddish is considered as one of the best outside shooters in the draft.

      Nelson BpsNelson BpsYil oldin
    • @Kermit The Frog as I said he's an "elite shooter" who doesn't make shots...and somehow you think im the dumb one.....😑

      1/2 savage1/2 savageYil oldin
  • Pul George ball handling ability is what makes him great. His man to man offense options at all angles of the court make him a serious threat on defense. Cam is a pull up shooter and the options he relies on are triple threat stance exsplosions, he can’t creat off dribble and will be a hinderance in the nba. Paul George comparison too strong he’s more like aminu for trailblazers he’ll be there but won’t be a star.

    Once a leo turned lion now judahOnce a leo turned lion now judahYil oldin
  • lol they said this about liangelo ball, look where he at now lmao

    KalexKalexYil oldin
    • Nobody said that about Liangelo.

      Mai RoomMai RoomYil oldin
    • No offense to LiAngelo, but he was never close to this level or had as much potential as Reddish has shown.

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • love hearing immortal to you speaking facts

    Raphael AronsonRaphael AronsonYil oldin
  • Can't believe he played point in HS!!!

    MDizzyMDizzyYil oldin
  • Can reddish > rj barrett

    Pedro ZMPedro ZMYil oldin
  • This is literally the best exmple of what living in the shadow of a player is.

    Barrage DesignsBarrage DesignsYil oldin
  • Listen kids, all this guy spits in faxxxx great vid btw

    Crossedcentral 00Crossedcentral 00Yil oldin
    • Appreciate it. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • I’ll compare him to Paul George and Devin booker👀

    Le'andre HolderLe'andre HolderYil oldin
  • Sacramento Kings need to get him

    King MusaKing MusaYil oldin
  • This is gonna be the best off-season we've seen in a long time.

    effayeyeayzedeffayeyeayzedYil oldin
  • "Has some consistency issues" Understatement there. He's wickedly talented but the single most streaky college player I've seen in years. It's rare to see someone capable of playing so well disappear for multiple games at a time. He has the potential to be pretty good but he isn't going to be a star.

    supacrazy55supacrazy55Yil oldin
    • Geo Rockmann handicapped? Excellent insult! I could just imagine I would rock your jaw and make you cry like the little weird bitch you’re

      Jacob StatonJacob Staton7 oy oldin
    • @Jacob Staton And from your immature replies and your video in which you say yourself that you're fucked I can confidently conclude that you're handicaped

      Geo RockmannGeo Rockmann7 oy oldin
    • Geo Rockmann And I can only presume that in person you’re not only ugly, but you’re an absolute no one who has to deal with bullying on a day to day basis because you’re incapable of sticking up for yourself

      Jacob StatonJacob Staton7 oy oldin
    • @Jacob Staton 1 year later with his rookie season complete i can confidently say you're the clueless idiot

      Geo RockmannGeo Rockmann7 oy oldin
    • @Jacob Staton so you needed a friend to speak for you? that's how important this conversation was? okay. Your "friend" also made the most generic "scouting" claim ever. So let me educate. Duke has played 32 games this year and Reddish has scored less than 10 points in 11 of them. That's about 1/3. The dude also averages 3 rebounds and 2 assists per game, meaning he doesn't even do anything else to benefit his team. He is largely overshadowed by Barrett and Zion, just as he will be in the NBA when he is playing with all sorts of guys with enormous talent. As i stated before, I don't think he will suck but he won't be a star, regardless of what your friend has to say about his wingspan. hahaha

      supacrazy55supacrazy55Yil oldin
  • People sleep on him because he isn’t flashy like Zion or RJ. He’s a guy that gets the job done and is humble and quiet. I like him because I think he’s kinda like a smaller Tatum cause he’s a natural scorer and plays very smoothly

    AnthonyAnthonyYil oldin
    • 35% fg is not getting the job done

      Geo RockmannGeo RockmannYil oldin
    • Anthony rj not flashy to me he got a lot “will” buckets just ultra aggressive

      steven whiterssteven whitersYil oldin
  • I think this draft class has a lot of players that can be a good fit for a lot of teams

    MIKE MIKE 15MIKE MIKE 15Yil oldin
  • 6'9 guard bruh, 7' wingspan bruhhhhhh. WTF

    Clover KingClover KingYil oldin
  • i agree. if reddish had went to say alabama, he would be getting considerations for the no.1 pick and an enormous shoe deal as well as other endorsements. lost money going to duke. too many star players and the offense doesnt fit what he does. guys need to stop looking at names and make a business decisions when picking these schools.

    caldwmccaldwmcYil oldin
  • He’s gonna be a bucket ‼️

    DetwayjayDetwayjayYil oldin
  • Cam is legit

    Deligent IndianDeligent IndianYil oldin
  • Killa Cam!

    SportsHiphopSportsHiphopYil oldin
  • He reminds me of Knox. So much scoring potential but lacks motor

    Matt OlivieriMatt OlivieriYil oldin
  • Between Zion, R.J, and Cam I think Cam has the tools and the talent to be the best pro, of the three. With that said, Cam lacks what those other 2 in Zion, and R.J have which is the mamba mentality. Cam doesnt consistently have that dog in him... and at times, Cam seems to be lost in space dribbling the ball off his leg , or lacking the knack of knowing when 2 shoot or when 2 drive.. he also doesnt identify a mismatch, at times Cam has a mismatch and passes the ball instead of exploiting it. Theres spurts where Cam looks like hes gonna be a superstar, and theres spurts where he might end up being a bust... I say Cam should do another year of NCAA, but coach K doesnt really develop talent, so Cam might be better off with just going to the NBA, and hopefully is drafted by a team like the Spurs, or Brooklyn.

