Aaron Gordon- Top Dunks of His Career [HD]

1-Iyn, 2016
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Before the Dunk Contest, you may have had no idea who Aaron Gordon was...but now you do. Let's take a look back at the guy who is single handedly bringing back the dunk, in a league filled with crossover and jumpshots.
Music by Eric B. And Rakim, a classic hip hop duo from the 90's. You may remember this track from the old NBA Jam Session of Dominique Wilkins. Coincidence? I think not.
Song: Eric B. & Rakim- Don't Sweat the Technique.
I do not own the footage or music in this video. All rights go to their respective owners.
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God bless.

  • its so cool that u put the clip of my man aaron gordon arriving at the dunk contest in the suit with the cane dats what makes this song fit him and this mix so well also it would be cool if u made a shaun livingston mix i think he's awesome because he came back from some crazy injury were he tore his acl mcl pcl and some other thing and now he has an nba ring

    Alex HughesAlex Hughes4 yil oldin
    • +Alex Hughes Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for watching.

      TriceTrice4 yil oldin
    • btw my fave mix

      Alex HughesAlex Hughes4 yil oldin
  • He Got swag

    Don't Touch My SilverDon't Touch My Silver4 yil oldin
  • could you do victor oladipo? also keep up the great work!

    SkydravideosSkydravideos4 yil oldin
  • another dope mix👏👏👏👏

    • +TH13beast just a suggestion i think a steve nash mix would be cool

    • +naair Millner Thanks bro. Glad you enjoyed it!

      TriceTrice4 yil oldin
  • Suh dude

    Cyle ReyesCyle Reyes4 yil oldin