    Mai RoomMai RoomYil oldin
    • @Nelson Bps I agree 1000%

      Mai RoomMai RoomYil oldin
    • He needs to go to the league as soon as possible. NBA coaches will love him and exploit his talents way better. Cam has the skilset to play in the league he has no business in the NCAA

      Nelson BpsNelson BpsYil oldin
  • I totally agree, whenever I tell someone that Cam reddish is a monster, they disagree just because the fact that the praise the other two 1st round draft picks so highly and look down on reddish

    MithyrlMithyrlYil oldin
    • @1/2 savage fax

      Geo RockmannGeo RockmannYil oldin
    • Maybe it's because cam is shooting 35% fgs in college and you inexplicably ignore that fact...

      1/2 savage1/2 savageYil oldin
  • He the best nba fit player out of them three

    Aaron 2 dopeAaron 2 dopeYil oldin
  • Cam with lebron

    rod brod bYil oldin
  • He has the potential to surpass PG someday.

    Alexander SortoAlexander SortoYil oldin
  • Finally someone that sees this man potential

    Daniel RobertoDaniel RobertoYil oldin
  • Cam Reddish = BUCKET

    Jit -Jit -Yil oldin
  • ATL fan... I hope we get him

    Blaine BergerBlaine BergerYil oldin
  • I hate the word potential, notice we don’t say that about Zion.

    leonard thompsonleonard thompsonYil oldin
  • He is 6’7’’ not 6’9”

    Konrad KanieckiKonrad KanieckiYil oldin
    • According to ESPN and Basketball Reference, he's 6'9. That's what I'm going off of. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • I think comparing Cam to PG is a hell of a stretch. At Duke he actually hasn’t shown an ability to score on 3 levels. His 2 point percentage is awful. He can’t score well at the rim & he doesn’t hit jumpers when they’re contested. Reddish looks to me like a project. He could very easily just be another Rodney Hood.

    GmacGmacYil oldin
  • Cam reddiah to the mavs

    thatboy drethatboy dreYil oldin
  • Lakers quietly tanking, so they can get one of these 3. Real slick, bron got your fooled again.

    Joseph HJoseph HYil oldin
  • Opening song name?

    Kareem MercierKareem MercierYil oldin
  • Thanks for telling LeBron

    NicholasNicholasYil oldin
  • Similar to Paul George, Cam Reddish would be best served going to a veteran team that can bring him along slowly where he can build confidence. I don't see him thriving on a young team that asks him to be great immediately like a Zion Williamson or RJ Barrett.

    Ross JNRoss JNYil oldin
  • Cam Reddish has always been my favorite who I try to model my game under were both from Pennsylvania too

    Carter DodsonCarter DodsonYil oldin
  • Who else loves all the j cole sound track in the back ground

    Kyle PatilloKyle PatilloYil oldin
  • sinc when was he a guard?

    LuopandaLuopandaYil oldin
  • Cam better not turn into another Ben McLemore

    Blackman WhitesuitBlackman WhitesuitYil oldin
  • Hope he lands with the bulls

    Hang SanityHang SanityYil oldin
  • He's a Dallas Maverick

    ᴇɴᴅᴀɴɢᴇʀᴇᴅ M͎a͎N͎o͎e͎L͎ᴇɴᴅᴀɴɢᴇʀᴇᴅ M͎a͎N͎o͎e͎L͎Yil oldin
    • lmao stop it

      Shawn GolmesShawn GolmesYil oldin
  • Reddish isnt 6'9

    Power GearPower GearYil oldin
    • 2:51. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • trice likes j cole? cus if he does then that’s my boy

    rrYil oldin
    • yessir

      rrYil oldin
    • He's one of the best to ever do it. Looking forward to his new album! Thanks for watching.

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • A1 content

    Jalen DanielsJalen DanielsYil oldin
    • Appreciate it. Thanks for watching.

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • Not Paul George joe Johnson 👌

    Kade MillerKade MillerYil oldin
    • Joe Johnson is another good comparison. I think Cam's a little more athletic and has more potential on the defensive end, while Joe had more of a killer instinct on offense. He was gonna give you a bucket no matter who you were. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • I think Reddish will be better than Barret, but Zion is the truth. I was skeptic about the hype before the season, but he is the best prospect since Lebron. And that includes when Durant was at Texas. Kid is the best freshmen I’ve ever seen play college ball.

    Josh DowdenJosh DowdenYil oldin
  • Say bruh.... Give me your opinions on Tre Jones and Chris Clemons

    MrGodismypowerMrGodismypowerYil oldin
    • @Trice I feel you. I do feel like Tre would be a top 5 pick if his offense was as good as his defense. Side note: it's a damn shame that we won't get to see Chris Clemons play in the tournament...smh.

      MrGodismypowerMrGodismypowerYil oldin
    • Let me do a little more research on Clemons and get back to you. I don't wanna give you an uneducated opinion. I can say, Tre Jones is mad underrated no doubt. He holds Duke together on both ends and when he went down you saw how much it affected them. I think he's been overshadowed by RJ and Zion just like Cam has been. We'll see if he decides to stay another year, I think it'd be good for him. Thanks for watching!

      TriceTriceYil oldin
  • He'd be perfect on the Hawks

    Trey BensTrey BensYil oldin
  • Reddish to the Bulls, please

    Merry Jew WonnaMerry Jew WonnaYil oldin
  • Been saying this since last year cam the best one on the team y’all gonn see

    JitzuJitzuYil oldin